Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hello Holos!

Happy Wednesday :D Ah, Wednesday is merely the day before Thursday now that Project Runway has started back up again. That made sense in my head. Anyway, I have one polish to show you, which I'm wearing today, and another bottle shot of one I'm sure everyone has seen elsewhere.

I was at Rite Aid the other day and many of their nail polishes are on sale. Actually, a lot of the drug stores around here are having polish sales, I guess to make room for the new fall stuff. I got a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (In The Navy) for 64 cents and a Wet n Wild for 99 cents. It's the Wet n Wild that I'm excited about, though. Most of the time WnW kind of underwhelms me, but one bottle caught my eye. It's a medium purple with holographic glitter throughout, called Wild Orchid. It's stunning in the bottle and even more stunning on the nail. It's not a duochrome, but it does look different in different light; sometimes it looks light purple and sometimes it looks almost...blurple. The glitter in it is absolutely beautiful. I don't have another polish that looks like this. Check it out. This first picture is in full sunlight.

Another one, still in sunlight but at a different angle. It looks a lot bluer, doesn't it?

Here's a blurred one so it's easier to see the glitter. Really pretty.

And here's the bottle. Part of the label rubbed off every time I touched it, for some reason. Now it's completely blank.

And here it is indoors. It's kind of unremarkable when it's not in the sun, but still pretty.

Pretty good for 99 cents, right? I love it. I can't stop staring down at my nails today. I was mesmerized more than once as I sat at red lights. I also went to Ulta hoping they had the new Orly polishes. Alas, no. But I saw a box of still-packed of course I dug through it, since I'm creepy like that. There were a lot of older colors in there. I figured it would be mostly Espana, but no. I saw My Private Jet from the Night Brights collection (2007?) that I have wanted for a while. The thing is that the color changed in newer batches of MPJ compared to older ones. The original is a dark gray holo and the newer one is much, much less of a holo. Disappointing. I grabbed two bottles, one of which still had the "Exclusive ProWide Brush" wrapper on it. I planned to take them over to the window to see if one was the older formula, but I didn't even have to do that. As soon as I looked at them I could tell that one was seriously holographic (the one with the ProWide wrapper...always a tell-tale sign that the polish is older). Of course I bought it. I couldn't resist. It's my first holo polish and it's awesome. I think I'll wear it a lot this fall. I'm still wearing Wet n Wild Wild Orchid, but here's a bottle picture of [Old] My Private Jet:

Awesome, isn't it? I'm excited to wear it. That's all for today. I'm still on a job hunt...wish me luck. The economy is so bleak here. Fall is coming though, at least that makes me happy. I love seeing jankity Halloween decorations in all the drug stores :D

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