Friday, September 11, 2009

My Own Little Shield

Happy Friday! Of course it's sort of less of a happy Friday when one has to work on the weekends, but we'll overlook that for now. I had a hard time picking out a nail color last night for some reason. I went through the shoebox of polishes that I have to swatch and wasn't feeling anything. I went through the rest of my stash and finally found something I thought I'd like.

The Wet n Wild Craze collection was released in either late July or early August. I remember seeing them in my local DrugMart and immediately grabbing six of the nine. When I took them to the register they weren't even sure how much to charge me because they weren't even priced yet. Yeah, that's right. I'm fast. Anyway, last night I think I was actually inspired by Project Runway when I chose Wet n Wild Craze Shield. In a season 4 episode of Project Runway the remaining designers went to the Met in order to chose a work of art for their inspirations. Jillian Lewis, though not my favorite designer from that season, made a really great garment inspired by Master of the Argonauts, a fifteenth century European painting. Here's the painting followed by the outfit (sorry the artwork is small. I got the best image I could from the Met's website and it doesn't enlarge).

This picture doesn't really do the outfit justice. When she opened up her coat the whole thing was lined in gold. It definitely had a wow factor. Jillian said she was inspired by the armor in the painting, which I can see. She ultimately then based her runway collection on this same concept (and lost).

Anyway, unlike Baguette Me Not I think Wet n Wild Shield is really aptly named because it really does remind me of armor. It seems to have a lot of different colored shimmer particles in it (gold, silver, copper) that combine to create an overall tan/gold effect. That made a lot of sense, I know. The polishes in the Craze collection are all mini-sized (.34 fl. oz.) and the bottles are freaking adorable. See?

Isn't it cute? I love the cap. When I painted my nails last night it was kind of dim in the room, so I'm not sure how many coats I actually needed. At first I did two over a coat of Nail Tek II, but then I decided to add another for good measure, plus Seche Vite. The dry time was really fast, even without the Seche Vite, and the formula is fantastic. Can you do better for $1.99? I don't think so. Here it is in the shade and then in the sun. These aren't great pictures because they don't really capture the out of this world shimmer factor.

Just for good measure, I took another one without the bottle in the sun. Maybe it'll convey the sparkle a little better.

Whatever, it's gorgeous, just trust me. Despite the fact that it looks gold, it doesn't really look like a metallic. And I love that. Thoughts? On the polish? On Jillian? On the fact that the challenge on Project Runway last night was really boring?

**EDIT: I snapped this picture of Shield while I was driving and I think it's a better representation of the color. Yay!

And by the way, since my pictures don't really do this color too much justice, Steph from Steph's Closet has really good swatches of the whole collection here.


  1. girl, PR was way boring last night...and speaking of Jillian, her collection for PR was definitely the best for her...cuz her collection this season SUCKED! Love the color!


    Somehow in that, I slipped in my head from the Jillian Robot voice to the voice Kathy Griffin uses for Paula Abdul. Which is a trippy thought, since one is cold and awkward, and the other is coked out.

  3. So far I'm not digging this season of Project Runway. I still think Shirin (?) will be in the final three/the winner. Last night's episode was lame.


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