Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today I'm A Goth Chick

Hey guys. Today I have one of my new polishes which I mentioned getting last week, Orly Goth. I've been wanting Goth for a long time. I kept buying black polishes with silver glitter to try and fill that hole, but none of them could quite measure up. I ended up getting Goth at Sally's along with some other Halloween-themed stuff.

I finally took off my Wagon Trail manicure this morning, which lasted for about four days. Since it lasted so long I decided to use the same topcoat that the manicurist used on me, OPI Top Coat. Um...not a win. I'm used to Seche Vite, of course, and I knew OPI would be slower. NO KIDDING. It took thirty minutes for my nails to sort of dry. It also feels really rubbery even when dry. I of course messed up my nails while eating lunch (after letting my manicure dry for AN HOUR). Further, I have a chip already after a day at work. Ugh.

Okay, onto the color. Loves it. I love black nail polish. I know Betsy's posts lately have had the theme of chic alternatives to black. She also had a small rant about how black has weird connotations because of the stupid young starlets who insist on sporting the color constantly (LiLo). I don't have this problem with black. I love how black looks against my skin, since I am basically an albino. I like Goth because it has different sizes and shapes of silver glitter, which makes it kind of look like a moonless night sky.

This first picture is kind of dark, but it shows the glitter fairly well.

Ugh, my nails look terrible already. Sorry.

Here's the bottle. You can kind of see the glitter. If I would have taken this near a window all you would have seen is glare.

Also, how awesome is this ring? I got it at Icing. Big sale, five things for $10. I always like to wear a huge ridiculous accessory to work because I'm obliged to wear all black, every day.

K, that's all. I'm going back to my Seche Vite tomorrow.


  1. I might have to get this, I am lacking a black in my collection!! OMG I remember the 5 things for $10 sales, I used to buy so much from Claires and the Icing. Miss you boo.

  2. That is a gorgeous color! I agree that OPI top coat really sucks!

  3. I have many black polishes. I don't know if I have any with silver in them. I might have to get this one.


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