Saturday, October 10, 2009

What's Better Than Your Very Own Jet?

Hello fellow nail junkies. I usually don't post on weekends and I haven't changed my nails since my divine manicure on Thursday. I thought I would post a polish that I used a while ago, took pictures of, but then never blogged about. It's definitely blog-worthy and many of you probably know it well (and love it too). I'm talking about OPI My Private Jet from the 2007 Night Brights collection. This is a charcoal gray holographic polish, my first holo, actually, and it's amazing. As many OPI fans undoubtedly already know there are two versions of My Private Jet floating around out there; one is super holographic and super amazing, and the other is much less holographic and therefore, in my opinion, much less amazing. The former version is the older one. When I went to Ulta I picked up two bottles to compare them, and sure enough one was the old version and one was the new. I chose the old, of course, for it is epic.

These pictures were taken back when there was sun in northeast Ohio. This is two coats and not great application. Also, I'm not sure where the bottle was when I was taking these. Sorry about that.

I can't believe how awesome this stuff is. I don't have any other holo polishes (though I do own several with holo glitter), so I think I might have to invest in some China Glaze ones because I've heard they're awesome. It's a shame I found My Private Jet at the end of summer, because this is one of those polishes that just really needs to be seen in the sun.

On another note, yesterday one of my best friends from high school gave birth to a really cute little girl. Seriously, usually I think infants look like gross aliens, but this baby is adorable. I was at the hospital for a few hours waiting, but it was worth it to be able to meet little Brooke. It's so weird to be growing older and witnessing these milestones. Last year I was the maid of honor in her wedding and this year her newborn is holding my finger. Congratulations to my favorite old married couple and happy birthday baby Brooke. I can't wait to paint her little nails ;)

Until next week!


  1. yay cute baby girl! haha, future nail polish addict?

  2. Isn't MPJ at gorgeous color? I love it!

  3. That is really gorgeous. I don't have either version. I have the cheaper version Asphalt by NYX. At least I hope it looks like it. I haven't worn it yet. It is weird how fast things change. There will be bright sun in the winter. Just think of the sun bouncing off the snow. It will be blinding then.

  4. Aww Steff...I just found your blog today, and I had no clue Brooke had a mention! When you come back home she would LOVE it if you painted her nails :)


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