Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quickie Drug Store Post

Hey pals. I don't have a new manicure to show you today because I'm really lazy. I will tomorrow because I have a day off. I just wanted to post a couple pictures of some drug store displays I took yesterday. First is a Maybelline display for winter, Poptimistic Pretty. This collection was pretty picked over, but I scooped up a weird mossy green called Glad To Be Green. This should be out in most drug stores soon. There's a really nice dark blue that tempted me, but I resisted.

Next we have a Halloween display (yay!) of "costume" nail polishes called "Claw Polish." Cute name, sort of. None of the colors were Halloween-y. There was a black creme, which I guess could be considered Halloween-y, except for the fact that Chanel Black Satin sort of brought black nails into mainstream pop culture. But you all know that already. Then there was really Christmas-y looking red, another Christmas-y looking green, a pretty purple, and a "topcoat." The "topcoat" was straight up, Ruby Pumps-looking red glitter. Maybe if it was orange I would have understood, but this looked like a recycled Holiday collection stuck in little tombstone bottles (which are really cute, by the way). I passed on all of these.

Lastly, something I found at my local grocery store, Giant Eagle. They always have OPI there, but like...jankity OPI. Really old bottles of Coney Island Cotton Candy type OPI. Yesterday I noticed a new display that looked like this:

You may remember my discussion of OPI's 2005 All Shook Up collection in response to this post of Betsy's. I got excited because this is good birthday present material for Betsy. Then I took a closer look. None of these polishes are from that collection. I don't know WHERE Giant Eagle dug up this display. Very strange.

Okay, until tomorrow. Mad Men tonight too! I just have to get through six hours of work until I can stare at some Donald Draper goodness.

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