Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Epic Awesome: Trick or Treat

This morning I tried a Sinful Colors polish I had never used before called Twinkle Midnight Star. It was really sheer, but I was prepared for that. I did four coats, put on a coat of Seche Vite and let it dry for a little bit. It shrank. I had so much nail tip showing that I didn't even feel like I could take a picture to show you guys. Sinful Colors fail. I have to go to work soon, so I decided I needed something shiny on my nails to look at. I removed Twinkle Midnight Star while doing a bit of a happy dance and chose something else.

Does anyone remember when Bath and Body Works sold nail polish in the late 90s? Yeah, I'm going back that far. Their brand was called Color Drops and I still have a few of them. When I was younger my favorite nail polish was Color Drops Trick or Treat. I just recently found it and thinned it out, and I have to tell you that it's completely awesome. I used one coat of my favorite black, Rimmel Black Satin, first. I didn't really need to. You can hardly see the black through Trick or Treat, which is copper, gold and black glitter suspended in clear polish. It screams Halloween. I know it's still a little far from the 31st, but I decided a Halloween polish is just what I need.

How incredible is this glitter? Loves it. What a blast from the past. I'm going to have to sandblast this stuff off my nails, but that's okay. Hopefully I'll be able to wear it for a few days.

I wonder if anyone else has blogged about Color Drops. Does anyone have any of these? I'll be showing you guys another one around Christmas.


  1. Ooh pretty! It too bad they don't sell polish anymore! I would so get this!

  2. Love this! Could be used instead of Fortune Teller. I have a little polish from Bath & Body but it wasn't this brand. I was a mini called Hard Knock Life. It's a navy blue and I love it. I wish I could find the exact same shade.

  3. I just came upon this post because I did a search for this specific nail polish. I got my little bottle out the other day and found that it was all dried up! So sad! I miss this polish so much, I think I'll try to thin it out and use it again. Anyway, just wanted to say Hello! and yes! I totally remember Color Drops, and I miss them! (Did you collect the little charms that came with them? Some of my bottles still have them attached!)

  4. leofeline, if your bottle is dried up you just need to add some Seche Restore to it. You can get it for about $9 at Sally Beauty Supply or Ulta. Don't throw away that bottle! It's salvageable! I remember the charms, too. I don't think I have any of them, though :(


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