Monday, September 14, 2009

Playing Ketchup

I feel like that title would be really cute if I were doing a tomato creme for today, but alas, I am not. So instead, my awesome/bad pun goes nowhere. Shame.

But the pun is correct in that today I'll be posting my nails from Labor Day weekend, which is obviously really behind. This was during my little disappearance, partially fueled by my family being in town, partially by laziness and crap TV, and partially by immense writer’s block. Leave college for a few months and suddenly you lose all ability to BS your way through something. So, anyway, I can’t retake pictures or go back and realize that since I took these after a day in the field, my nails could really use a touch up on the topcoat. Sadly, instead you get so-so pictures of shoddy nails.

I bought this particular shade along with 3 others that all seem to be Rimmel’s meditation on the combinations of grey, purple, and bronze. All I can say is, BRA. VO. The colors all look cohesive and yet very different. It’s like Rimmel was taking a cue from the Runway (Project, of course) and had Nina, Michael, Heidi, and Tim’s voices in their heads. Well, schizophrenia aside, I say it was a smashing success. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying these all yet, but if the first one is any indication, I’m guessing I’ll be pretty happy.

Night Life has a sort of greyed out purple base with bronze shimmer. But once again, this is one of those polishes that drastically changes depending on the light. In the early morning light, it shows pale lilac. Later in the afternoon, the bronze shimmer reads red. This is two coats, and like I said, these pictures are sadly after a day of sunscreen and dirt, so they look pretty lackluster. But I assure you, Night Life is great. It’s like all the recent greyed/mushroomed out colors’ younger sister; chic yet spunky.

With flash.

Without flash.

I know the pictures don't look like much, but I promise, it's amazing. Also, if ever I use this again (HIGHLY likely), I'll be sure to edit this post to include better pictures.

This post is a bit short, but scroll down and you'll see Steff's from today as well. Plus, I'm finishing up a post of polish from this last weekend that is GORGEOUS and will probably be kind of long. Can't wait!

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