Monday, October 05, 2009

Snap out of it!

Today I bring you yet another Barielle. First, another update on Falling Star 2.0. Like I said in my little update post, I redid the whole manicure, this time using 2 coats of Seche Vite. With that, the wear time seemed to be the same as other polishes. I think the problem might have been that the glitter is still really rough in finish with only one coat, so the particles were snagging on things -- like those accursed towels -- so the polish chipped. With two coats, everything was nice and smooth, so no problems. YAY!

So, I went apple picking this weekend, and I wanted something fall-y. I know Steff has already apologized for those readers who don't get all four seasons, but we are truly Midwestern girls, and we freaking love fall. And winter. So get ready for a bunch of themed entries.

This week I used Barielle's Make it a Latte. In the bottle it looks kind of medium brown with a dark copper shimmer -- very cinnamon. But on the nail, it looks much darker. The shimmer's also a lot less noticeable, but looks much more red. It's definitely a warm based brown, which looks like delicious melted chocolate. This reminds me of those luscious Mexican hot chocolates Moonstruck made (hence the title). Oh Moonstruck....mmmmmmm....I just drooled on the computer.

Sans flash.

With flash.

With apple!

The shimmer is a lot less noticeable on the nail, but it's still really lovely. Like the grey I showed earlier, I think this is a great alternative to black polish. It's still dark, vampy, and chic, but maybe a little more unusual. Plus, who doesn't want to think of warm delicious chocolate every time they look down at their nails?


  1. That is a really nice color on you! Personally I am not a fan of browns on myself though.

  2. The perfect Fall color. Love this one on you. I have this and can't wait to wear it.

  3. First of all, totes jealous re: apple picking. That just reminds me of our mosquito-laden yet awesome excursion last year. Second, I've never seen you wear brown. Nice.

  4. This is actually my first ever brown, so I'm also really excited that I liked it so much. Also, Steff, I ALWAYS think of you re: apple picking. It wasn't near as fun without you and the day long trek to Indiana, but I didn't miss the mosquitos, that's for sure.


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