Monday, August 17, 2009

Black Light Nail Polish?

Hello again! It's me, Stephanie, your friendly neighborhood nail polish addict. Today I bring to you a nail of the day...with a fun story! And a stern warning.

As I mentioned in the last post I am staying with my boyfriend in Chicago for a little get-the-hell-out-of-the-burbs trip. It's hot here. Really hot. And my boyfriend, lovely man that he is, decided that he didn't need air conditioning this summer. I am sensitive to heat. Like, really sensitive. As in, I hate it. I regularly declare winter and autumn to be my favorite seasons and I delight in telling spring and summer to suck it. When he told me that he wanted to check out a shopping center that is "right around the corner" from his building I obliged...partly because he told me there was a Walgreen's in the shopping center, so maybe I would find the elusive Sally Hansen Salon Tracy Reese Spring Collection for 2009. He knows my lemmings. Isn't that a little sad and a little sweet at the same time? Right around the corner actually turned out to mean "eight blocks in blistering heat." Ew. I looked around once we got to Walgreen's and didn't see anything special. I didn't despair, though, because I had spotted a beauty and wig supply store (I believe it was called simply "Q") on the other side of the plaza. I went over to take a look and behold! Three huge displays of L.A. Girl polishes.

I picked up four for $1.99 each. I'm showing you two today, Vinyl Record, an aqua-ish creme, and Can U Dig It?, a bright green creme. The bottle says "black light nail polish" and these polishes, plus one more that I got, are from the Disco Brites collection. I'm not sure when these are from or if they're still widely available or what, but they're really awesome. The formula was surprisingly great and I got complete and satisfactory coverage in two coats. I say surprisingly because I expected black light nail polish to be more of a costume accessory than anything else, but these are really great polishes! So here's my NOTD with Vinyl Record and Can U Dig It?:

I told myself that I wouldn't post images of my nails until I had my camera, but this is cute, right? I knew it would be gone by tomorrow so I really wanted to put it up. Once again I apologize for the quality of the image and the bad light source, but it was overcast here again. I'm a little dubious about the whole black light thing, so I'll have to find some way to test that and edit later.

And now for my stern warning: don't buy L.A. Girl polishes at Urban Outfitters! I'm pretty sure that most retailers sell these babies for about $2. Urban Outfitters charges $5. That is ridiculous! I've seen them at Forever21 for about $2.50, which is way more reasonable. I definitely recommend these, though. I have a few other ones that I totally love.



  1. You're going to have to go clubbin' to see if it works! Funny 80's memory: there was an under 21 club in Trenton when I was in high school and black light was new. If a girl had a white bra under anything even slightly sheer it was like ALL BRA ALL THE TIME!!!! You'd spend the night in humiliation while everyone was looking at their white sneakers and shoelaces and then pointing at you. (Or me. Perhaps I mean me.)

  2. Hahaha, that's a perfect 80s story. I would say this nail polish would have been helpful as a distraction, but I don't think glowing nails would distract anyone from glowing underwear...


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