Friday, November 13, 2009

Subtlety is Overrated

I considered not even posting this manicure, but then I decided that I should show you guys my mistake. I tried another gradation type thing, and I'm not sure if anyone remembers my first one, which I quite liked, but I said that with my second one I would like the color changes to be less subtle. Here are the supplies I used, since a few people asked me last time.

Sorry that everything is backlit. Anyway, I used two different colors of nail polish, one light, one dark, both in the same color family. For the lighter color I used China Glaze Entourage from the 2009 Kicks collection and for the darker one, Morbid from the Wet n Wild Craze collection. You'll need several cotton balls, or even a paper towel, remover or acetone, and base and top coats. For my mixing bowl I used the cap for a bottle of water, as you can see in front of the remover. You'll also need a toothpick for the mixin'.

Here's what I did. First I poured a good amount of Morbid into my mixing area.

Whereas last time I painted my thumb the darker color and my pinky the lighter color and then mixed three individual shades, this time I just kept adding drops of the lighter color to the above puddle of Morbid.

Then I mix, mix, mixed and painted, painted, painted. You only have to wipe your brush off twice, right when you start and right when you finish. I did paint my thumbs with just Morbid, but all the other nails were a mixture of Morbid and Entourage. I guess I kind of underestimated how strong a color the Wet n Wild is, because even though I added like four drops of Entourage for each successive nail, the gradations were still really subtle. More subtle than last time. I mean, I can tell that the colors change from nail to nail, but I don't know that other people would notice. First, here are bottle shots of the colors I used.

Morbid is a shimmery blackened teal. I got this one from Niki at MagicMaid.

Entourage is a shimmery light green. Very springy. I don't think I've ever worn this one by itself. I brought it to my family reunion this summer, and my little cousins liked it quite a bit. Somehow the label started wearing off. I guess they loved it that hard?

Sorry I have weird claw hand, but this is the best way to showcase this type of thing. Like I said, SUBTLE. I like the color on my ring finger a lot. As you can see, my application was really bad. I was getting frustrated. Next time, I swear, I will make this way less subtle. Here, look again.

Pretty enough, but I'm still labeling this one a fail. I think next time I'll do purple.

Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. Gorgeous! I don't think that it is a fail at all!

  2. I think this manicure looks pretty good. I would like to see it in purple also.

  3. First thing they teach you in painting class, always start with white and add color because it's amazing how much paint you waste if you do it the other way around. You may have addressed the in later posts but I started at the beginning and I've not caught up yet.


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