Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Forsooth, It Is Forsythia


The other day I went downtown to Ulta to see if they had the new Orly fall collection in yet (they didn't, but it's imminent, I feel it). I went into a CVS on the way, just to see if they had any deals on the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes (they didn't). Defeated, I was walking out when I noticed a display of polishes that was totally not by the other polishes. When I went over to investigate...I saw it was the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen polishes from spring 2009! Yesssss! I had been looking for these for a long time! I kept going into random Walgreens (Walgri?) and CVSs just to see if they had it. What do you know, as soon as I stopped actively looking I found them. There they were in all their glory. I thought it was funny that the only color that was missing was Azalea, which is a bright pink creme (think OPI ElePhantastic Pink). That's the most boring color in the collection, in my opinion. People just love pinks, I guess. Here's a picture of the display:

Okay, what is the deal with the model's dress? It's bright green. I thought the concept of these collections was that the polishes were supposed to match/complement clothes from the runway. Uuhh, what? Michelle at All Lacquered Up swatched these alongside creations from the runway and I do not remember a bright green. Okay, maybe the model in the Tassel picture is wearing bright green and we can't tell, but...I don't really think so. Maybe they recycle the display from years past? It doesn't say spring 2009 so I don't know. Haha, "limited edition"...UH NO KIDDING.

Anyway, I got Forsythia. I wanted Night Hydrangea, but at $6.29 for a drugstore polish, I thought I could do with just one (restraint!). Miss Tyra would call Forsythia ugly pretty. It's a mustardy color, a grayed out and dusty yellow. I'm not going to lie, and I knew this when I bought it, but this color is probably hard for anyone to pull off. I'm really, really pale so I thought maybe I could make it work. What do you think? (pictures are midday sunlight, indoors, midday sunlight, respectively)

Yeah, I don't think so either. But I love it. Like, a lot. It's such a weird color. Even though it was released in a spring collection (IN MARCH THANKS HYDE PARK CVS AND SALLY HANSEN DISTRIBUTION) I think it's a beyond fantastic color for fall. I have a mustard and purple dress from H&M, so maybe it'll look less ghastly on me if I match it with an outfit? I used to have a Payless purse that matched too but it tore. Drat. Here's a bottle picture. Maybe you can see that this isn't a creme; it has barely-there pearlescent shimmer.

The color is great but...am I the only one who has trouble with the application of these Sally Hansen Salon colors? Seriously. Maybe it's just me. Michelle praises the application in the link I provided above. I feel like I can never really get enough polish on the brush. It's streaky. It has cuticle drag. The more polish I put on the brush the less drag there is, but then it takes forever to dry. This was three coats and as you can see below (shade picture), there are still little bald patches. Of course no one would notice unless they were really close to me, like with their noses against my hand, but you know. It's the principle or something.

Anyway, major lemming fulfilled. I'm willing to put up with the poor application for the weird awesomeness of Forsythia. Thanks CVS on State and Adams!



  1. I think you totally pull it off. That is awesome. With a capital Hell yes.

  2. Thanks boo. Guess where I'm going tonight? Fogo.

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