Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baguette Me...Please

Good morning. I thought I'd show you guys another polish from my Fall Polish Arsenal that I mentioned in another post. It really screams fall to me so now is as good a time as any. Baguette Me Not is from OPI's La Collection de France from fall 2008. For me this collection was a win. I know a lot of other people liked it too, but I also know that some people were disappointed in all the vampy reds. Oh well, it's an OPI collection. I guess we have to learn to accept the reds. Honestly though, this collection really blew me away. I kept buying one color at a time, going home, looking at swatches, and deciding that I "needed" another color. Baguette Me Not is a color that I overlooked for a long time, but after a while I snatched it up along with its sister, Crepes Suziette. So I guess today I'll give you pictures first and babble later. Here's Baguette Me Not, first in the shade and then in the sun.

Neither of these pictures is really color accurate. This shade is difficult to describe. It's kind of a muted salmon creme with a little bit of brown thrown in. I find it to be rather unique. Scrangie called it a "mom color." Ouch. Mom color or not, I really like it and I find it to be really flattering on my skin tone. Then again...I kind of can see my mom wearing this. That's okay. I'm gonna keep it around. The formula is great. This was two thin coats of Baguette Me Not over Seche Clear with Seche Vite on top.

My beef with this polish is that I totally don't get the name. Like, at all. I mean, I know that it's supposed to remind us of "forget me not," but that would typically evoke thoughts of blue. Am I right? Maybe I could understand if this color really was evocative of the color of French bread, like a nice caramel shade. But it's not. Right?

It kind of reminds me more of a pastry either Angela or I once had at Angelina's in Paris. I can't remember whose this one was. Caution: drool-inducing.

See what I mean? Kinda? Eh, whatever. It looks delicious. I wish I could have a baguette. Or a pastry. Too bad bread and sugar are my enemies right now. I'll just have to settle for wearing Baguette Me Not on my nails and I love this color so much that that's just fine by me.

Until tomorrow!

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  1. OMG! love the color, love the pastry!! That was yours girl! Remember, I got the passifruit one? I think this one is called an Ispahan, tres cute! :)

  2. Oh yeah, now I remember that it was my pastry. I remember the passionfruit one too! That was such a good day. Paradise is Angelina's and kiwi gelato.


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