Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I've been hanging out with Elvis

UGH. It’s only my second time to post and I’m already CRAZY late. Sorry readers! On the possible up side, I’ve been bemoaning how much I missed the familiar pain/pleasure of school of late, and this just reminded me of trying to convince my BA thesis preceptor that I would get those next ten pages in…tomorrow. So now you get to feel that frustration I’m sure she often felt. Sorry Melissa! Since Steff is a much more responsible poster, you also get two in one day.

Today I’m filling one of Steff’s requests and showing off some matte polish, or rather, matte topcoat. Like many other polish addicts, when I saw mattes start to pop up, I knew it was love at first sight. Then everyone went nuts, and it seems like every brand has a matte line or two out now. That’s just overwhelming. But as most people have probably figured out by now, if you buy a matte topcoat, you basically double your collection. So while I’ll probably still buy a few matte polishes, a few months ago I thought it’d be best to just buy a topcoat. At the time, I was buying some (LOVELY) Nubars from their Cleopatra collection – partially because they were gorgeous purples, but mostly because I’m an Egyptologist and a dork – so I got Nubar’s matte, V for Men at the time. The interesting thing about V for Men is that, as the title indicates, it was made originally for men who I guess want nice nails, but not nice nails. Anyway, it’s obviously been repurposed by a lot of chicks who are jumping on the matte bandwagon. Makes me wonder if there are many guys who actually use it. Maybe if we ever get male followers, they can tell us. What a fun thought!

So, I bought nail polish just for the topcoat. But it’s not as crazy as it sounds – it was Sinful Colors, which are $1.99, so in polish terms, they’re practically free! I used Sinful Color’s Daddy’s Girl. A sidebar about Sinful Colors: They have the most pervy names. Individually they’re usually not so obvious, but if you look at the names of a bunch of them together, it’s some blatant raunch happening.

Back to the actual polish. This is three coats, and I probably would have preferred four, but I was so frustrated and impatient that on the third coat, I committed cardinal polish sin #85 and just globbed a bunch on. It’s a really jelly polish, which I normally avoid like the plague because I know I’m the wrong kind of person to be trying to work with something so finicky and that needs so much work. After that, I put on one gross layer of Seche Vite. I say gross because I (inaccurately) assumed that although Seche Vite said only their thinner would work, the Orly one would work just as well. Obviously Seche Vite has put some sort of self-destruct mechanism in place, because it became somehow too gloppy and too thin, which I’m pretty sure defies laws of physics, but happened, nonetheless.

The color when Daddy’s Girl is shiny is rather blurple (blueish purple). Of course, it depends on what light hits it. In the direct sun it looked more purple. With the flash, you get the second picture, which is a lot more blue than in reality. It’s got really fine glitter, which might be bordering on tiny tiny flakes. I spent a long time staring at my hands, to little avail. By itself it’s ok, but I find if kind of boring. It’s not my bag, basically.

But with the Nubar V for Men Matte Topcoat…..

MAGIC. Oh, how I love this look. I can't even explain how great I think this is. It’s definitely not the chalky OPI matte that many people complained about. The nail still looks completely smooth, but it’s AMAZING. Also, the color's changed. Suddenly, it looks less blurple because the glitter really comes to the forefront. And as it is more noticeable now, it’s also more noticeably a red tinged purple, which I love. It looks like some gorgeous night sky, but in Dr. Seuss land. But what it really reminds me of inspires this week’s random cultural moment.

It reminds me of an Elvis on Velvet. Ok, I know that’s crazy, but it does. That’s what I thought of the first time I saw this all done. Probably because I LOVE Elvis. It’s unhealthy. If a brand put out a King themed line, I would buy 10 of every bottle. For the record, if you know of one already, help a sister out and let me know. It’s that kind of unhealthy obsession that I expect you to fuel, readers.

For those of you who don’t know, a Velvet Elvis is a kitschy painting of Elvis on black velvet. (And here's what Wiki says http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velvet_Elvis) It’s ridiculous. It’s more than ridiculous. It’s the kind of 70’s insanity I would only expect to see in the likes of Graceland, but for some reason, it’s a beloved American object (we have one). And while Daddy’s Girl gone matte hardly screams 70s kitsch extraordinaire, that’s where I’m taking this, so follow anyway, if you please.

I don't really have a point to sum up this post with, except matte is awesome, Elvis is awesome, and I'm sorry again for being a Lame-asaurus Rex and disappearing for so long.

EDIT: A note on wear time. I wore this polish for the weekend -- one day with Seche Vite, the other with V for Men -- and then two days out in the field, and it survived. V for Men on top of the Seche Vite is like a magical shield for the nails, apparently. However, when I did this setup previously, I didn't use Seche Vite, and with just the V for Men, my nails took FOREVER to fully dry, and they got dents in them all over. So, I would suggest a top coat under the matte, just to make sure everything really locks into place.

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