Friday, November 20, 2009

Make It Work!

Morning, guys! Today kicks off the celebration of my birthday (which is not yet for four whole days, but today is the day my dad could take off of work to hang out with me). We're going to the Cleveland Museum of Art to see the Gauguin exhibition! Angela, I wish you were here! Monday will be even better--my dad is taking me to Fallingwater. FALLINGWATER GUYS. I'm super excited. Birthdays are fun.

Today I decided to go the complete opposite of what I wore yesterday. I wanted a classy-looking nude. I was torn between a couple shades in my stash (because, as Betsy will tell you, I have many of these types of colors), but I finally decided on Let Them Eat Rice Cake, a discontinued OPI shade from the 2005 Japanese collection. It's an opaque nude, but I think there's something special about it. It has hints of blue, making it quite cool-toned. I dunno guys, I just love it. I searched for it for a long time because I hate ordering stuff from the intarwebz, and I finally came across it one day at Drug Mart. Squee!

I always think this makes my hands look clean and classy. It's a pretty old polish, so it's old formula OPI, which many will tell you constitutes a woohoo. This polish, though, has some application issues because it's such a light color. This was four coats. I know, I know. Four. I think it would have been okay at three, but I wasn't being very careful because I was watching Project Runway and I just can't keep my eyes off of Tim Gunn. So I made it work. Also, since this polish is from 2005, it doesn't have the Pro-Wide brush that I've come to know and love. I don't have wide nail beds or anything (at least I don't think so), but I can cover my whole nail in just one stroke with the glorious Pro-Wide. These silly black label OPIs just don't satisfy me like the newer ones do. It's a trade-off: better formula, skinny brush or B3F formula, wide brush.

Anyway, loving this, SO glad I have it. I keep a Lemming List on my phone, and currently the only OPI polish on it is Tempura Tantrum. I keep hoping I'll run into it somewhere. Oh, and another thing--this is one of the best polish names ever, hands-down. Let Them Eat Rice Cake. Adorable. Alright, happy friday!


  1. I am so JEALOUS. I'm missing some Gauguin in my life. Remember those days when we'd wonder around museums for an entire day? I love this beige/nude polish! Gotta get me some rice cakes.


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