Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Uhh...something about Adam Smith and pin makers?

Holy crap guys. I wish I had a reasonable excuse as to why I haven't posted in so very long, but honestly, I think you know me better than that by now. So I have a cache of pictures all stored up and ready to go, if I get my ass into gear and just write. I won't bombard you with all of them, so expect a few more over the next few days.

Up first!

So I told you all a while back that I had a major splurge day and on top of buying like 6 other polishes, I bought the whole OPI Suede collection. Well for Halloween -- can you remember back that far? -- I tried my first one. For the holiday season, I used Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees. Guys, I think I've found the one. My other half. Seriously. Love.

So I'm sure you know by now that neither Steff nor I really like the EspaƱa collection. The original Suzi Skis was one I was considering purchasing, but I was pretty unsure whether it would really read blue in indoor lighting, so I never did pick it up. Right now, I am totally okay with that decision, because the Suede version is FAB-U-LOUS.

Application was great. One coat almost did it. The pictures are actually three coats, but only because it started to chip after a few days and I didn't want to part with my beloved yet, so I added another coat for pictures. Also, I would normally show you matte and topcoat versions, but I just couldn't bare changing it from the suede version. That's how in love with it I am.

While there were a lot of complaints that this line seemed to have nothing to do with the original colors, save the name, I will say that the base color looked exactly like the original Suzi Skis -- a kind of greyed out blue. But of course, for the most part all you see is the insane amount of grey shimmer, which is a really great steel grey. The whole thing when matte looks industrial. Someone stopped me and said my nails looked like gunmetal grey, which is appropriate, but all I could think was that it looked less like actual metal than industrialism. Like metal shavings rather than metal itself. More reminiscent of working machinery. Oh man, I love it.


Seriously, I want to wear this everyday of my life. My only tiny complaint was that the polish showed the brushstroke a tiny bit, but I think it worked really well with the color, so it's really only a concern for the other colors.

Also, I didn't get picture of this, but after a few days wear it does get slightly less matte -- more like a satin, or semi-gloss? -- and the silver of the shimmer shines through more, which lightens up the whole look. But it still looks great, so win-win.

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  1. This was the only color that I picked up from Suedes and I love it too! Have you tried it with a topcoat? You will fall in love all over again!


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