Monday, November 30, 2009

Old Navy Polish

Awesome polish find this weekend. Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some Old Navy. My boyfriend accompanied me this weekend and I got a pair of fleece gloves (yay!) some flannel pajama pants with reindeer on them (yay!) and an awesome polish (YAY!). I think their polishes are normally $3.50, but with all the sales going on mine was something like $2.45. Their polish brand is called Tip Toe, which is absolutely adorable. I guess they're a little bigger than minis, at .45 fl oz. The cap itself is really small, which could get annoying, and the brush on mine was really mop-like. I only chose one polish, an olive-ish, brass-ish, shimmer called Gold Rush. When I actually looked at the bottle in the sunlight I realized that it's a duochrome. It looks purple at some angles. Let's look at some pictures, shall we?

Bottle. I think I used flash. It was the easiest way to display the duochrome.

After one coat of polish. Lookin' good...

Another bottle shot. The neck looks really purple.

By a natural light source after three coats of polish, one coat Seche Vite.

And sun.

Pretty good for like $2.50, right? The application wasn't a problem even though the brush was moppy. I think this is pretty unique, overall. Even when you can't see the duochrome it's still beautiful. I think it would look impossibly cool matte, but I want to wear it sparkly for a day or two. What do you guys think? I have such a thing for olive-colored polishes, which is funny because I'm not crazy about green like most polish fanatics seem to be. Wagon Trail, L'Oreal Dry Martini and OPI At Your Quebec and Call are among my favorite polishes, and I think Gold Rush might be joining that group.

Also, a note on OPI Dazzled By Gold, the polish I raved about in my previous post: awesome. It wore like iron. No tip wear, no chips, nothing. I took it off this morning only because I was so anxious to put on Gold Rush. I think I'll be wearing it often. Even my mom said she likes it!

Okay, I couldn't help myself. I put a coat of Matte About You over Gold Rush.

Reminds me of antique brass. Gorgeous.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ulta Exclusive Amazingness

Sorry for the sparse posts this week. I've had family in for Thanksgiving and then I had to work on scary Black Friday (when we had no customers). I have what is technically another Christmas polish for you today. It's one of the three OPI Ulta exclusives from this year. I saw it a few weeks ago when I was there for something else and was intrigued by it. Then I saw Scrangie swatch it, and I knew it had to be mine. Dazzled By Gold seems to be a mixture of different gold-colored glitter particles. Maybe there's some silver thrown in too. I almost can't handle how awesome this is.

CRAZY AMAZING, right? I can't believe how much I love this. If you do not have it, get it before it's gone. Actually, when I went to Ulta to get it the entire exclusive display was completely picked over. All that was left was this color. I was surprised, because the red is boring and there are like six reds in the regular Holiday Wishes collection. The purple was okay-looking, but it didn't wow me. I'm glad I snatched this one up. This was three coats, but I didn't have any problems with application. I think this could make a nice glittery topcoat, with just one thin coat (I can has over China Glaze Emerald Sparkle?). At three coats this kind of looks like a foil. I love it. I almost want a back-up bottle...

It also reminds me of those Minx thingies:

I've wanted to give these a go. Are they expensive, I wonder? I've been really, really into gold and silver in my wardrobe lately, but not so much on my nails. Dazzled By Gold totally changed my mind. Right now I'm actually wearing a gold and bronze sparkly H&M cardi, and my mom got me a really amazing suede purse with gold studs for my birthday. Now I have fabulous nails to match. It was about a year ago that Betsy and I were attending her friend's wedding in St. Louis and Betsy was looking all over for a gold cardigan to match her dress. Both of us were baffled as to why there weren't many gold things in the stores, since it was the holiday season. It's back in now, apparently, because I'm seeing gold clothes all over the place. Heart.

Anyway, run, do not walk to your nearest Ulta and pick up this bad boy. You won't be sorry.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My house in Pleasantville is all abuzz with activity this morning. My mom and dad got up early to start on the turkey and stuffing and I got up early to go get my grandma so she could watch the parade at our house. While I was driving over to her house I took pictures of my manicure at red lights. Safely...of course. BY THE BY: Ulta was having a huge sale yesterday. China Glaze, Essie and OPI were buy two, get one free, and Orly was buy one get one 50% off. I ended up getting three OPI polishes: Dazzled By Gold, an Ulta holiday exclusive (yes Betsy, I got it!), Sapphire in the Snow, and Smitten With Mittens (cutest name ever?). I'm usually not much for red polish, but Smitten With Mittens was just so nice and sparkly that it just called out to me. It's a little similar to Ruby Pumps, but I think the base color is much darker. OPI describes it as a burgundy, but I disagree with that. It's just a blood red with gold and red glitter; the gold glitter shows up much better in the bottle than on the nail, but it's still absolutely beautiful.

Pretty and very festive for the holidays, I think. I never want to wear red polish, but when I finally have it on I always love it.

So, my grandma is 86 years old and I see her probably twice a week. My grandfather died pretty recently so she's alone; I try to be with her as much as I can. Anyway, she always notices my nail polish and she brought me a birthday present this morning. Check it out.

Ohmigod. I squealed with glee. A treasure trove of drug store polish. Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen, and Revlon. She said she had to go to Walgreens four times to collect these for me. HOW CUTE. And the contents therein:

My boyfriend being odd in the background. He hadn't had his coffee yet; it happens.

Isn't she the cutest? SHOCKINGLY, she only gave me one color I already have, that pink glittery one...can't remember the name. She gave me Sinful Colors San Francisco which I hadn't bought yet, and a great Sinful retro-looking red. Hee. Loves it.

And here are two pictures from Fallingwater: one of me in front of the house (yes, only I would wear tights, a dress and pearls to the Pennsylvania wilderness...) and the iconic view.

Alright, that's enough picture spam. I hope all of you guys have a great Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get In the Boat, Julie

Hi guys. Short post today. Not much to say. Today is my birthday, and it was the best one in recent memory. My boyfriend came to visit me from Chicago and we all went out to dinner at the Melting Pot. My mom got me some great stuff, including a really nice purse, and Betsy, bestest friend in the whole world, got me my favorite candies and three of our favey-fave movies, I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Selena. My dad took me to Fallingwater in PA yesterday and I got some great pictures. My boyfriend got me Flowerbomb, something I've been lusting after for like a year, as my two best friends know. Basically everyone is spoiling me and it's awesome.

I took these pictures yesterday in the car on the way to Pennsylvania so they're not great; early morning light, but we were bouncing around and stuff. I'm late to the party on this one: Orly Pixie Dust. A lot of people I've read have called it a gray tinged with blue, but I really can't decide myself whether it's blue or gray, and it has beautiful glitter. Different sized pieces, which I always love. The sparkle is insane and it's a beautiful polish. Not great coverage, though. This was three coats and I really think it could have used a fourth.

Again, sorry for the bad pictures. I wish I could have had sun.

Over 'n out. I'm totally old now.

Don't Just Stand There, Bust a Move

Today is a good day. It's almost Thanksgiving, which means some much needed time off work. We have 20 followers (yay!). And it's Steff's birthday! What a glorious, glorious day. Well, unless you were caught in a gross, cold deluge of rain today. But other than that, glorious!

For today, I have what is probably a fairly standard color, but it hit all the right buttons for me, I guess, and I LOVE it. China Glaze's Let's Groove, from the Retro Diva collection, is vampy purple with about half red shimmer and half blue, although the allover base is a more red-tinged purple. Which is my favorite kind of purple. Like I said, it probably has some dupes, or dupe-esque colors out there, but I don't care. Maybe this is how others felt about last post's CG Fifth Avenue, which I so abused. But I just couldn't stop staring at this color. It's really really rich looking. I think it actually looked best wet, if that makes sense. I wish I could, unmessily of course, just wear it like that all day. Luscious. Like one of those Harper's or Vogue editorials where they drench a model's fingers in nail polish, so it's all wet and dripping and shine-tastic. Oh who am I kidding, that's much more Miss Tyra than Ms Wintour.

Some bloggers complained that it didn't photograph well which, it didn't. I noticed a lot of complaints that it photo'd blue, which is pretty common. But while the base color may be pretty red-tinged, there is definitely blue shimmer mixed in with the red. I'm not crazy. I swear, it's there. So the blue in photos isn't entirely off base. Sadly, on top of it being a kind of difficult shade to capture, the photos were taken during YET ANOTHER bout of sunless-ness. Like seriously, I love fall and winter, and normally couldn't care less if I don't see the sun again until April. But this is insane, and it's messing with the blog. This, I cannot stand for.

Anyway, "pictures."

Ugh, they're so gross. Whatever. You can definitely see the blue shine through in the blurred pictures.

Application was great. Not too thick, and yet it covered completely in one coat. Love love love. Plus, I got it on sale at Sally's Beauty for $3, so that's always wonderful.

Happy early Thanksgiving all!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pretty -- But Boring -- In Pink

Not much to say on this one, so it'll be brief.

My polish this time is nice, if fairly boring. As Steff just posted, she LURVS the nudes, but I must commend her. She has very good choices, and they always look polished (pardon the pun), but still young and kind of edgy. I sometimes feel boring if I start wondering over into the Mom polish territory, which is where I strayed today. Which is not to say that Steff's beloved Let Them Eat Rice Cakes is a mom color; I just mean, there's probably someone out there who thinks the polish I am about to present is great, and maybe it would work on them.

So, after all those confusing, but hopefully not insulting, caveats, the polish. This is China Glaze's Fifth Avenue. It's a dusty rose/mauve cream. And...that's all I got. I kept staring at it, trying to find more subtle hints of color, or something more interesting to say about it, but I can't. It's pretty, and I certainly don't own any colors like it's pink. But when my mom -- who has worn probably 2 shades of nail polish, like ever -- stopped me to tell me she really likes it and would like to borrow it, I died a bit inside.


All with flash, except the last one. Color's pretty accurate. Also, sorry that these had to be taken in our dark little computer room, but the sun starts setting at like noon. And that on top of all the grey days we've been having made this the best I could do.

The polish itself is a little thick, but it was almost a full cover in one coat, so I guess that's nice. Beware of some bald patches that appear because of the thickness, though. Other than that, it's okay. Probably not something I'll be revisiting anytime soon, but lovely enough.

Sorry for the boring post. But some fun stuff is coming up, like Thanksgiving and BOTH of the lovely writers of this site's birthdays. That's right, Steff and I are so in sync, are birthdays are mere days apart. I bet that translates in to some awesome polish!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Make It Work!

Morning, guys! Today kicks off the celebration of my birthday (which is not yet for four whole days, but today is the day my dad could take off of work to hang out with me). We're going to the Cleveland Museum of Art to see the Gauguin exhibition! Angela, I wish you were here! Monday will be even better--my dad is taking me to Fallingwater. FALLINGWATER GUYS. I'm super excited. Birthdays are fun.

Today I decided to go the complete opposite of what I wore yesterday. I wanted a classy-looking nude. I was torn between a couple shades in my stash (because, as Betsy will tell you, I have many of these types of colors), but I finally decided on Let Them Eat Rice Cake, a discontinued OPI shade from the 2005 Japanese collection. It's an opaque nude, but I think there's something special about it. It has hints of blue, making it quite cool-toned. I dunno guys, I just love it. I searched for it for a long time because I hate ordering stuff from the intarwebz, and I finally came across it one day at Drug Mart. Squee!

I always think this makes my hands look clean and classy. It's a pretty old polish, so it's old formula OPI, which many will tell you constitutes a woohoo. This polish, though, has some application issues because it's such a light color. This was four coats. I know, I know. Four. I think it would have been okay at three, but I wasn't being very careful because I was watching Project Runway and I just can't keep my eyes off of Tim Gunn. So I made it work. Also, since this polish is from 2005, it doesn't have the Pro-Wide brush that I've come to know and love. I don't have wide nail beds or anything (at least I don't think so), but I can cover my whole nail in just one stroke with the glorious Pro-Wide. These silly black label OPIs just don't satisfy me like the newer ones do. It's a trade-off: better formula, skinny brush or B3F formula, wide brush.

Anyway, loving this, SO glad I have it. I keep a Lemming List on my phone, and currently the only OPI polish on it is Tempura Tantrum. I keep hoping I'll run into it somewhere. Oh, and another thing--this is one of the best polish names ever, hands-down. Let Them Eat Rice Cake. Adorable. Alright, happy friday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blingtacular, Blingtacular, the Word's in the Vernacular

Hey guys. Anyone watch America's Next Top Model last night? Pretty epic, right? I don't know what came over me, but I decided that I wanted to paint my nails HOT PINK, which is quite unusual for me. Not only are they hot pink, I also added a coat of crazy gold holo glitter. Yikes.

Lust is part of the Wet n Wild Craze collection, another polish I received from Niki at MagicMaid in a giveaway. It's a deep, hot pink with either a purple or blue flash; I can't tell which. It seems like a really good pedicure color for the summer, but for some reason I decided I needed it to be on my hands. Over it I used one coat of Gilded, a gold glitter with large round holo glitter, from the Wet n Wild Festive Flirt collection. I just went Wet n Wild crazy today. These pictures are pretty bad because it's really, really gray here today and I also couldn't seem to hold my hands still. Sorry :(

Whew, that's loud. Watcha think?

Thank goodness I don't have to fly anywhere for the holidays this year. I'm seeing on the news that the airlines are adding "holiday" surcharges that will last from November through April. That's insane. Plus the fees for checking bags, and now you have to pay for food and other stuff? Ridic. Thankfully the flight from Chicago to Cleveland was only like 25 minutes anyway...

Alright, have a great Thursday, gals.

I added some black french tips. Merp? I'm just going crazy today.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eww, your nails look like pee

I'm sorry for the really unfortunate title, dear readers. And I want to immediately preface the rest of my post with this: the title is from something someone at work said. I, and everyone else at the work table, completely disagreed. This polish does not look like urine -- which, EWW, why on earth did she say that?? -- and it's fabulous. But I guess it's fair warning. Some crazy fools might think this is an ugly or weird color.

After that weird opening, you must be looking forward to something wacky, maybe something only fellow addicts seem to love, like SH's Forsythia? But alas, it's just some early holiday cheer.

This Is It is from Sinful Colors' holiday line. They have the usual, assorted reds, greens, golds and silvers, but this one gold really caught my eye. Plus, $1.99. Sometimes, I really freaking love Sinful Colors.

First off, I need to address the name. Seriously, what? A. That's a terrible polish name at any time of the year. What does it even mean? B. Now I can only think of that phrase in conjunction with the Michael Jackson movie, which is fine I guess and is obviously not Sinful Colors' fault nor intention. But again, merp? C. WHAT IN THE CRAP DOES THAT NAME HAVE TO DO WITH THE FREAKING HOLIDAYS?! Please, alert me if I'm missing something. Also, I didn't check the other names, so maybe they're all dumb. Hell, maybe they're not even new, and Walgreens just grabbed some random holiday-ish looking colors and put them in front of an ornament back drop, and me being the theme dork I am, I dove on it. It's possible. But unlikely. Which leads me back to, seriously, you couldn't think of something better than This Is It? REALLY?

Ugh. Whatever. I'll pretend it's called...Merry Christmas Betsy. OMG, a polish named just for me? Sinful Colors, you shouldn't have.

On to the polish itself. As with most Sinful Colors, it's pretty watery. I used three coats and still had VNL. It's not terrible, but it's there. I tested a fourth coat on one nail, but since I saw no real difference, I just stopped at three. That's really all I have the patience for anyway. But even with all those coats, I still really like this polish.

Again, I apologize for awful pictures. It's basically always night outside at this point. I haven't seen actual sunlight in days.

First three flash, the last no flash, and a little more accurate on the color. The flash makes it look a bit too orange/red.

The color is a nice medium warm gold -- I thought maybe I could use the aforementioned SH Forsythia as a base coat, but it's way too green. Most of the shimmer is the same warm gold, but there's also this great spattering of holo shimmer. It's like tiny pieces of individual glitter, but it's really too small to see the shape of the glitter. All you see is the effect, which is pretty cool. Not an overall holo, but just an extra element of pizazz.

Basically, this polish makes me really happy. And it may be kind of annoying to apply, although the dry time wasn't bad for all those layers, and it's so HAPPY that I couldn't stay mad at it. Also, my coworker, brilliant though she may be in other ways, is crazy, no? This looks nothing like what she implied, and is probably going to be decked out on my fingers a few more times by the end of this holiday season. Since it's only 2 bucks, I might go buy another!

What do you think, guys? Should I alert the men with the big butterfly nets that my friend might need some help, or are you all pitching in to buy me the fancy new jacket with arms that tie in the back?

EDIT: I checked the display at Walgreens today, and as Steff mentioned in the comments, Sinful Colors just repurposed some colors for the holidays. Which explains the non-holiday name (although it still doesn't account for how bad the name is in the first place). Also, if it wasn't clear in the post itself, the name of the polish is "This Is It." Just to clarify.


Is it Friday yet?

Last night I decided that I needed a nice, bright color for today. I looked through my stash for a while and chose a polish I bought a while ago (a long while), China Glaze Blue Sparrow. Blue Sparrow was part of the 2008 summer INK collection, which was tattoo-themed. I'm not a fan of the collection as a whole, but I do have and like Flying Dragon. Both Blue Sparrow and Flying Dragon are neon glitters. As we know, neons dry matte. This combined with the glitter gives these polishes a seriously weird gritty feeling. It's nothing a nice coat of Seche Vite can't fix. I'm not sure why China Glaze felt like these had to dry matte, but whatever. Who doesn't wear topcoat, anyway?

Sun, sun, shade, respectively. I love this polish. I'm not usually much for blue, but wow. I love how, with topcoat, it looks like a jelly finish. The blue glitter is beautiful; it looks like it's frozen inside the polish, somehow. Seriously, in love. It's just too beautiful. I'm sure it'll be a serious pain in the ass to remove, though. I'm anticipating smurf fingers.

Some cute examples of the polish's namesake.

Kitschy and cliche, but I'm a sucker for basically all bird images, so I love them. Alright, until next time!

[tattoo images from and]

Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Flakies With One Stone

Ugh, another Monday. At least it's almost Thanksgiving-time...that's something to look forward to. I have two polishes to show you today. I didn't wear the first one for too long because I think my Seche Vite has gone a little retarded. After like two hours I bumped my thumb into something and all the polish wrinkled and was pushed back. Ew, no thank you. That polish was OPI Merry Midnight, a shade that has garnered a lot of buzz recently. After I removed Merry Midnight I put All A-Bordeaux the Sled back on with the intention of wearing it for a couple days. Alas, foiled. I ended up cleaning my grandmother's refrigerator last night, which completely ruined my vamptastic manicure, so I decided to use the other flakie polish from the Holiday Wishes collection, Shim-Merry Chic. I have those two little merries to show you today.

As everybody probably knows, Merry Midnight is a red-based purple with blue glitter and either red or orange flakies that flash green. It's a really cool color, and it doesn't seem OPI-ish at all. I wore this one on Saturday because it was sunny out and I thought I'd be able to get a good picture.

Most people seem to love this one. I like it, especially because it's not necessarily a "holiday" type color, so it won't be weird to wear it at other times during the year. Unfortunately I didn't have great light today for Shim-Merry Chic, but I'll show you anyway. It's a caramel-colored polish with green (I think) glitter and red flakies.

For me, the jury is still out on this one. I'm not sure if I'm loving the color with my skin tone. Props to OPI, though, for releasing some unexpected colors. I now have four colors from the Holiday Wishes collection, and I'm kind of eyeing Sapphire in the Snow. I also saw three Ulta exclusive colors--a red glitter (seriously, another red glitter?), a purple glitter, and a gold glitter. I don't remember the names of any of them, but I'm interested in the gold. Ack, my wallet is not happy.

Alright, so what do you guys think about these?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Subtlety is Overrated

I considered not even posting this manicure, but then I decided that I should show you guys my mistake. I tried another gradation type thing, and I'm not sure if anyone remembers my first one, which I quite liked, but I said that with my second one I would like the color changes to be less subtle. Here are the supplies I used, since a few people asked me last time.

Sorry that everything is backlit. Anyway, I used two different colors of nail polish, one light, one dark, both in the same color family. For the lighter color I used China Glaze Entourage from the 2009 Kicks collection and for the darker one, Morbid from the Wet n Wild Craze collection. You'll need several cotton balls, or even a paper towel, remover or acetone, and base and top coats. For my mixing bowl I used the cap for a bottle of water, as you can see in front of the remover. You'll also need a toothpick for the mixin'.

Here's what I did. First I poured a good amount of Morbid into my mixing area.

Whereas last time I painted my thumb the darker color and my pinky the lighter color and then mixed three individual shades, this time I just kept adding drops of the lighter color to the above puddle of Morbid.

Then I mix, mix, mixed and painted, painted, painted. You only have to wipe your brush off twice, right when you start and right when you finish. I did paint my thumbs with just Morbid, but all the other nails were a mixture of Morbid and Entourage. I guess I kind of underestimated how strong a color the Wet n Wild is, because even though I added like four drops of Entourage for each successive nail, the gradations were still really subtle. More subtle than last time. I mean, I can tell that the colors change from nail to nail, but I don't know that other people would notice. First, here are bottle shots of the colors I used.

Morbid is a shimmery blackened teal. I got this one from Niki at MagicMaid.

Entourage is a shimmery light green. Very springy. I don't think I've ever worn this one by itself. I brought it to my family reunion this summer, and my little cousins liked it quite a bit. Somehow the label started wearing off. I guess they loved it that hard?

Sorry I have weird claw hand, but this is the best way to showcase this type of thing. Like I said, SUBTLE. I like the color on my ring finger a lot. As you can see, my application was really bad. I was getting frustrated. Next time, I swear, I will make this way less subtle. Here, look again.

Pretty enough, but I'm still labeling this one a fail. I think next time I'll do purple.

Have a great weekend, guys!