Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Chanel Jade: Finding a Dupe

One of my oldest friends recently asked me via Facebook where she could find a dupe of Chanel Jade.

Unfortunately finding a true dupe is probably close to impossible, at least right now. Jade has a slight shimmer that I don't think any other light green polish has. I think she has two options: OPI Damone Roberts 1968, which I'm pretty sure you can only get online (so I don't have it) and Essie Mint Candy Apple, which I just got yesterday. Here are bottle pictures of both.

You can probably see right away that Mint Candy Apple is bluer than the Chanel and the OPI. I'm still going to go out on a limb and say that it's a passable dupe. It's a creme, yes, and the color is a little bit...mintier, if that makes sense. Maybe it's just me, but because I have the Essie I'm not really interested in paying $20+ for Chanel Jade.

Disclaimer: I've been sort of staying away from cremes because my nails are peeling; cremes tend to show every flaw. I need to file my nails way down again but I just haven't had the time. It also wasn't sunny here today so the pictures are in overcast light.

Although I've said flat-out that my favorite polish brand is China Glaze, it's no secret that I like Essie. The formula on this, I had to use three coats to get it even. It was chalky and I had cuticle drag. It's not a HUGE deal, but I'm not really patient enough for three coats. I know a lot of people are looking forward to this polish, and I think that, despite the formula, Essie has really delivered. My opinion? The price is right ($8) and I think it's a passable dupe for a high end, highly sought-after polish.

But...what's with the name? Mint Candy Apple. I don't understand. That sounds disgusting. Even that promotional picture looks like an apple dipped into...melted after-dinner mints. That grosses me out. I know the three-piece collection is candy-themed (the other two polishes are Rock Candy, a typical Essie sheer, and Lollipop, a retro-looking red), but couldn't they come up with anything better? Oh well.

So what do you guys think? Are you going to be buying this one? Has anyone sprung for Chanel Jade?

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  1. I plan on getting Mint Candy Apple, and I think that it sounds tasty personally!

  2. I'm also buying this baby! Looks lovely on you. The other two I'm not buying since I have tons of reds. The sheer I don't like at all. Wish I would've bought the Chanel. It is gorgeous and I haven't seen a dupe for it at all. I hope someone will make one.

  3. I don't like the sheer at all either. It's kind of like...why bother? Someone will probably make a dupe for the Chanel. It's only a matter of time. And quality.

    Thanks ladies!

  4. Claires dream catcher is a dead on dupe dudes.


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