Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maxwell's Silver Hammer: Zoya Loredana

Ah, it's my long awaited day off. What to do, what to do? Little Miss Sunshine is on USA. Of course I have that on DVD but there's something about spotting something you love on tv that provides a seriously pleasureful feeling of serendipity. Of course I painted my nails. Before I start with the new color I thought I would update that matte Midnight Cami seriously grew on me. I really liked how it looked like velvet and by the time I took it off I wasn't so angry at it anymore.

The other day I was at the mall buying myself a cute pair of Payless flats since the ones I bought last fall had previously bit the dust. I passed a salon that I've passed a million times before but this time I noticed...they sell Zoya. I've heard it's really hard to find Zoya in stores, so of course I basically ran in. I couldn't decide what to get! A whole permanent display of Zoya plus a few collections. Squee! I decided that I was only going to buy two and surprisingly (I say surprisingly given my previous merps with matte topcoat) I went for two polishes from the new Matte Velvet collection, Posh (red) and Loredana (gray). I bought them, though, because I've seen them on blogs both with and without topcoat...and I really loved them with it. I know, I bought matte polishes only to "ruin" the effect with Seche Vite. Oh well.

I chose Loredana for this morning. Midnight Cami was a pain in the ass to remove, seriously. It stained my skin blue so I was already annoyed. Even though I'm not supposed to I used a basecoat with Loredana, Nail Tek II. Then I basically glopped it onto my nails because I thought it would dry super-fast. Let me tell looked bad. My nails just looked weird, definitely like they had too much polish on them. Ugh. I started over and did two very thin coats. Much better. My pictures are bad. Really. I'm sorry. In this first one I have Seche Vite on my middle finger and pinky and my pointer finger and ring finger are without any topcoat. Again, sorry for the severe suckage.

Please observe the absolutely insane sparkle on the nails with topcoat. In-sane. Love it. The matte is nice too but I prefer it with topcoat. Here's another picture, this one of my right hand in the sun.

I love this. I'm glad I got it. My first Zoya! I'll definitely go back and get more. I want Stephanie...because it's my name and also because it's a color I think I'll like (kind of light pinky-purple. I can't be bothered to find a picture right now, but you'll see it soon enough). Also, I really like what Zoya did with the bottles. They're frosted glass. Lookit.

So very pretty. And now to explain the title of this post. While I was painting my nails I was listening to Abbey Road, which will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me/has lived with me/has been around me at any time during the past two years. As I was putting the topcoat on Maxwell's Silver Hammer came on. Ah, fate. Doesn't this manicure remind you of a sparkly silver hammer? No? Oh well, it reminds me of one :D Anyway, that's a great song that both Paul and John hoped would become a single, but it just never happened. I still love it, as I do every song on Abbey Road.

Give it a listen if you never have, or maybe if you always skip over it to get to Oh! Darling or Octopus's Garden. Oh, also...go out and get Loredana if you can. It's really beautiful and I think I'll be mesmerized by it when I'm in the sun. Yay for days off! I don't even know what to do with myself!

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  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i have a friend name zoya and she is not that nice as the polish

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i have a friend name zoya and she is not that nice as the polish

  3. oh shut up sabrina its just because you are not that popular as my name ok:-) #jealous


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