Friday, September 04, 2009

It's So Easy Being Green

Hey guys. I wasn't going to post today but I've been up for about five hours already, I've already run errands, chugged coffee, and there's a season 4 Project Runway marathon on. What's better than watching Fierce Christian, Robot Jillian and Tearful Ricky while painting your nails? Answer? Um...nothing. Also, I am remembering now how much I disliked Rami and his stupid ubiquitous draping.

Before I removed Fiji I decided to see if it did have a Sinful Colors dupe. I don't think I've ever given Sinful Colors its due praise. It's a great brand, available at Walgreens and (in northeastern Ohio) Drug Mart. The color selection is incredible. The only problem I've ever had with these is that some of the colors are sheer and require three or four coats. If you don't mind that, then go ahead and splurge because these polishes are only $1.99. I recently picked up a bunch of new ones so you'll probably see them sometime soon. Anyway, I do believe I've found a dupe. If there's anyone out there who wants Fiji but doesn't want to pay $8 for it, just go out to Walgreens and pick up Sinful Colors Easy Going, which is part of the core collection. The picture below is indoors. I took one outside too, but you don't really need to see it. Trust me, they're identical. I couldn't figure out how to make the font bigger on my picture, but my pointer finger is Easy Going and my middle finger is Fiji.

So this morning I went into CVS solely for the purpose of buying a Mt. Dew. I swear. Of course I stopped by the beauty section. On the shelves where they normally have seasonal beauty displays and collections I saw about eight Milani polishes in rainbow colors, but they didn't have a display. They looked like a collection but I wasn't sure. At first I tried to just walk away from them...but maybe when you see the pictures you'll understand. Each polish had shimmer, larger round glitter and bar glitter. Both types of glitter are holographic. I swear I tried to walk away. I decided to limit myself to two because Milani is pretty cheap. I chose the light pink (Dazzling Pink), probably because I was influenced by the Essie Fiji I already had on, and a nice mossy green (Gleaming Green). When I got them home I couldn't wait to put on the green. First, here's a picture of the two bottles.

I guess you can't tell that there's much glitter in the pink, but trust me that it has as much bling as the green. As you can tell by my thumb, I wasted no time in slappin' that green on my nails. It's really, really awesome. I used three coats but I think I would have been okay with two. The formula was great. It's super packed with glitter so it doesn't exactly have a smooth finish, but that's fine with me. Here's an indoor shot.

And outside in full sunlight. I know this one is a little blurry. I'm using my phone again because my camera battery is donezo and I can't find the charger. At least you can see the glitter!

Suffice it to say I think I might be back at CVS tomorrow getting the rest of these. I haven't seen anyone blog about this Milani collection. Is it new? Is it old? I'll have to do some research.

I just found out from Nouveau Cheap, a great beauty blog, that these Milani polishes are from the Welcome Back Color collection. Shame on CVS for not giving these poor little guys a display!

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