Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh What a Strange Magic: Wet n Wild Black Magic

Friday again! Oh boy, I've been awake for so long already. My day off yesterday was really nice. I saw a movie by myself (9) and I was the only one in the theatre. I thought it was kind of creepy at first but after a while I was like...this is really awesome. No whispers, no one walking in front of the screen...just pleasant. Then I went to Ulta and Sally's! I needed a new Seche Vite (ugh) and I was finally ready to take the plunge. I'm glad I went to Sally's for it because it's two dollars cheaper than Ulta and they were also running a special: buy one Seche Vite and get one Seche Clear for free! Yay, free things! Also I finally got Orly Pixie Dust from Ulta. You'll be seeing that one soon. All in all it was a good me day and I spent some hard-earned tip money.

I also got one of Wet n Wild's Halloween polishes, Black Magic, yesterday from Rite-Aid. YAY. I was hoping I'd find it somewhere. I've been wanting a bar glitter forever. Black Magic is part of the Fantasy Makers collection along with a black creme and a glow in the dark topcoat. Black Magic doesn't really strike me as particularly Halloween-y. The bar glitter appears to be gold, silver, blue, pink, red, green and purple. Doesn't matter, love it anyway. I did a manicure with it as soon as I got home from work over Rimmel Black Satin. One coat of Nail Tek II, one of Black Satin, two of Black Magic and one of Seche Vite. First check out the adorable bottle Black Magic comes in.

Hehe, love it. This bottle of Black Satin was bought in Paris at Monoprix, the Parisian version of Target. Sort of. They have food and clothes and odds and ends. It was SO EXPENSIVE. Like seven or eight euros or something. I actually forgot to bring nail polish with me to France so I really needed something. I love it, though. It's a one-coat black. If you're looking for a basic black creme I'd recommend this one.

So here's my Magic manicure, first indoors (no flash so it's a little blurry), then in the afternoon sun, and then a sort of closeup. Sort of.

Uh, LOVE IT. You can't really tell how awesome it looks from these pictures. I feel like I could wear this for days. I love how bar glitter kind of looks hairy or fuzzy. Or like confetti. It's like a party on my nails! Perfect for the weekend. Except I'm not off again till Monday. If the Fire Gang from Labyrinth (favorite movie, favorite movie) was somehow translated into a manicure, it would be this one. See?

Alright, now everybody go watch Labyrinth.

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  1. Oh,hi. I'm back and de-lurking (TWICE in ten minutes). Labyrinth is amazing. Rainy day? Even better.


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