Thursday, October 08, 2009

Waggin' Tail: Wagon Trail

Happy Thursday! Today I have a day off and I finally decided to go and do something for me. I had a really crappy day last Sunday and it has really been affecting my mood. That day I decided that today I would go get my nails taken care of. I'm so bad at filing them straight and I wanted my cuticles gone. Yesterday I finally got a little package in the mail: China Glaze Wagon Trail. I have been wanting this polish forever. I finally broke down and ordered it from the internet. It came to about $7.50 with shipping, which is $1 more than China Glaze would usually cost me. I'm okay with that. I was so glad that it came yesterday because that meant I could take it to the nail place avec moi.

When I got there I told the chick doing my nails to file them as short as possible without hurting me. Holy poo, she did just that. They're so short. My cuticles are gone. It was supremely relaxing. I'm so glad I went. Of course there is an H&M next to the nail place so I kind of messed up a couple nails while I was trying on dresses. That's okay, though. I don't think anyone will notice. I got one dress and a long vest thing. Happy day!

So it's a really gray day here today. These pictures are blurry because I used weird camera settings in order to make the polish look color accurate. As you all probably know, Wagon Trail is a black polish with tons of gold shimmer which kind of makes it look olive green, somehow. It's divine. I think it has taken the place in my life as My Favey-Fave Polish. Big deal, I know. Here it is.

This is how it would look in the sun. This was taken indoors with a flash.

And this is how it looks most of the time indoors. I was next to a natural light source when I took this one.

And bottle.

Honestly, I can't even describe to you how much I heart this. The funny thing is that I looked all over for it, broke down and bought it, and then when I went to the nail place today they had the entire Rodeo Diva collection for sale. Not individually, though. You had to buy them in two sets of six. I may break down and do that sometime. I love all the colors and Wagon Trail is the only one I have. I wouldn't hate having a back up bottle.

Betsy recently told me that she got MAC Seriously Hip. I think it's pretty close to Wagon Trail, so maybe she'll post some [better] pictures of that polish soon. Alright, that's all. I'm finally in a good mood! Thanks Wagon Trail!


  1. I really need to get this polish, great swatch!

  2. Yeah, this is one of my recent faves too! It looks cute on your short nails :) I think this is one of those polishes everyone would love! I keep buying this collection piece by piece, and haven't been disappointed yet.

  3. I just adore this polish! I love olive green so I was thrilled when I got it. Looks gorgeous on you. Doesn't the manicurist have a fast dry topcoat? Glad your mood has improved. I also bought the collection bit by bit. I should've just bought the whole thing at once. I believe I just bought the last bottle last week.

  4. Lucy, the manicurist did have a quick dry topcoat, but she told me the OPI topcoat she has works much better. And she used two coats. So far I think she might be right. I don't have any chips or tipwear. I think I might end up buying this whole collection. It's so great!


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