Monday, November 30, 2009

Old Navy Polish

Awesome polish find this weekend. Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some Old Navy. My boyfriend accompanied me this weekend and I got a pair of fleece gloves (yay!) some flannel pajama pants with reindeer on them (yay!) and an awesome polish (YAY!). I think their polishes are normally $3.50, but with all the sales going on mine was something like $2.45. Their polish brand is called Tip Toe, which is absolutely adorable. I guess they're a little bigger than minis, at .45 fl oz. The cap itself is really small, which could get annoying, and the brush on mine was really mop-like. I only chose one polish, an olive-ish, brass-ish, shimmer called Gold Rush. When I actually looked at the bottle in the sunlight I realized that it's a duochrome. It looks purple at some angles. Let's look at some pictures, shall we?

Bottle. I think I used flash. It was the easiest way to display the duochrome.

After one coat of polish. Lookin' good...

Another bottle shot. The neck looks really purple.

By a natural light source after three coats of polish, one coat Seche Vite.

And sun.

Pretty good for like $2.50, right? The application wasn't a problem even though the brush was moppy. I think this is pretty unique, overall. Even when you can't see the duochrome it's still beautiful. I think it would look impossibly cool matte, but I want to wear it sparkly for a day or two. What do you guys think? I have such a thing for olive-colored polishes, which is funny because I'm not crazy about green like most polish fanatics seem to be. Wagon Trail, L'Oreal Dry Martini and OPI At Your Quebec and Call are among my favorite polishes, and I think Gold Rush might be joining that group.

Also, a note on OPI Dazzled By Gold, the polish I raved about in my previous post: awesome. It wore like iron. No tip wear, no chips, nothing. I took it off this morning only because I was so anxious to put on Gold Rush. I think I'll be wearing it often. Even my mom said she likes it!

Okay, I couldn't help myself. I put a coat of Matte About You over Gold Rush.

Reminds me of antique brass. Gorgeous.


  1. What an awesome color! I wish that I lived near an Old Navy!

  2. You should warn people before you put up that matte picture. I think I just drooled on myself. Eww.

  3. Love that shade. Looks fantastic shiny and matte.


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