Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey guys. Welcome to the first post of my Halloween-themed week! Today I have a really cute manicure for you. I used my trusty one-coat black, Rimmel Black Satin, and one strategically placed coat of a Halloween polish I got at the drug store the other day. I don't think it has a name, but it was on a Halloween display and the brand appears to be Phantom Frights. Anyway, I'm calling it Abracadabra, and it's yellow and orange stars suspended in clear polish. I used a toothpick to place the stars on my nails.

What a cute polish! I was really happy with this manicure. It didn't last long, though. My day at work today totally owned it, so it's already gone. I'll have another Halloween manicure to show you tomorrow.


  1. That is a really cute polish! I am trying to get my fingers on glitters like that!

  2. If you're looking for glitter like this then I'd suggest heading over to Claire's. I know they have silver stars and pink hearts. This is sounding like I'm recommending Lucky Charms to you or something. Anyway, it can't hurt to check it out. And they're only like $2.50.

  3. This is a really cute mani! Great job!

  4. Very cute. Love the stars. Wish they were easier to get on your nails.


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