Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh...Sort of Glam!

I'm posting way more often than I have been. Aren't you glad? I am. Okay, It's sunny again and almost 70 degrees. It's absolutely beautiful outside. That means good mood.

A while ago I wanted to paint my nails white, but it was Fail Sauce because of my ancient Alpine Snow. I was too lazy to thin it so it just never happened. At least not attractively. Today I wanted to give it another go, but with a slightly off-white color, OPI Oh So Glam! It's sheer white with some gold thrown in. Unfortunately it kind of turned out more gold than white, but I guess that's alright. It's still kind of a nice color. Understated. I feel like it's kind of elegant. Sorry my hands are so dry. I just used a ton of acetone.



There's still some visible nail line, even with four thin coats, but what can you expect from a sheer? The sunlight picture looks pretty.

Alright, that's all for now. Happy Wednesday!

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