Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eww, your nails look like pee

I'm sorry for the really unfortunate title, dear readers. And I want to immediately preface the rest of my post with this: the title is from something someone at work said. I, and everyone else at the work table, completely disagreed. This polish does not look like urine -- which, EWW, why on earth did she say that?? -- and it's fabulous. But I guess it's fair warning. Some crazy fools might think this is an ugly or weird color. Which...no.

After that weird opening, you must be looking forward to something wacky, maybe something only fellow addicts seem to love, like SH's Forsythia? But alas, it's just some early holiday cheer.

This Is It is from Sinful Colors' holiday line. They have the usual, assorted reds, greens, golds and silvers, but this one gold really caught my eye. Plus, $1.99. Sometimes, I really freaking love Sinful Colors.

First off, I need to address the name. Seriously, what? A. That's a terrible polish name at any time of the year. What does it even mean? B. Now I can only think of that phrase in conjunction with the Michael Jackson movie, which is fine I guess and is obviously not Sinful Colors' fault nor intention. But again, merp? C. WHAT IN THE CRAP DOES THAT NAME HAVE TO DO WITH THE FREAKING HOLIDAYS?! Please, alert me if I'm missing something. Also, I didn't check the other names, so maybe they're all dumb. Hell, maybe they're not even new, and Walgreens just grabbed some random holiday-ish looking colors and put them in front of an ornament back drop, and me being the theme dork I am, I dove on it. It's possible. But unlikely. Which leads me back to, seriously, you couldn't think of something better than This Is It? REALLY?

Ugh. Whatever. I'll pretend it's called...Merry Christmas Betsy. OMG, a polish named just for me? Sinful Colors, you shouldn't have.

On to the polish itself. As with most Sinful Colors, it's pretty watery. I used three coats and still had VNL. It's not terrible, but it's there. I tested a fourth coat on one nail, but since I saw no real difference, I just stopped at three. That's really all I have the patience for anyway. But even with all those coats, I still really like this polish.

Again, I apologize for awful pictures. It's basically always night outside at this point. I haven't seen actual sunlight in days.

First three flash, the last no flash, and a little more accurate on the color. The flash makes it look a bit too orange/red.

The color is a nice medium warm gold -- I thought maybe I could use the aforementioned SH Forsythia as a base coat, but it's way too green. Most of the shimmer is the same warm gold, but there's also this great spattering of holo shimmer. It's like tiny pieces of individual glitter, but it's really too small to see the shape of the glitter. All you see is the effect, which is pretty cool. Not an overall holo, but just an extra element of pizazz.

Basically, this polish makes me really happy. And it may be kind of annoying to apply, although the dry time wasn't bad for all those layers, and it's so HAPPY that I couldn't stay mad at it. Also, my coworker, brilliant though she may be in other ways, is crazy, no? This looks nothing like what she implied, and is probably going to be decked out on my fingers a few more times by the end of this holiday season. Since it's only 2 bucks, I might go buy another!

What do you think, guys? Should I alert the men with the big butterfly nets that my friend might need some help, or are you all pitching in to buy me the fancy new jacket with arms that tie in the back?

EDIT: I checked the display at Walgreens today, and as Steff mentioned in the comments, Sinful Colors just repurposed some colors for the holidays. Which explains the non-holiday name (although it still doesn't account for how bad the name is in the first place). Also, if it wasn't clear in the post itself, the name of the polish is "This Is It." Just to clarify.


  1. I love the color on you! I think that it would make me look sickly, golds do not do well alone on my nails! However as to your co-worker, if her pee really looks like that, she should probably see a doctor lol!

  2. haha ok maybe i missed it, but what was the name of the polish? i swear i re-read this post three times and couldn't find it haha.

  3. It's a deceptive name. The name is "This Is It." Confusing, no?

  4. Sinful Colors, I believe, does not put out new polishes for holiday displays. They simply take colors they already have and place them on, say, a cute cardboard haunted house. I only know this because I too was taken in by the sparkly holiday colors. When I picked up the green to see the name, it was just San Francisco, an oldie but a goodie. That's why "This Is It" doesn't sound particularly holiday-ish. 'Cause it isn't.

  5. Pee? Only if she's very dehydrated, filling a cup at the Dr's office, and an elf (to account for the sparkles).


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