Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Midnight Cami, Midnight Kitty

Hi everyone. Ugh, it's only Tuesday. Can you believe it? Long day, long week. Today I decided that I wanted to use Midnight Cami from Essie's fall 2009 collection. Before I get into the color itself I have to talk about the collection. I am in love with it. Here's a picture from Essie's website.

I guess it's kind of a weird concept to mix neons with darker traditionally "fall" colors, but I really love it. I read somewhere that Essie based this on what she saw on the runway: dark clothing with pops of color provided by accessories. I love that this collection is actually based on clothes seen on the runway and not nail color seen on the runway, if that makes any sense. That having been said, I am not a neon person. I know a lot of nail fanatics are but I just can't get into them. I think I might pick up Pink Parka, but only because I can't resist a crazy bright pink. Right now I have half the collection: Chinchilly, Angora Cardi and Midnight Cami. I also love the name of the neon orange, Bright Tights. My absolute favorite thing about fall is wearing cute dresses with a pair of tights. Love.

Anyway, today I wanted to use Midnight Cami. I really wanted dark nails again so...yeah. I was surprised how much I wanted this polish. Normally I'm not so drawn to blues. It's a nice dark blue with shimmer. So here it is in the sun. And I'm so sorry about the state of my nails. I was watching the Tyra show (girl, you know how it is) and I got distracted so I filed them all really short. Like, almost to the point of bleeding. Oy, fail sauce.

It's pretty, right? I kind of wish I had left it the way it was but...I added a coat of Essie Matte About You. The result? It significantly darkened the color. Lookit.

Eh. I mean, it's still nice but I think it just drastically changed what Midnight Cami looks like. I think I'll wear this through tomorrow. Damn, my last two manicures were fails...although I did get a compliment on Lubu Heels at work today.

Since my nails are blue I thought I'd segue into introducing my cat, Raven. That probably makes no sense now, but check out what the little guy's claws used to look like.

Those are claw caps, called Soft Paws, that prevent him from ruining furniture. This picture was taken when he was a kitten and wore blue. Now he's a big boy and wears black. I didn't declaw him for two reasons: first, it's expensive. Second, it's inhumane. Soft Paws are great. You trim the claws, glue them on, and they stay on until the claw grows out again. You just glue new ones on as the old ones fall off. They're nice. Aren't these cute, though? He's so fierce. Here's the big guy now, lookin' all coy and sexy.

So that's my baby. I'll have a new post either tomorrow or Thursday (day off!!!!). Until then!

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  1. Oh Raven, look at you seducing us through the screen.


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