Sunday, September 20, 2009

I bet I could think of something punny to put here if I weren't watching NPH and the Emmys...

So I went on a binge recently. I don't even want to look at my credit card statement, it's that bad. But as a result, I just picked up a bunch of gorgeous polish, so I guess it's a wash. Tuesday I received a shipment from Barielle. I ordered 12 (TWELVE!) polishes from them, but as a result of some brilliant shopping on my part, the total was $48, no shipping, no nothing extra. Considering they're usually $8 a bottle, I'm pretty pleased with myself. So I got about half the new Barielle line, and then some other ones that Scrangie had swatched that made me drool. Then yesterday I went to Beauty Brands and Sally Beauty to see what they had and ended up getting all the OPI Satins, and Essie, and two of the new Orlys, although still no luck on the lovely Enchanted Forest. So....yeah. I might need to slow down. But I just couldn't help it. The OPIs were probably the most ridiculous purchase, but they're all so gorgeous, matte OR shiny, that I couldn't help myself.

So today, I have one of the Barielles I ordered. The entire reason I bought anything from Barielle online, the reason I searched high and low throughout St. Louis trying to find the collection in a store, the reason I would have caved and payed whatever they asked for and more....will be next week. Aren't I mean? Falling Star, which is most likely the one you've heard the most buzz about, will be for next week because I'll be taking the GREs and I'm hoping such a fantastic polish will bring me luck. We'll see if that pans out. Until then, I'm bringing you the polish I was the second most excited about: U-Concrete-Me.

OK, first of all, I hate how polish companies do that. I'm sure it saves space, or they think it's cute, or whatever the hell, but I hate the "text" version of using "U." That's stupid. But whatever. That's my own beef. Cutesy names aside, I have no beef at all with the color. Well, let me be honest. At first, I was pretty disappointed. Not because it looks bad, but because my desperate search for a grey creme began months ago, when Scrangie posted Obsessive Compulsive swatches. And from there, my own obsession was born. I wanted the line's Dangerous an unhealthy amount. Scrangie aptly described it shark grey, and I fell hard.

U-Concrete-Me is much too blue to be considered shark grey. So at first, I think I was let down because my heart still belongs to Dangerous. But as it's own grey, I finally accepted U-Concrete-Me. And then I realized it's great. It's obviously grey, no doubt about that, but it's leans towards a blueish, steel type of grey. I've already gotten a ton of compliments on it, and I think this will be in heavy rotation for fall and winter. In fact, just staring at it now makes me want to curl up with a nice scarf and a cup of hot chocolate.

So once I got past my Dangerous lemming, this definitely assuaged my grey love. I think my love of grey polish can be explained by my frustration with black polish. Not that I don't still love it. Nothing more chic than a nice, CLEAN, vampy black manicure. But my problem is -- and not to sound too much like I'm 80 -- the proliferation of little Disney type actresses who try to become all "edgy" by pouring on the black polish, making it less chic (or edgy, for that matter), and kind of lame. So I think I've been looking for something new that would make me feel the same wearing it, but would disassociate me with Vanessa Hudgens, or LiLo on one of her benders.

Crochety old age, here I come, head first. No?


  1. Oh, my goodness, I got a good chuckle out of the U thing, because I despise that too. This is a lovely polish and I think you've got the description dead on. You did some great shopping! That's a good deal. I assume you took advantage of all the ways to save that Mary of Body & Soul told everyone about? I'm going to when I break down and order from them!

  2. Can I just briefly geek out and express how ridiculously excited I am that we're getting comments from people? Love it!

    Nicole, I guess I've never read Body & Soul, so no, I didn't use any of that advice. I'll have to check that out next time I bite the bullet and buy online. I do really love this polish, so no matter what additional savings I could have gotten, I'm really glad I bought it. The more I stare at it, the more I love it. God I love a good creme!


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