Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chicago Haul

Same bat time, same bat place. I'm bringing you pictures of my (epic) Chicago haul. It is large. Most of these cost under $4. Without further ado:

China Glaze! I was once told that a true art historian always apologizes for the quality of her images. I've made a habit of that here, and once again I will apologize. It's not overcast, but the light coming through the window was minimal. From left to right: Far Out (Retro Diva Fall 2009), Stroll (Retro Diva), Your Touch and Evening Seduction. Far Out and Your Touch are really similar. Not dupes, because Your Touch leans more toward the pink side, but they're very, very similar. I think Far Out is also pretty similar to Golden Spurs from last year's impeccable Rodeo Diva Fall collection, but I'm not 100% sure on that one. Evening Seduction might be China Glaze's Lincoln Park After Dark, but I haven't worn it yet. It just looks comparable.

L.A. Girl. I said in a previous post that I only got four of these. I went back to "Q" today and got another three. I love them. Again, terrible image, but you get the idea. From left to right: Copper (very creative), Hustle, Dance Studio, Boogie, Can U Dig It?, Turntable, Vinyl Record. I'm not a person who really loves blue nail polish, but I love Vinyl Record. A lot. Copper is the only one of these that's not from the Disco Brites collection. They can be purchased at L.A. Girl's website here.

Drugstore brands. From left to right: Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Honeydew, L'Oreal Paris Hopeful Plum, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Violet VOOM! and Uptempo Plum. Violet VOOM! is from Fall 2009 and should be available soon in most drugstores. I've only seen it in two places so far.

That's all. I can't wait to wear most of the Disco Brites polishes. They're gorgeous. Right now I'm sporting Turntable. I love it. Oh, anyone reading this now probably thinks Betsy is my imaginary friend. She isn't. She has a job (yay!), which I believe is full time, that requires her to dig in the dirt all day. I'm not sure when you'll hear from her, but I believe that you will. I'm still looking for a job (boo!) so I have more time.

Over 'n out.


  1. Isn't it so fun to get a collection? I can't wait to see those! I think you and I have similar taste in colors.

  2. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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