Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Really Want To Do a Pun Involving Suede From Project Runway, But I Can't Think of One

It's 65 degrees and sunny! The perfect fall day! I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine so I chose a polish that I felt really needed to be seen in natural light. I know Betsy said she bought the entire OPI Suede collection, but I wanted to show you guys the one I got, You Don't Know Jacques Suede. The original You Don't Know Jacques is kind of a weird, taupey, mousey, grayish, brownish shade. Good description, right? It's one of my favorite colors. I was disappointed in You Don't Know Jacques Matte...it kind of looked like dried mud. When I found out there was a "suede" version I was all over it. Enough talk. More pictures. I put Seche Vite on my left hand but not on my right. Lookit.

Then, because I couldn't really tell the difference between these (with topcoat in the first picture, without in the second) I took a picture of the suede effect in the shade.

And then I put Seche Vite on half the fingers on my right hand. This one was taken indoors.

This polish is ridiculously awesome with and without topcoat. I don't want to wear it without just because I think it'll chip easier and wear off way sooner. Now I'm tempted to go buy more of these. The application was incredibly easy; two thin coats. The dry time was a little slower than a regular matte, but way faster than most OPIs. I'm a little in love with the color. It's a pleasantly and seriously sparkly golden brown.

Go out and get some of these suedes. They are fab.


  1. yay! i love that color. Must try some suede!

  2. Aren't the suedes great? I love them with topcoat!


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