Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Betsy, bitch

Today is the glorious day, dear readers, that you can finally rest assured as to Steff’s sanity. I am not an imaginary friend nor a figment of her imagination. Yes, it’s the elusive Betsy, in the type.

For the most part, Steff has already introduced me, but I guess I’ll say a few words about myself as well. I recently started an archaeology job that requires my hands to be submerged in dirt or water for 8 hours a day, and even the glorious Seche Vite is no match for such atrocities. Hence, I go the whole week with….bare nails. I know, it’s sad. But when Steff presented me with an excuse to still do my nails on the weekends, I would have hugged her with joy had that not necessitated my driving to Ohio first. So unless something strange happens, like I get fired (dear god I hope not), my posts will probably be confined to the weekends.

As far as polish is concerned, Steff is right, I am definitely in a creme phase right now. But I’m also drooling over all the shimmer packed mattes this fall. Zoya and the new OPI shimmery Mattes need to be on my nails. Like, NOW. I'm also on the hunt for a grey (gray? I never remember which side of the pond uses which spelling) that doesn't involve me paying shipping fees, like the perfect but unavailable in stores Obsessive Compulsive Dangerous, stores.

Today, I will be bringing you one of my favorite nail colors for years now, Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Glossy. If you are one of those people who don’t like the almost black blues (or purples, or whatevers), I think this might convert you. Indoors, it definitely looks black in most lights. But outside or in good indoor lighting, this black glows red. This is one of those colors that I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on, and usually from non-polish people. That might say something about the polish, but I prefer to think it just means it’s too gorgeous not to comment on.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. They're all blurry, and on top of that, somehow my nails were dirty or smudgy or something right before I took the pictures? Ugh, gross. Sorry you have to witness such filth. I don't have the excuse of using an iPhone. I just suck at taking pictures of my hand. Hopefully with time, these will improve. Sadly, today is a day when a good quality picture could really demonstrate the beauty of the polish, but you'll just have to trust me about how great it is. Or, go out and buy a bottle!

I can't really report on the quality of the polish because it's so old, it had thickened considerably. But, after a few drops of Orly thinner, it was smooth as silk, and only took one coat. Luscious and easy.

Since I can’t update as often as Steff has been so far, I’m thinking I’ll have a shtick to my posts. And as the thing that binds the two of us together is not so much nail polish as it is a love of all things pop culture, for now, that will be my go to shtick. So, in this vein, I will be tying in the gorgeous Glossy to the ridiculously bad/awesome film, Obsessed. If you haven’t seen the millions of commercials for it….well then you are Amish, and probably wouldn’t be reading a blog anyway. It’s the Beyonce/Ali Larter movie (co-starring our BFF, Jerry O’Connell!). Anyway, this movie is not only totally watchable because of the ridiculous ending girl fight -- which oh, dear readers, is worth watching at least twice – but because it perfectly demonstrates classy sexy vs. that’ll be 20 bucks mister sexy. Point being, Ali Larter’s infamous red dress from the promos and posters, all backless and ridiculous, is the latter kind of sexy.

At this point in the movie, we knew this chick is a special kind of crazy. Thus, there is no need for subtle sexiness – or sanity. But Glossy is like the other kind of sexy. More subtle, and more wearable, without that pesky aura of roofie slipping temp gone wild. It’s more like one of Ali Larter’s early ensembles, which I can’t find a picture of, but is a great red Burberry trench paired with a simple black sheath dress and pearls. Grace Kelly-esque, according to the costume dsigner. And while Glossy is hardly Grace Kelly – it’s nice, it isn’t magic or royalty – it’s sort of the polish equivalent of the simple, chic sexy that is implied by the easy elegance of a LBD and a great trench.

For now, dear readers, that is all I have to report. I hope to have another trashy movie inspire my nail choice for next weekend. I’ll be on the lookout. Till then, I leave you with Steff and the gorgeous colors she’s been finding. JEALOUS.

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