Sunday, August 16, 2009


Welcome to our blog! Betsy and I are avid followers of nail polish blogs. After months and months of poring over blogs and swatches I decided that we should start our very own; thus Short ‘n Chic was born! Betsy and I were college roommates at the University of Chicago for two years and we’ve known each other for about four years. After graduation (which came a lot sooner than either of us ever could have imagined) we both moved back home, I to Cleveland and Betsy to St. Louis. We’re so far apart! I thought that we should start this blog together to keep each other up to date on nail polish goings-on. If we garner any sort of following that’s just icing on the cake (mm, cake). We’re just normal chicks who absolutely love nail polish. Companies don’t send us anything to review. We’ll just swatch what we have; at least in my case, the swatches may or may not be seasonally appropriate.

If you do happen to be reading our blog, then you’re really going to get the best of both worlds. Although Betsy and I have similar taste in almost everything from movies to music to trashy TV, we have rather different nail polish tastes. One of my favorite polishes is OPI’s Tickle My France-y. I love polishes like this: nudes, earthy and fleshy tones, beiges, taupes, I guess what you could call “work appropriate” with an edge. I don’t think Betsy shares my love of these shades. I love all polishes, but I’m really drawn to things like Tickle My France-y. However…there really is nothing I love more than a dark, vampy polish on short nails. It’s so…well, chic :D Now that fall is coming on quickly I’m really loving vampy colors. Brights just aren’t doing it for me lately (but that evidently doesn’t stop me from buying them). I’m totally lemming NARS Tokaido Express (see below!). NARS is a little out of my price range, but I feel like if I buy it it’ll be my go-to color for fall. Betsy can correct me if I’m wrong in her post, but I think right now she’s really in a creme phase. I love cremes too, but I’m just wearing everything lately (but I’m not too into metallics).

Anyway, I thought for my very first post I would include a picture of what I use for my semi-daily polish changes. This includes a base coat of either Seche Clear if I’m using a lighter color or Nail Tek II if I’m using a darker color (Nail Tek II works super well in preventing staining), then a to-be-determined number of coats of polish (I included Tickle My France-y in this photo since I referenced it above…I’m sure I’ll be swatching it someday), followed by Seche Vite, the holy grail of topcoats. The picture below isn't all that fantastic. It's kind of overcast where I am so there wasn't much light coming through the window.

Seche Vite really is incredible. The other night I painted my nails near a fan, which tends to cause bubbling. When I was finished with my second coat of polish I was a little depressed because of all the bubbles, but I added one coat of Seche Vite and it evened everything out. Like magic! Lately I’ve been wanting to do an experiment with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat versus Seche Vite on wear-time. My manicures usually only last about two days because I’m a compulsive hand-washer. I get tip wear so quickly. Before I discovered Seche Vite, which typically retails for between $8-10, I always used SH Insta-Dri. I’m interested to see which topcoat makes a manicure last longer. Someday maybe I’ll have some useful stats on that. I’ve heard that SH Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat is comparable to Sech Vite in every way, but I guess I’ll have to try that one too.

That's all for now. I'm on a mini-vacation, staying in Chicago with my boyfriend. I've gotten a ton of polishes during my very short stay [so far!] so I'll probably be swatching those when I have my camera, which I left at home. The above picture was taken with my iPhone, which isn't the best camera.



  1. Very very cool! I'm interested to see what you two post. I have a friend from college and I've always lived in NJ and she's always lived in MI, but we kept in touch for 22 years now!! I also use Seche Vite. Make sure you buy some Seche Restore. That way you can actually use the whole bottle. When mine starts to get stringy I add a generous pour of restore. I've found the SH brand top coats are kind of dull and plastic-looking. That Nars is really pretty.

  2. I think I'll pick up Seche Restore on my next trip to Ulta. I was thinking about getting it last time I was there, but at that time my Seche Vite was still being awesome. It has definitely started to enter stringy territory, though. Thanks!

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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