Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall!

Happy fall everyone! I love autumn, if you couldn't already tell by all of my crazy Halloween ravings. I love it when the leaves fall, I love sweater weather and I love the fashion. So long summer. It's still like 75 degrees here, but a girl can dream, can't she? In honor of the first day of fall I wanted to do a manicure that really seemed to represent the season. What to choose? I felt I just had to have an autumnal shade even though it still feels like summer. Take a look at what's in my backyard right now. Isn't it great? :D I love the smell of crunchy leaves.

Anyway, I strangely chose a polish I thought I didn't want and that I thought I wouldn't buy. Yesterday I went to Ulta and walked by the OPI Espana display [again]. All of a sudden Can You Tapas This?, a deep brown creme with a healthy amount of red, was calling my name. I bought it. After seeing it on my nails, I don't regret the buy. It's a couple shades darker than last autumn's I'm Fondue Of You and oh, so luscious. Here it is in the sun and then in the shade.

These pictures make me look like an albino. Anyway, I totally think this color is gorgeous. I'm in love with it--it's dark, it's vampy, it's fall. I do, however, still stand by my opinion of OPI Espana: it's boring. I do have three of the colors now (Suzi Skis, Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, Tapas), but all of the other ones are completely unremarkable. Maybe Tapas isn't terribly unique...but it's terribly gorgeous. Oh, and here's a ring I got in July that I love. I am obsessed with owls and I think this ring looks cute with this polish.

Cute, isn't it? Hehe.

I'd also like to thank Niki of Magic Maid. I won (!) her recent giveaway and she oh so nicely gave Short 'n Chic a shout-out on her [wonderful] blog. Thanks so much, Niki!


  1. Haha, you're so welcome! I made use of some of my online polish purchase boxes to help me wrap it up, so they should be getting to you soon, hopefully safe and sound :)
    That ring reminds me of Diana's owl ring! It's so cute.
    And I LOVE that polish. I picked that one up too, and it's a GREAT fall color! My favorite season :)

  2. aww!! the owl ring is so cute!Miss you!

  3. Thanks Niki! I am in love with Mr. Owl.

    I miss you too Angelique :( Let's meet in the middle...what would that be...? Actually, I think it would be St. Louis!

  4. YES. I agree, wholeheartedly. But only if I'm invited too. Otherwise, it'd be pretty sad.

  5. That's a gorgeous shade on you. Very pretty. I can't wait for those leaves to start changing.


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