Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fiji Confessions

Hi everyone (all five of you)! I had kind of a productive day today so I'm in a pretty good mood. I thought I'd paint my nails to reflect that, a happy, light color. I have a confession to make: this is the color that got me into nail polish for real. Essie Fiji is part of the Essie core line and is a very light baby pink. Kind of boring right? Out of Fiji an obsession was born. You see, one day I was in the art history department at school (where everyone is uber-ridiculously trendy) and I saw someone with really gorgeous nails. I never ask people about their nail polish, but I had to inquire about the shade. She told me it was Essie Fiji, and from that moment on I was obsessed with obtaining it. Before this I still liked nail polish. In fact, my roommates could tell you that I painted my nails ridiculously often. It was (and still is) my way of unwinding or rewarding myself after finishing a task. Prior to my obsession, though, I mostly used vampy, wine colored reds. Believe it or not I had never been to Ulta or heard of Essie. Eventually I got to Ulta, was awestruck by the huge selection of polish, and picked up this shade. Even though now I have a ridiculous polish stash full of interesting colors I still go back to Fiji.

I know not a lot of people agree with me on this color. It's "safe" and kind of "boring;" I guess it epitomizes a lot of people's complaints about the Essie brand itself...but I still love it. I'll admit that it's kind of a pain to apply. It's a little...chalky. The first coat always goes on streaky, the second coat fixes it a little bit, and the third coat makes it perfect. It's really not that bad, but I guess the application does leave something to be desired. But, in true Essie style, it wears excellently. I love how this color looks against my pale skin. I love how it's just a touch of pink and how it sometimes looks white. It has a bit of a mod feel to me. Anyway, here's one of my favey-faves, Fiji, first indoors. I got a little polish on my cuticles but I didn't feel it warranted clean-up (read: I'm lazy).

And here she is in full sunlight. I guess I still had glitter on my pinky from the holo glitter polish I [painstakingly] removed before applying Fiji.

So now you know of my love for Fiji. Doesn't it look nice, though? Admit it, it's cute. I suspect it has a Sinful Colors dupe in Easy Going, but I'll have to do an on-nail comparison to find out. Isn't nail polish fab?

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