Sunday, October 11, 2009

Huey was right. It is Seriously Hip to be square.

What a good weekend. I did my nails while watching Dollhouse and eating greasy Chinese from my favorite take-out place. Basically, a perfect Friday night for me. I may be a homebody, but I freaking love it.

So Steff already showed you China Glaze's Wagon Trail, and now I'll be swatching MAC Seriously Hip. From everything I've read, they're rather similar except for perhaps a slight difference in size of glitter. I don't have Wagon Trail -- I can't seem to find ANY of the recent China Glaze's. I am tres sad. -- but if they are really similar as people seem to indicate, let me just up front say that MAC is $12, and for less polish. China Glaze is about half that. Just saying...

This is probably the most expensive polish I've bought to date -- RBLs and the like are way too rich for my blood. In fact, I wouldn't even normally have bought this, but the polish just called out to me as I walked through Dillards, just trying to get to my car. And it said:
"Betsy, don't you just love me?"
"Buuuuuuuuy me."
"Err...aren't you kinda pricey?"
"Noooo. Buuuuuuuuuy me."
"Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy me."
"...Yeah, all right."
Creepy glimpse into my mind and the conversations I have with inanimate objects aside, the polish won me over, so here we are.

The first coat felt kind of grainy, which was weird, and it went on REALLY streaky, like the worst types of foils. Eww. But the second coat smoothed all that weirdness out, and a good heavy coat of Seche Vite got rid of the strange grainy feeling. Seriously Hip is a black polish with gold and red shimmer and gold flakes that make it look olive green. I don't know how that works. It's like magic. Beautiful, beautiful magic. The flakes aren't thick; it's more like little flakes of gold foil. Those are more sparsely scattered throughout the polish.

Blurry, but decent color representation through all the haze.

Bottle shot.

As Steff already expressed re: Wagon Trail, this color is PHENOMENAL. But like I said earlier, the price difference is pretty large, and while I think MAC is probably slightly different, I'm also a bit of a cheap ass, so if I could find any of the China Glazes, I'd probably buy that instead. But I am glad I bought this one. I think I might wear it always.

This seems to be a trend with my posts of late, but once again, I think this is a great alternative to basic black. It's chic and super sexy. Plus, I think it's a great way to get into a "weirder" green for those who might be a bit shy of slapping on some OCC Swamp Thing. So, A+. And drool.

EDIT: This looks obscenely good as a matte. I won't show you pictures, because my nails have been hit hard by the digging, and are gross, and I love you all too much to do that to you. But just trust me. It's awesome.


  1. This is a pretty polish! I am really cheap with polish too, nothing over the cost of OPI for me!

  2. I already have Wagon Trail so I'm glad I didn't buy the MAC polish. The only MAC I regret not buying was Peppermint Patti. I was on a no-buy for Lent. Looks lovely on you. I love the olive green shades. Especially used as eye shadow. I also love to wear this shade.

  3. Um, love. As for not being able to find Wagon Trail, I ordered mine from the 'net. Thanks Al Gore. Seriously, that's how badly I wanted it. Like I said in that post, though, I found a salon that's selling Rodeo Diva in its entirety. If I buy that I'll send you my extra Wagon Trail.

    Now I will awkwardly begin to tell you things I could (and should) tell you on the phone. First, are we doing birthday gifts? I found something (not polish!) that screams you. Second, I got my Ulta rewards thing I was at level 6 so I got a free fragrance. I had trouble picking one so I got Marc Jacobs Daisy. You know how I love my basic florals. This has once again renewed my love of perfume and my quest for Flowerbomb.

  4. Lovely! But I am also a cheap-ass, so I'll stick with Wagon Trail. Actually, I think I prefer Color Club's With Abandon from their Fall/Winter 09 collection. More gold and a little less green than Wagon Trail, but basically the same. Plus it looks like it'll last longer than 24 hours on me, which is always nice. Lovin' these dirty olive colours though!


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