Monday, September 28, 2009

Capturing a Dragon Requires a Lot of Energy

Happy Monday! It's a day off for me and I couldn't be more content. It's gloomy, 59 degrees, and I love it. I got to wear my cute new trench coat when I went out this morning because it was chilly enough to actually warrant a coat. I love that coat. When I wear it with my giant retro round sunglasses I kind of feel like Jackie O., and if you read my Mad Men post, you'll know that I'm basically in love with any 50s or 60s reference. For the rest of the day I plan to cuddle up with an ANTM marathon and my book.

Before I get to my nails today I need to show you how I tweaked my manicure from Friday. I love Pink Parka, but it looked like it needed a little pizzaz. At first I just added little black zebra stripes to my ring fingers, but I liked it so much that I did all ten fingers. I got so many compliments. A girl at work offered to pay me to do her nails. I was a really huge fan of this look. Check it out.

Now onto today. A day off calls for nail polish hunting. I think I'm going on an Ulta hiatus, though. They never have what I'm looking for and they get collections in ridiculously late (at least mine does). Today I headed to Sally's, Trade Secret and some salon of which I can't remember the name. At Sally's I got two China Glazes (there's a coupon there now, $1 off if you buy two), one OPI at Trade Secret, and one Zoya. Pictures to follow.

I decided on one of the China Glazes for today. Let me preface by saying that this polish did not photograph well. Like, at all. It's another neon, which I kind of didn't know when I bought it, and I just couldn't get my camera to accept it. The polish in question is Flying Dragon from the summer 2008 INK collection. This is my first polish from that collection, but I've been wanting it and Blue Sparrow (which I didn't get) for quite a while. Flying Dragon is a deep purple neon with both blue and red glitter. I do really like this color but I kind of had a problem with coverage. Neons dry matte, as we all know, but even though I waited about a minute between coats I still had some cuticle drag. For my manicure I used three coats of Flying Dragon and one of Seche Vite. It's a beautiful color, it really is, so I'm sorry my camera didn't want anything to do with it. Also, it's overcast today and about to seriously thunderstorm, so there is no sun at all.

In this next picture my nails are blurry, but it's a much better representation of the neon and how the color really looks in sunlight. Indoors and in the shade it looks like the picture above. I guess I used the flash on this one.

And a bottle shot. See the glitter? I'd really like to see this in the sun eventually.

So there you have it. This is a loud, happy color. Not exactly much of a change from my last manicure. A note on the finish of Flying Dragon: without topcoat it honestly looks like sandpaper. Not good. But who doesn't use topcoat? With one coat of Seche Vite the glitter was completely evened out and I was left with a perfectly shiny and smooth finish. And now, here's what I got today.

Zoya Pinta, China Glaze Flying Dragon, China Glaze Shower Together, and OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede. I will be returning to Sally's this weekend to buy a dotting tool (they were out when I went) and probably China Glaze Blue Sparrow. Yay, happy haul! I'm pretty excited about that Zoya. Trust me, I'll be going back for more of those too. I have my eye on Ibiza, Envy and Isla. K, that's all for today.


  1. That's really nice that you got an offer to do someones nails. They really are super cute. I love Flying Dragon. It's such a gorgeous color. Looks fantastic on you.

  2. Ooh, that is definitely a cute addition, I like the stripes! You picked up some goodies, I'm interested in all of those. I liked Flying Dragon so much I bought myself two bottles of it, quite by accident! It's such a pretty color and of course, purples are so hard to photograph.

  3. How in the HELL did you do such great stripes? I am in awe/envy. Well played.

    I was also looking at Flying Dragon recently. You may have just pushed my maybe into the yes column.

  4. Dearest Betsy, the stripes are not hard with the right tools. If (WHEN) we get together I will do some for you. It will be like an Obama manicure redux.


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