Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am!

This last weekend’s polish was China Glaze’s Watermelon Rind. I actually saw this on Nailphile’s site a while back and I had to have it. It’s just about the opposite of the faded cremes I usually love, but it’s so luscious, I can’t help myself. Much like Steff’s discussion of OPI’s inability to make a baguette looking baguette labeled polish, this doesn’t really seem like an accurate representation of watermelon rind. Personally, melon of all kinds disgusts me (and Steff! See, this is why we’re friends.). But I’m still fairly certain watermelon rind is a more yellow-based green. Watermelon Rind, the polish, is unmistakably teal.

Nailphile complained that this took three thick coats, but I was good with two, and even if it took TEN, I'm pretty sure I'd keep coming back for more. It's a teal polish packed with green and blue glitter (so it is a bit hard to remove).

From some angles it begins to look like a foil, which I’m not a fan of, but just tilt your hand back, and it’s nothing but shine. You know how most polishes that glitter have a visible base with some particles throughout? I’m pretty sure the base of Watermelon Rind is just more shimmer. It’s magical. It’s luminous. It’s GLAM.
To be fair, glam rock was a movement long before I was even alive, so I don't claim to be an expert on things such as glam's favorite nail polish. But as I spent all weekend just staring at my nails, Rock n Roll Suicide looping through my head, I feel like I can't be totally off base.

I think what really clinches it for me is that this polish always makes me think of a certain glammed out movie: Velvet Goldmine. If you haven't seen it, you should. Instantly. But then watch it again so you can figure out what the hell is going on. It's slightly confusing. Amazing, since it's basically the unauthorized story of genius David Bowie from the Ziggy days to the Thin White Duke. And when I think of that movie, a few things always pop into mind. How awesome Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is at playing a gorgeous androgenous bisexual "Bowie" opposite Ewan McGregor's loud punkish "Iggy Pop." Or about how awesome Ewan McGregor is for fully embracing that role, down to the baby oil, glitter, and leather pants -- and of course nudity. In fact, here's a link, COMPLETELY not safe for work, the innocent, or possibly the infirm. I couldn't resist. Although, if there is one star to sully your innocence with his celeb peen, you could do much worse.

But before all that, seriously, the first thing I think of is this guy:

Creepy, right? It's from this music video within the movie, which is incredible, but this weird just too much for me to handle. He is forever fried into my brain. And hopefully, now yours! But it's a damn good match, no?

So in celebration of all things glam, Bowie and amazing, go listen to Ziggy Stardust (or Hunky Dory, or whatever your little glam hearts desire) and splash on some Watermelon Rind. I assure you, it will make your day.

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  1. How is it possible no one has ever commented on this post?! I clicked that link not even knowing what I'd find and *gasp* - a raging penis. YESSSSS! Do you know how very rare it is to get an eyeful of some hot male nudity in movies?

    Oh,hi. I just came out of lurking mode. All thanks to the male nudity. :)

    By the way Stephanie, I've been following you since December. LOVE your blog. I relate to you on so many topics -- academia, cats, coffee, art, colder seasons (suck it, summer), fashion. Oddly I don't really care too much about nail polish (but I've been painting them recently thanks to you), so you could say I'm more here for the glimpse of your life that you provide.

    So last night I decided to start from the beginning of your blog (because I had some homework I needed to avoid doing) and I was surprised to find this started out as a blog for two! I'm assuming at some point Betsy goes her own way? I hope it isn't a sad story.

    Any who, keeping doing what you do!


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