Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pretty -- But Boring -- In Pink

Not much to say on this one, so it'll be brief.

My polish this time is nice, if fairly boring. As Steff just posted, she LURVS the nudes, but I must commend her. She has very good choices, and they always look polished (pardon the pun), but still young and kind of edgy. I sometimes feel boring if I start wondering over into the Mom polish territory, which is where I strayed today. Which is not to say that Steff's beloved Let Them Eat Rice Cakes is a mom color; I just mean, there's probably someone out there who thinks the polish I am about to present is great, and maybe it would work on them.

So, after all those confusing, but hopefully not insulting, caveats, the polish. This is China Glaze's Fifth Avenue. It's a dusty rose/mauve cream. And...that's all I got. I kept staring at it, trying to find more subtle hints of color, or something more interesting to say about it, but I can't. It's pretty, and I certainly don't own any colors like it's pink. But when my mom -- who has worn probably 2 shades of nail polish, like ever -- stopped me to tell me she really likes it and would like to borrow it, I died a bit inside.


All with flash, except the last one. Color's pretty accurate. Also, sorry that these had to be taken in our dark little computer room, but the sun starts setting at like noon. And that on top of all the grey days we've been having made this the best I could do.

The polish itself is a little thick, but it was almost a full cover in one coat, so I guess that's nice. Beware of some bald patches that appear because of the thickness, though. Other than that, it's okay. Probably not something I'll be revisiting anytime soon, but lovely enough.

Sorry for the boring post. But some fun stuff is coming up, like Thanksgiving and BOTH of the lovely writers of this site's birthdays. That's right, Steff and I are so in sync, are birthdays are mere days apart. I bet that translates in to some awesome polish!


  1. I like the color; but then again I like rosey darker pinks. I would wear it, but it's cool if you wouldn't. :)

  2. I actually love this and I did buy it for the times I have to wear a more professional manicure. Otherwise, I Konad over it or layer with a snazzy duochrome.

  3. No one wants to wear what their Mom's are wearing. I also didn't want to wear the same perfume. The kiss of death when Mom wants to borrow the polish Just give it to her.


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