Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Enchanted By...

Oh good, Betsy reappeared. I knew she would. In answer to her question about Elvis-themed nail polish, I believe she has to look no further than OPI's All Shook Up 2005 summer collection. Six shades, all discontinued: A Little Less Conversation (yellow), Burning Love (orange), Can't Help Falling in Love (fuchsia), Love Me Tender (peach), It's Now Or Never (purple), All Shook Up (red). You can still find them on Head2Toe for under $5.

Remember my power of positive blogging comment from my other post? I think it worked. As I've said before, I am one step closer to being a Questionable Content character. Just call me Faye. I think I will start to be less depressed re: my place in the world soon. We'll see. Okay, that's enough of that. Onto the good stuff.

As I've said in several of my previous posts, I've been trying to hunt down the Orly Once Upon A Time collection for some time now. I kept going to Ulta and they kept not having it. Ugh. What use are you to me, Ulta? Don't make me not love you. Anyway, one day I went to Sally's and they had a stand for the collection, but all of it was sold out. Drat. I went to another Sally's and they had four out of the six polishes in the collection. I don't mean that they were sold out of two of them, I mean they had a display only built to hold four colors, two of each. I don't know what the deal with that is. They had Enchanted Forest, Poison Apple, Prince Charming and Happily Ever After. They were missing Mirror, Mirror and Pixie Dust. Merp. Anyway, I am in awe of Orly's marketing. Three or so months ago I noticed Prince Charming thrown in with the rest of Orly's permanent collection. It had a little "new!" tag on it, but I had never heard of it so I didn't pay much attention. I guess they maybe pick one shade from the new collection to test on consumers? Great idea, but if that's the case I think they should have picked a color with more pizzaz. Anyway, today's post is inspired by another ModCloth item, the Oak-ie Dokie Shirt. Behold, for it is cute and wilderness-ish.

I picked up Enchanted Forest from Sally's that day and left it at that. Someday I want Pixie Dust but I have yet to see it anywhere. When I saw this top on ModCloth I knew I needed to be wearing green. Enchanted Forest is really, seriously awesome. I haven't heard a negative review about it yet. There were no application issues at all. After the first coat I was kind of afraid it would be streaky, but a thin second coat completely evened it out. I think I've said in another post that I'm not really a green lover like most nail polish bloggers seem to be, but I love this color. It's a dark forest green creme with touches of blue and, to my eye, gray thrown in, giving it kind of a muted dusty feel. I can guarantee that I will be wearing this for all of fall and winter. I don't have a lot of Orly polish, probably only four or so, but I really love the rubber cap on them. Oh, and each polish in the Once Upon A Time collection comes with a little charm. I didn't take a picture of mine, but Enchanted Forest came with a butterfly. It's on my keychain next to my pirate Lego man. So here's my beloved Enchanted Forest, first in the shade.

I think I'm beyond apologizing for my poor application. Here it is in the sun.

If these images do not inspire you to go out and buy this right away then I'm sorry, but you are crazy. It's gorgeous, it wears well, and it's completely seasonally appropriate. I have another exciting picture to show you of a new Wet n Wild display I spotted at CVS called Drop Dead Beautiful. That makes me think it's for Halloween. Yay! It had three polish colors, Fatal, a dark vampy reddish-purple creme, Hard Edged, a black with silver shimmer, and Deep Wine, which is self-explanatory (but not really because it seemed to lean brown to me). Fatal and Hard Edged are new and I believe Deep Wine is a rerelease. Deep Wine has a special place in my heart, actually. A couple years ago I got it from CVS and used it every couple days for like a month. One morning I woke up and my cat, Raven, who you will undoubtedly meet through this blog, had knocked the bottle over in the night. It shattered on our wood floor and thus Deep Wine was no more. I never got around to buying another bottle but I loved it just the same. Here's the display.

This picture isn't great, sorry. It was on a low shelf. I believe what we have here, besides the polish, is liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, glitter and...lipstick? I don't remember. Oh well, it's super exciting for me to see Halloween stuff out. I'm waiting to see Miliani's Black Magic because I'm totally diggin' those. K, that's all for today. I've been up since 5:30 and I'm tired.


  1. i love this green! i can totally see you wearing that shirt too!


  2. I knew I could count on you to know all about any polish line ever made. Also, I would buy those immediately, except I just bought TWELVE from Barielle online, so I need to slow down. Briefly.

    Also, thanks for the Orly tip. I have also been leaving Ulta sad and empty handed frequently. But I'm going to buy Enchanted Forest ASAP.

  3. Twelve? Wow. Did you get them from Don't they usually have a buy two get one free thing going on? If that's the case then that's not that bad. What did you get?


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