Monday, October 26, 2009

Drugstore Nirvana

Yesterday after work I decided to go to a couple drug stores and see what they had for me. I haven't bought any polish in a couple of weeks because I've been blowing most of my money on clothes; H&M has the cutest stuff in the fall and winter months. First I went to Drug Mart, my favorite drug store, specific to northeast Ohio. I got one of the Wet n Wild Festive Flirt polishes, a Halloween-themed polish, and an eyeshadow. I wasn't quite satisfied with that, so on my way home I stopped at Rite Aid. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a display of the new Limited Edition Sally Hansen HD polishes. I literally skipped over to them, grabbed Opulent Cloud and said aloud, "Gotcha." I freak people out, I swear. So I got that, and two other Halloween-themed polishes. You'll see all the Halloween ones this week, which aside from today's post will be a countdown of sorts to the most wonderful day of the year.

Today I have Opulent Cloud for you. I couldn't wait to get it on once I got it home. Over the past few months I've seen other bloggers say that they were kind of underwhelmed by the color. I...can't say that. This is my favorite polish I've purchased since China Glaze Wagon Trail and I plan to bring it to the salon with me for my next manicure. I'm sure you all know this, but Opulent Cloud is kind of a weird duochrome. It's somehow gray, purple and gold all at the same time. The gold flash is strong in sunlight and direct artificial light. I have no complaints about my dear Opulent Cloud. I used two coats and the coverage was perfect. There were brushstrokes, but I expected that because it's basically a metallic. I like this so much that I'm considering going back to Rite Aid to get the other bottle (there are only two bottles of each of the four colors on the display; how wimpy). Okay, enough talky, more pictures.

More sunlight
Sunlight bringing out the purple

My nails were stained a little red from MonSooner or Later, sorry about that. Pictures can't really capture the awesome in this polish. I'm in love, I'm in love. The only problem? My Seche Vite has gone retarded. I didn't have my Restore with me while I was painting my nails so I was forced to just kind of glop it on. Results? About three hours after this manicure I was doing dishes and all my polish was pushed back toward my cuticles and wrinkled. Um, ew. I'll be adding a generous amount of Restore any minute now.


  1. gorgeous color!! I get my sephora loot today, can't wait!! I'll let you know how it goes girl! miss ya.

  2. Yep, I got mine about a week and a half ago, finally. Haha, I was talking to the display too! Boy, I can't imagine if people had actually been walking down that aisle, they would have thought I was nuts - but that Rite Aid is really quiet, all the time. I loved it too, it's such an unusual shade!

  3. I'm still looking for this baby. Looks fantastic on you.


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