Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shiny, Sparkly Shower

Another bad mood. I got home 45 minutes later than I should have but I still wanted to get this post up. Yesterday I decided I needed another sparkly manicure to cheer me up. I decided on China Glaze Shower Together, which is completely gorgeous all on its own. I was almost a little sad to cover it up. It's a bright blue creme with a little green thrown I guess it's kind of aqua. Check it out. Again, it was overcast when I took these pictures.

It's nice, isn't it? I really like it. More of a summer color. It was part of the 2008 spring collection, I believe. You know, I've decided that China Glaze is my favorite nail polish brand. I don't really have too much, but their range of colors is incredible and the formula is always good if not great. I used to consider OPI my favey-fave, but I've been less than impressed lately, as I've said.

Anyway, over Shower Together I added my trusty "Halloween" bar glitter from Wet n Wild, Black Magic.

I like this, but I think I may have preferred it sans glitter. Oh well. I'm still wearing this combination, but I'm definitely redoing my nails tomorrow. I'm still craving some sort of sparkles. Betsy and I have been doing a lot of blue lately. Maybe it's something in the air. I'm not usually a blue lover.

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feeling Kind of Blue

It's a cool, rainy fall day, I've been up since 5 in the morning, I'm done with work, I'm wearing my candy corn pajama pants, and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow Wishbone episode is on. Um...that adds up to win. Except the 5 in the morning thing. 3 hours of sleep does not do a body good. Lookit this cuteness.

Love it.

Today I have my sad version of a gradation manicure to show you. The other day I was going through really old posts on The Nailphile and I saw she had done one. Then, serendipitously, Michelle at All Lacquered Up posted one just a couple days ago. I decided to give it a try. I was in a blue mood so I chose two blues. For the darker color I used LA Girl Disco Brites Dance Studio, a polish I raved about here, and for the lighter color I used Essie Sag Harbor from the spring 2009 collection. I mixed three separate colors for this because I'm silly and evidently like to belabor things. A better way to do it would be to just progressively add more of the lighter color to a nice puddle of the darker one. Next time I'll do that. Overcast here again, so no sun. Sorry :(

I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. I think next time I'd like the gradations to be less subtle. People did notice, though, and I got a few compliments. I kind of like that shade of blue on my middle finger. It kind of turned out to be a cornflower type color. Anyway, the thumb and pinky are solid Dance Studio and Sag Harbor, respectively. The pointer finger is three drops Dance Studio, one drop Sag Harbor; the middle finger is an equal ratio; the ring finger is three Drops Sag Harbor, one drop Dance Studio. Easy enough, right? I think I like this so much because, with the Sag Harbor added, all of the blended colors took on kind of a muted and dusty tone.

That's all for today.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Falling Star REMIX

Hey guys, I don't mean to interrupt Steff's post, because I know I was seriously pumped to open up the site and see those FABU tiger nails. If you haven't seen them yet, keep scrolling!

I just wanted a small update of Falling Star. Last night I started fresh with my usual routine because despite my best efforts, it kept chipping. As in, half the nail was naked. That's RIDICULOUS. But anyway, I gave Falling Star another shot -- not thinned yet, I probably will next time. I used my usual Sally Hansen base coat, two gross gloppy coats of Falling Star (sadly, that still hasn't improved), and TWO coats of Seche Vite. So far, everything's still intact, although I haven't folded any towels yet, so we'll have to see how they handle such intense manual labor.

They did hold up through all my clackity clack typing for the GRE, so that's a good sign. Speaking of, thanks so much to all the reader support. I'm shocked and very pleased at all the well wishing. I'm so used to sarcasm and snark!

Capturing a Dragon Requires a Lot of Energy

Happy Monday! It's a day off for me and I couldn't be more content. It's gloomy, 59 degrees, and I love it. I got to wear my cute new trench coat when I went out this morning because it was chilly enough to actually warrant a coat. I love that coat. When I wear it with my giant retro round sunglasses I kind of feel like Jackie O., and if you read my Mad Men post, you'll know that I'm basically in love with any 50s or 60s reference. For the rest of the day I plan to cuddle up with an ANTM marathon and my book.

Before I get to my nails today I need to show you how I tweaked my manicure from Friday. I love Pink Parka, but it looked like it needed a little pizzaz. At first I just added little black zebra stripes to my ring fingers, but I liked it so much that I did all ten fingers. I got so many compliments. A girl at work offered to pay me to do her nails. I was a really huge fan of this look. Check it out.

Now onto today. A day off calls for nail polish hunting. I think I'm going on an Ulta hiatus, though. They never have what I'm looking for and they get collections in ridiculously late (at least mine does). Today I headed to Sally's, Trade Secret and some salon of which I can't remember the name. At Sally's I got two China Glazes (there's a coupon there now, $1 off if you buy two), one OPI at Trade Secret, and one Zoya. Pictures to follow.

I decided on one of the China Glazes for today. Let me preface by saying that this polish did not photograph well. Like, at all. It's another neon, which I kind of didn't know when I bought it, and I just couldn't get my camera to accept it. The polish in question is Flying Dragon from the summer 2008 INK collection. This is my first polish from that collection, but I've been wanting it and Blue Sparrow (which I didn't get) for quite a while. Flying Dragon is a deep purple neon with both blue and red glitter. I do really like this color but I kind of had a problem with coverage. Neons dry matte, as we all know, but even though I waited about a minute between coats I still had some cuticle drag. For my manicure I used three coats of Flying Dragon and one of Seche Vite. It's a beautiful color, it really is, so I'm sorry my camera didn't want anything to do with it. Also, it's overcast today and about to seriously thunderstorm, so there is no sun at all.

In this next picture my nails are blurry, but it's a much better representation of the neon and how the color really looks in sunlight. Indoors and in the shade it looks like the picture above. I guess I used the flash on this one.

And a bottle shot. See the glitter? I'd really like to see this in the sun eventually.

So there you have it. This is a loud, happy color. Not exactly much of a change from my last manicure. A note on the finish of Flying Dragon: without topcoat it honestly looks like sandpaper. Not good. But who doesn't use topcoat? With one coat of Seche Vite the glitter was completely evened out and I was left with a perfectly shiny and smooth finish. And now, here's what I got today.

Zoya Pinta, China Glaze Flying Dragon, China Glaze Shower Together, and OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede. I will be returning to Sally's this weekend to buy a dotting tool (they were out when I went) and probably China Glaze Blue Sparrow. Yay, happy haul! I'm pretty excited about that Zoya. Trust me, I'll be going back for more of those too. I have my eye on Ibiza, Envy and Isla. K, that's all for today.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catch a Falling Star and...hide it in the back of your stash?

I have sad news today, dear readers. And then some complaining. And then maybe a Diet Coke fueled binge/crying jag. We'll see. But first, something happy! It poured all yesterday, so the temperature plummeted here in St. Louis. House is open and it was COLD last night. Ahh the beginnings of fall. I love it. Sleeping is so much more awesome when done under a pile of blankets. I can't wait. We'll probably have an Indian summer sweep through (Can you still say that? Seriously, is that offensive? I don't intend it to be, I just don't know what else to call it.), but for now I'm just enjoying some beginnings of sweater weather.

So, for the bad news. Doomsday is tomorrow. GRE test. I'm FREAKING THE EFF OUT. During my (tiny, miniscule amount of) studying, I realized I don't remember crap. Math -- completely gone from my head. Analogies -- ugh, just stab me with a fork now and get it over with. So for this weekend, as I think I suggested in my last post, I wanted a polish that made me happy. So I could look down at my nails during a panic attack in the middle of the test and kind of just....relax. Sadly, the polish I chose is failing me already, and that just makes me sadder.

So, as I said before, I ordered a TON of stuff from Barielle. The entire reason I did is for one polish. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to try out the others, but this one makes a little musical song and dance number break out in my head. It's like Once More with Feeling -- sans the death -- combined with the glorious musical number of (500) Days of Summer -- sans the sex.

That glorious polish, is Barielle's Falling Star. In the bottle, it's gorgeous. On the nail, it's gorgeous. The next day it's....falling off my nails. IT'S FALLING OFF MY FREAKING NAILS!

Okay, here's where the true kvetching starts. So, I didn't say anything about how U-Concrete-Me applied last time because, honestly, I thought it sucked. But since other bloggers seemed not to be that bothered, and I later remembered I was sitting directly under a fan, I assumed it was my doing, so I held off judgement. It was my first experience with Barielle, after all. But now? I still had the same application problems, and on top of that, major chipping within a day of application. The polish wouldn't spread on my nail, it just kind of globbed on in one spot and then refused to move, so if I look closely, I can see those annoying patches of thickness. Gross. Plus, I think the most extensive thing I did with my nails yesterday was fold some laundry, and as you're about to see, Falling Star just kept popping off my nails. If it can't hold up to some fluffy towels....well that's just lame.

Beware intrepid readers. The pictures you are about to see are...not pretty. I'm showing you untouched up nails, all chipped and gross. I just thought you should see the extent of the damage.
See? This isn't just some light tip wear or something. I'm so disappointed. Now, to be completely fair, I did slightly alter my regimen. Normally I use some Sally Hansen ultra nourishing base coat, lately the one for peeling nails, which is my biggest problem. But this time I had a free bottle of Seche Clear base coat (thanks for the tip, Steff!), so I used that, then two coats of Falling Star, and one of a brand new, non-globby, nice and sleek bottle of Seche Vite top coat. So, true, that's new. But still, I'm pretty sure Seche's base coat isn't what caused my nails to start shedding IN ONE DAY. That's just pathetic. I'll definitely wear this again, because I still love it so much, but it does make me a bit sad. Maybe next time, two coats of Seche Vite? Or just realize this can't be a long term wearer, for sure. Sigh.

On to the actual look of the polish. Despite all my problems with it, it's still stunning. I'm pretty sure nothing like this exists elsewhere. In fact, I dare you to find it. The base is a great medium blue that's a bit faded and greyed. Kind of like a less intense, less dark, OPI Dating a Royal. It reminds me of a pair of jeans. Love. The glitter is like little pieces of copper were dropped into the bottle, and amazingly, they show through the blue base REALLY well. The combo makes me think of something ancient (surprise, surprise), like an old piece of faience, perhaps? That's not quite the right coloring, but my mind is drawing a blank here.

You can see the copper really well in the bottle on this one.

Nice, right?

Anyway, I want to give this my seal of approval and say, BUY IT NOW! Which is what I would have said when I just saw it in the bottle/on the other blogs. But I still think it's worth it because, look at it. But just be forewarned. Of course, I haven't heard such bad reports from other bloggers, so maybe it really is just me. In that case, buy away.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Neons for Fall? Oh My.

Yeah, that's right. Straight up 90s neon pink. Think Lisa Turtle. Think Fresh Prince. Think awesome. Hehe, Saved by the Bell.

I think it's funny that all summer I totally stayed away from the neons but when Essie put out a neon pink in their Cuddle With Color collection I had to have it. Let me just reiterate how much I love this collection: a lot. The combination of the neons with the sultry, warm, vampy fall shades is completely awesome. Win.

Anyway, before I show you Pink Parka (love the name) I unfortunately have to report that Dry Martini chipped on me. Many times within less than 24 hours. I do a lot of work with my hands so I don't expect polish to last forever on me, but I expect it to last a full day. Dry Martini failed the test. OPI and Essie usually do well while I'm at work. Also, I have a day off tomorrow so I wanted something really fun.

Neons are difficult to photograph. I had to use weird camera settings to get the color anywhere near where it should be, so the pictures turned out kind of blurry--I even used a night portrait setting where the shutter stays open longer. Yeah, I'm that dedicated. So Pink Parka is a neon bubblegum pink. It's happy and I love it. Unfortunately it is overcast yet again here in Pleasantville, but take a look. The first picture is pretty color accurate. The second one gives you an idea of the weird things cameras do to neons. It looks WAY too purple.

So yeah, I'm really enjoying this polish. I got it at Ulta and it was sitting next to Punchy Pink and some other neon pink, and I'm gonna be honest...I could hardly tell the difference. Oh well. It's fun. K, see you guys Monday! Maybe Betsy will have something fun for you to look at this weekend :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dry, Up, Keep 'em Comin'

Bad mood. Long-ass workday. What would be better than a dry martini? I'll tell you: Mac Dry Martini from Jin Soon Choi's fall/winter 2009 line. I got this polish quite a while ago, maybe in mid-July. I decided that I didn't want to use it until it was officially fall and now that it is...yay! Before I show you Dry Martini I want to show you the polishes that came in the mail yesterday from Niki of Magic Maid--the entire Wet n Wild Craze collection. These pictures are a little jankity, I took them last night after work in semi-darkness. Check 'em out.

Thanks so much Niki! And such timely arrival, too.

Now on to Dry Martini. This was my first Mac polish so I didn't really know much about the formula. From what I do know, they do have a good polish reputation. I really like the fall 2009 collection but I don't think I'll get any of the other ones because I don't love them. When I saw Dry Martini swatched on other blogs I knew it was uglypretty enough that I just had to have it. Anyway, when I did the first coat I thought, "ew. Baby poo." But the second coat makes it looks like a dark army green, just a little darker than an olive. I really like it. It's overcast here today, but here it is.

And here it is by some moss. Kind of similar, right?

That's all I have for you today. I am one tired girl. I don't think I'll be able to stay up for Project Runway tonight. Maybe I'll tape it. God, how 90s does that sound? I wish I had Tivo.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall!

Happy fall everyone! I love autumn, if you couldn't already tell by all of my crazy Halloween ravings. I love it when the leaves fall, I love sweater weather and I love the fashion. So long summer. It's still like 75 degrees here, but a girl can dream, can't she? In honor of the first day of fall I wanted to do a manicure that really seemed to represent the season. What to choose? I felt I just had to have an autumnal shade even though it still feels like summer. Take a look at what's in my backyard right now. Isn't it great? :D I love the smell of crunchy leaves.

Anyway, I strangely chose a polish I thought I didn't want and that I thought I wouldn't buy. Yesterday I went to Ulta and walked by the OPI Espana display [again]. All of a sudden Can You Tapas This?, a deep brown creme with a healthy amount of red, was calling my name. I bought it. After seeing it on my nails, I don't regret the buy. It's a couple shades darker than last autumn's I'm Fondue Of You and oh, so luscious. Here it is in the sun and then in the shade.

These pictures make me look like an albino. Anyway, I totally think this color is gorgeous. I'm in love with it--it's dark, it's vampy, it's fall. I do, however, still stand by my opinion of OPI Espana: it's boring. I do have three of the colors now (Suzi Skis, Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, Tapas), but all of the other ones are completely unremarkable. Maybe Tapas isn't terribly unique...but it's terribly gorgeous. Oh, and here's a ring I got in July that I love. I am obsessed with owls and I think this ring looks cute with this polish.

Cute, isn't it? Hehe.

I'd also like to thank Niki of Magic Maid. I won (!) her recent giveaway and she oh so nicely gave Short 'n Chic a shout-out on her [wonderful] blog. Thanks so much, Niki!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Nail Junkie

Monday again. FYI, Mad Men was epic last night. If you're not watching that show, you need to. It's the best advice I'll ever give you. Okay, so nails. I've been kind of down lately, to be honest. The manicure I did the other day with the Wet n Wild bar glitter kind of perked me up a little, but it was chipping so it was time to change it. I actually considered re-doing that manicure. Yeah, that's how much I liked it. Instead of doing that I decided on another glitter.

Nail Junkie is part of the new Sinful Colors permanent collection. A while ago Sinful came out with a few new colors and I picked up most of them. There are a few glitters but I'm not a huge fan of glitter so I wasn't going to get any. But then I spotted Nail Junkie. The polish itself is, to me at least, unremarkable. It's different sized glitter (looks like green, gold and blue) suspended in very sheer turquoise jelly. When I looked at the name of the polish, though, I couldn't resist it: Nail Junkie. Perfect! At only $1.99 I felt like I could afford to buy it even if I didn't love it. I again used my trusty one-coat black, Rimmel Black Satin, and over that two coats of Nail Junkie. It's completely overcast here today. It was also hard for me to photograph this glitter. I discovered my phone actually does a better job focusing on it than my camera.

I really like this, especially over the black. Huge fan. I know I'm going to have to like, sandblast this off, though. Oh well. I'll probably keep it on for a couple days.

Sorry about the little cut on my thumb. I've discovered that espresso machines bite. On the bright side my nails finally look better, length-wise.

I decided that Nail Junkie kind of reminds me of mermaids. It would have been a good addition to the $OPI Mermaid collection this past spring. I can see the colors in this poster/playbill.

Also, sea glass.

So yeah, hopefully this sparkly manicure will cheer me up. It's another day off for me and I don't know what to do with myself. It's a good feeling :D

[Mermaid and glass pictures from and, respectively]

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I bet I could think of something punny to put here if I weren't watching NPH and the Emmys...

So I went on a binge recently. I don't even want to look at my credit card statement, it's that bad. But as a result, I just picked up a bunch of gorgeous polish, so I guess it's a wash. Tuesday I received a shipment from Barielle. I ordered 12 (TWELVE!) polishes from them, but as a result of some brilliant shopping on my part, the total was $48, no shipping, no nothing extra. Considering they're usually $8 a bottle, I'm pretty pleased with myself. So I got about half the new Barielle line, and then some other ones that Scrangie had swatched that made me drool. Then yesterday I went to Beauty Brands and Sally Beauty to see what they had and ended up getting all the OPI Satins, and Essie, and two of the new Orlys, although still no luck on the lovely Enchanted Forest. So....yeah. I might need to slow down. But I just couldn't help it. The OPIs were probably the most ridiculous purchase, but they're all so gorgeous, matte OR shiny, that I couldn't help myself.

So today, I have one of the Barielles I ordered. The entire reason I bought anything from Barielle online, the reason I searched high and low throughout St. Louis trying to find the collection in a store, the reason I would have caved and payed whatever they asked for and more....will be next week. Aren't I mean? Falling Star, which is most likely the one you've heard the most buzz about, will be for next week because I'll be taking the GREs and I'm hoping such a fantastic polish will bring me luck. We'll see if that pans out. Until then, I'm bringing you the polish I was the second most excited about: U-Concrete-Me.

OK, first of all, I hate how polish companies do that. I'm sure it saves space, or they think it's cute, or whatever the hell, but I hate the "text" version of using "U." That's stupid. But whatever. That's my own beef. Cutesy names aside, I have no beef at all with the color. Well, let me be honest. At first, I was pretty disappointed. Not because it looks bad, but because my desperate search for a grey creme began months ago, when Scrangie posted Obsessive Compulsive swatches. And from there, my own obsession was born. I wanted the line's Dangerous an unhealthy amount. Scrangie aptly described it shark grey, and I fell hard.

U-Concrete-Me is much too blue to be considered shark grey. So at first, I think I was let down because my heart still belongs to Dangerous. But as it's own grey, I finally accepted U-Concrete-Me. And then I realized it's great. It's obviously grey, no doubt about that, but it's leans towards a blueish, steel type of grey. I've already gotten a ton of compliments on it, and I think this will be in heavy rotation for fall and winter. In fact, just staring at it now makes me want to curl up with a nice scarf and a cup of hot chocolate.

So once I got past my Dangerous lemming, this definitely assuaged my grey love. I think my love of grey polish can be explained by my frustration with black polish. Not that I don't still love it. Nothing more chic than a nice, CLEAN, vampy black manicure. But my problem is -- and not to sound too much like I'm 80 -- the proliferation of little Disney type actresses who try to become all "edgy" by pouring on the black polish, making it less chic (or edgy, for that matter), and kind of lame. So I think I've been looking for something new that would make me feel the same wearing it, but would disassociate me with Vanessa Hudgens, or LiLo on one of her benders.

Crochety old age, here I come, head first. No?

Quickie Drug Store Post

Hey pals. I don't have a new manicure to show you today because I'm really lazy. I will tomorrow because I have a day off. I just wanted to post a couple pictures of some drug store displays I took yesterday. First is a Maybelline display for winter, Poptimistic Pretty. This collection was pretty picked over, but I scooped up a weird mossy green called Glad To Be Green. This should be out in most drug stores soon. There's a really nice dark blue that tempted me, but I resisted.

Next we have a Halloween display (yay!) of "costume" nail polishes called "Claw Polish." Cute name, sort of. None of the colors were Halloween-y. There was a black creme, which I guess could be considered Halloween-y, except for the fact that Chanel Black Satin sort of brought black nails into mainstream pop culture. But you all know that already. Then there was really Christmas-y looking red, another Christmas-y looking green, a pretty purple, and a "topcoat." The "topcoat" was straight up, Ruby Pumps-looking red glitter. Maybe if it was orange I would have understood, but this looked like a recycled Holiday collection stuck in little tombstone bottles (which are really cute, by the way). I passed on all of these.

Lastly, something I found at my local grocery store, Giant Eagle. They always have OPI there, but like...jankity OPI. Really old bottles of Coney Island Cotton Candy type OPI. Yesterday I noticed a new display that looked like this:

You may remember my discussion of OPI's 2005 All Shook Up collection in response to this post of Betsy's. I got excited because this is good birthday present material for Betsy. Then I took a closer look. None of these polishes are from that collection. I don't know WHERE Giant Eagle dug up this display. Very strange.

Okay, until tomorrow. Mad Men tonight too! I just have to get through six hours of work until I can stare at some Donald Draper goodness.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh What a Strange Magic: Wet n Wild Black Magic

Friday again! Oh boy, I've been awake for so long already. My day off yesterday was really nice. I saw a movie by myself (9) and I was the only one in the theatre. I thought it was kind of creepy at first but after a while I was like...this is really awesome. No whispers, no one walking in front of the screen...just pleasant. Then I went to Ulta and Sally's! I needed a new Seche Vite (ugh) and I was finally ready to take the plunge. I'm glad I went to Sally's for it because it's two dollars cheaper than Ulta and they were also running a special: buy one Seche Vite and get one Seche Clear for free! Yay, free things! Also I finally got Orly Pixie Dust from Ulta. You'll be seeing that one soon. All in all it was a good me day and I spent some hard-earned tip money.

I also got one of Wet n Wild's Halloween polishes, Black Magic, yesterday from Rite-Aid. YAY. I was hoping I'd find it somewhere. I've been wanting a bar glitter forever. Black Magic is part of the Fantasy Makers collection along with a black creme and a glow in the dark topcoat. Black Magic doesn't really strike me as particularly Halloween-y. The bar glitter appears to be gold, silver, blue, pink, red, green and purple. Doesn't matter, love it anyway. I did a manicure with it as soon as I got home from work over Rimmel Black Satin. One coat of Nail Tek II, one of Black Satin, two of Black Magic and one of Seche Vite. First check out the adorable bottle Black Magic comes in.

Hehe, love it. This bottle of Black Satin was bought in Paris at Monoprix, the Parisian version of Target. Sort of. They have food and clothes and odds and ends. It was SO EXPENSIVE. Like seven or eight euros or something. I actually forgot to bring nail polish with me to France so I really needed something. I love it, though. It's a one-coat black. If you're looking for a basic black creme I'd recommend this one.

So here's my Magic manicure, first indoors (no flash so it's a little blurry), then in the afternoon sun, and then a sort of closeup. Sort of.

Uh, LOVE IT. You can't really tell how awesome it looks from these pictures. I feel like I could wear this for days. I love how bar glitter kind of looks hairy or fuzzy. Or like confetti. It's like a party on my nails! Perfect for the weekend. Except I'm not off again till Monday. If the Fire Gang from Labyrinth (favorite movie, favorite movie) was somehow translated into a manicure, it would be this one. See?

Alright, now everybody go watch Labyrinth.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maxwell's Silver Hammer: Zoya Loredana

Ah, it's my long awaited day off. What to do, what to do? Little Miss Sunshine is on USA. Of course I have that on DVD but there's something about spotting something you love on tv that provides a seriously pleasureful feeling of serendipity. Of course I painted my nails. Before I start with the new color I thought I would update that matte Midnight Cami seriously grew on me. I really liked how it looked like velvet and by the time I took it off I wasn't so angry at it anymore.

The other day I was at the mall buying myself a cute pair of Payless flats since the ones I bought last fall had previously bit the dust. I passed a salon that I've passed a million times before but this time I noticed...they sell Zoya. I've heard it's really hard to find Zoya in stores, so of course I basically ran in. I couldn't decide what to get! A whole permanent display of Zoya plus a few collections. Squee! I decided that I was only going to buy two and surprisingly (I say surprisingly given my previous merps with matte topcoat) I went for two polishes from the new Matte Velvet collection, Posh (red) and Loredana (gray). I bought them, though, because I've seen them on blogs both with and without topcoat...and I really loved them with it. I know, I bought matte polishes only to "ruin" the effect with Seche Vite. Oh well.

I chose Loredana for this morning. Midnight Cami was a pain in the ass to remove, seriously. It stained my skin blue so I was already annoyed. Even though I'm not supposed to I used a basecoat with Loredana, Nail Tek II. Then I basically glopped it onto my nails because I thought it would dry super-fast. Let me tell looked bad. My nails just looked weird, definitely like they had too much polish on them. Ugh. I started over and did two very thin coats. Much better. My pictures are bad. Really. I'm sorry. In this first one I have Seche Vite on my middle finger and pinky and my pointer finger and ring finger are without any topcoat. Again, sorry for the severe suckage.

Please observe the absolutely insane sparkle on the nails with topcoat. In-sane. Love it. The matte is nice too but I prefer it with topcoat. Here's another picture, this one of my right hand in the sun.

I love this. I'm glad I got it. My first Zoya! I'll definitely go back and get more. I want Stephanie...because it's my name and also because it's a color I think I'll like (kind of light pinky-purple. I can't be bothered to find a picture right now, but you'll see it soon enough). Also, I really like what Zoya did with the bottles. They're frosted glass. Lookit.

So very pretty. And now to explain the title of this post. While I was painting my nails I was listening to Abbey Road, which will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me/has lived with me/has been around me at any time during the past two years. As I was putting the topcoat on Maxwell's Silver Hammer came on. Ah, fate. Doesn't this manicure remind you of a sparkly silver hammer? No? Oh well, it reminds me of one :D Anyway, that's a great song that both Paul and John hoped would become a single, but it just never happened. I still love it, as I do every song on Abbey Road.

Give it a listen if you never have, or maybe if you always skip over it to get to Oh! Darling or Octopus's Garden. Oh, also...go out and get Loredana if you can. It's really beautiful and I think I'll be mesmerized by it when I'm in the sun. Yay for days off! I don't even know what to do with myself!

[Maxwell's Silver Hammer picture courtesy of]

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am!

This last weekend’s polish was China Glaze’s Watermelon Rind. I actually saw this on Nailphile’s site a while back and I had to have it. It’s just about the opposite of the faded cremes I usually love, but it’s so luscious, I can’t help myself. Much like Steff’s discussion of OPI’s inability to make a baguette looking baguette labeled polish, this doesn’t really seem like an accurate representation of watermelon rind. Personally, melon of all kinds disgusts me (and Steff! See, this is why we’re friends.). But I’m still fairly certain watermelon rind is a more yellow-based green. Watermelon Rind, the polish, is unmistakably teal.

Nailphile complained that this took three thick coats, but I was good with two, and even if it took TEN, I'm pretty sure I'd keep coming back for more. It's a teal polish packed with green and blue glitter (so it is a bit hard to remove).

From some angles it begins to look like a foil, which I’m not a fan of, but just tilt your hand back, and it’s nothing but shine. You know how most polishes that glitter have a visible base with some particles throughout? I’m pretty sure the base of Watermelon Rind is just more shimmer. It’s magical. It’s luminous. It’s GLAM.
To be fair, glam rock was a movement long before I was even alive, so I don't claim to be an expert on things such as glam's favorite nail polish. But as I spent all weekend just staring at my nails, Rock n Roll Suicide looping through my head, I feel like I can't be totally off base.

I think what really clinches it for me is that this polish always makes me think of a certain glammed out movie: Velvet Goldmine. If you haven't seen it, you should. Instantly. But then watch it again so you can figure out what the hell is going on. It's slightly confusing. Amazing, since it's basically the unauthorized story of genius David Bowie from the Ziggy days to the Thin White Duke. And when I think of that movie, a few things always pop into mind. How awesome Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is at playing a gorgeous androgenous bisexual "Bowie" opposite Ewan McGregor's loud punkish "Iggy Pop." Or about how awesome Ewan McGregor is for fully embracing that role, down to the baby oil, glitter, and leather pants -- and of course nudity. In fact, here's a link, COMPLETELY not safe for work, the innocent, or possibly the infirm. I couldn't resist. Although, if there is one star to sully your innocence with his celeb peen, you could do much worse.

But before all that, seriously, the first thing I think of is this guy:

Creepy, right? It's from this music video within the movie, which is incredible, but this weird just too much for me to handle. He is forever fried into my brain. And hopefully, now yours! But it's a damn good match, no?

So in celebration of all things glam, Bowie and amazing, go listen to Ziggy Stardust (or Hunky Dory, or whatever your little glam hearts desire) and splash on some Watermelon Rind. I assure you, it will make your day.

Creepy Velvet Goldmine picture courtesy of