Thursday, December 31, 2009

The REAL Teal (?) and Favey-Faves

It's the last day of 2009. Can you believe it? This year went really quickly for me, probably because I was dreading graduating from college. I spent the first five months of the year pretending that June didn't exist. This post is going to be pretty long. There are three things on the agenda: first, my nails of the day, second, my favorite polish that I've gotten this year, and third, the collections to which I'm most looking forward in 2010.

First up, my nails of the day. You'll probably remember that I got a few new Sally Hansen Xtreme polishes. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to use The Real Teal, which is absolutely GORGEOUS. Like, I can't believe I only paid $2.50 for this. When I looked closely at the bottle I thought the base color might be really close to a couple polishes I have. Here are the bottles.

Left to right, Custom Kicks, The Real Teal and Honeydew

On my pinky and on my pointer finger is The Real Teal, on my ring finger is Honeydew, and Custom Kicks on my middle finger.

As you may be able to see, The Real Teal is a bit greener than Custom Kicks, which does lean toward the blue side. Honeydew almost looks like a frost compared to these other two, but it's not. It just has a lot of silver shimmer, and it's a lot lighter than either the China Glaze or the SH Xtreme. The biggest difference between Custom Kicks and The Real Teal is the shimmer; that's why The Real Teal looks greener, because it actually has what looks like greenish-turquoise shimmer. It's absolutely gorgeous. It adds so much depth to the polish.

You can clearly see the green versus blue difference here. Again, SH on my pointer finger and ChG on my middle finger. The base colors are pretty similar, though.

Gold versus green shimmer. These are both so pretty.

At first I just wanted to use these three different colors to compare them for my own amusement, but I ended up liking this. Even though the polishes are sort of similar, I thought the different shimmers added just enough visual interest to make the manicure unique. I kept this on for a full day.

This morning I added a coat of In the Spotlight since it's New Years Eve, and I'm pretty much obliged to wear ridiculous bling.

I love bar glitter. If you really pack it on it looks kind of hairy, but I like this sort of randomly-placed look. Holo bar glitter...thanks, Sally Hansen.

Okay, now for my favorite polish. Now...this one came out really recently, and I don't think I would have loved it as much had I not been in a gold sparkly phase. I kind of still am. I don't love most gold polishes, but if you put glitter in them I'm there.

The gorgeous gold blinginess of OPI Dazzled By Gold captured my heart as soon as I saw the first swatches of it in the blogosphere. I love this polish. I'm labeling it as my favey-fave of 2009 (granted, there are about a million polishes released this year that I don't own).

And another polish that's kind of tied for my favorite?

Kind of self-explanatory. Just awesome.

The collections I'm anticipating most probably won't be much of a shock. Most people are really looking forward to Up & Away from China Glaze. The colors are gorgeous and they're all cremes! Squee!

I think I counted and I want at least eight out of the twelve of these. It's going to be epic.
[photo credit to]

I also recently discovered Essie's spring 2010 offering, The Art of Spring.

First of all, one of these polishes is not like the other ones, Essie. Second of all, these are some really pretty colors.
[photo credit to]

But also? This Essie collection is art-themed. Put out an art-themed collection and steal my heart, Essie. The names, left to right are: Lilacism, Neo Whimsical, Pop Art Pink, Nouveau Red, Tart Deco and Van D'go. I'm most excited for Tart Deco because I think I'm about to enter a peach/melon phase thanks to RBL Starfish Patrick. Also, it has the cutest name.

Alright guys, that's it. To our readers, thanks for sticking with us through 2009! We appreciate you and hope that you have a great, great New Year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hello polish fiends!

First thing's first, thanks to Angela of Angelina's Cafe for nominating my little blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Flattered, indeed. Along with this award I think I'm supposed to tell you seven random facts about myself. I'm not sure I can even think of seven, but here goes:

1. I love horses. I used to horseback ride quite often before I went off to college. I grew up around horses because my mom used to teach riding lessons at Rocky River Stables in Cleveland. My mom had a horse for many years, Hummer, and I had one for a while when I was in my late teens, Robinson.
2. I hate feet. I won't let anyone touch my feet if I can help it, I don't get pedicures because it freaks me out, and I don't want to see anyone else's feet. I think it might be a phobia.
3. I have lived in the Midwest my whole life, either in Chicago or northeastern Ohio. I did go to live in Paris for a couple months (avec Angela!), but other than that I'm quite middle-America-ish.
4. [stealing this one from Angela, kinda] I went to the University of Chicago and majored in art history. Useless you say? You would be right. I need to go to grad school to do anything with it, but I love it. My heart is in Chicago. I love Hyde Park, where I lived while I went to school, and my boyfriend lives there now. I need to be back there. Eff Ohio. Srsly.
5. As aforementioned, I'm obsessed with art. I love all kinds from all periods from all over the world. My favorite is American modern (Frank Stella, Jasper Johns), but I also love contemporary art, Italian Renaissance, ancient Chinese...seriously, you name it, I love it.
6. I'm a cat person. I don't really like dogs. I always wanted one when I was younger, but now I'm kind of over that. I have two cats, Raven and Alley. Alley is bad-tempered but adorable, and Raven is scared of everything but sweet.
7. I'm on a no-carb diet and have been for about five months now. A lot of people tell me it's bad for me, and listen, I KNOW my brain runs on carbs, so you don't have to tell me. I do ingest some carbohydrates, but I stay completely away from things like bread, rice, cereal and sugar. It was hard at first, but now it's just the way I eat. As long as I can still have my Diet Coke, I'm fine. The diet has changed my body for the better. I've lost a ton of weight since the middle of July and I just feel a lot better about myself.

And now to tag a few blogz that I heart:

You ladies are fabu :)

I'm going to do something that I never do today and show you pictures of chipped polish. I'm sorry. I painted my nails last night and they got all ruined at work this morning. I was so excited to try this new Sally Hansen, Wet Cement, and it didn't disappoint.

Ew, my cuticles are so dry. I need to go have someone take care of my nails so I don't have to do it. This picture makes the polish look blue-gray, but it's not. It's definitely a true gray that leans toward the lighter side. Like if China Glaze Recycle is one part white, one part black, this one seems like it would be two parts white, one part black.

Ah, here we go. This is what the polish looks like. Pretty, isn't it?

Welcome to my right hand. This one chipped too, on my pointer finger, but it's a little disguised here. Isn't this gorgeous?

And just to prove it's a true gray, here it is compared to Essie Sag Harbor, which really is a blue-gray.

I love this color. The application left something to be desired, though. I guess since it's such a light color I'd have to expect the formula to be a little shitty. It required three coats because it was leaving bald spots. The polish was a little thick, too. Some people have problems with these Sally Hansens because the brushes are so long. They go all the way down to the bottom of the bottle, obviously, and the bottle is kind of long. See?

Seriously, I think I could start a blog called "My Fake Pearls" and have a post every day for a month. Anyway, here's a nice bottle shot with my Flowerbomb refill in the background! I don't have any problems with this brush. I think you just have to make sure that you wipe all the polish off the stem of the brush when you take it out of the bottle, or else the excess polish could drip onto your nail and cause issues.

Overall, I'd say run out and buy these new SH polishes before the displays are empty. You know how that goes, ladies. I haven't seen Wet Cement and its fellows at any drugstores in my area yet, but I got these at Ulta, so have at it. By the way, I love the name. Wet Cement. SH just has a way of getting straight to the point. There's another Xtreme Wear whose name I love called Brick Wall. It was actually in a sale bin at Ulta yesterday!

That's all for today. It's time to cuddle up and watch the snow.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ulta Haul and Another Favey-Fave

Another day, another haul. For some reason I haven't been getting my Ulta flyers in the mail, so my good friend Angela alerted me to some fantastic sales they're having right now. I got seven nail polishes, three of them on sale and four of them regular price (which was only $2.50 anyway), and four eyeshadows. First, here are the polishes.

Four Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear (uhh, longest name ever?) polishes. From left to right we have The Real Teal, In the Spotlight, Going Green and Wet Cement.

Essie Lollipop ($3.99) and Retro Red ($.99) and OPI Banana Bandanna ($1.99)

The L'Oreal Paris High Intensity Pigments (HiP) eyeshadows were buy 2 get 2 free and recommended by Angela, so I got four of them for about $16. That's eight shadows, since they're duos. These pictures aren't great, bad lighting and glare.

On the left is Gunmetal in a metallic finish and on the right is Reckless in a "bright" finish.

On the left is Angela's recommendation, Roaring another "bright," and on the right is Dynamic, which is concentrated. According to the website, concentrated shadows are perfect for smoky looks. I think I need a smoky tutorial to help me.

I predict my favorite of the duos will be Gunmetal because I'm pretty into greens right now. These were a really good deal! All the Ulta brand cosmetics were also buy 2 get 2 free, so run on up there, gals. Pretty good haul. I'm excited for the new Sally Hansen polishes. I hadn't heard anything about these (except maybe Wet Cement, which is the one I'm most excited about). Does anybody have any of these newer colors?

Okay, and now for my second favorite polish released this year (that I own). I wore this one a while ago so my pictures are from a while ago. I was less careful with my application then, so I apologize.

Orly Enchanted Forest, sun

And shade

There's not much to say about this one. Orly Enchanted Forest is just gorgeous. Beautiful. Fantastic. It's a slightly muted, dusty green creme. It's still identifiably green indoors and in the shade, which is a huge plus. I have a feeling that I also would have loved RBL Orbis Non Sufficit had I ordered it. I think it's a little more grayed out than the Orly, though. Anyway, I know a lot of people loved this polish too, so this probably comes as no surprise.

Until next time :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

McDonald's at the Chanel Counter and Another Favey-Fave

Oh my God, northeastern Ohio is covered in snow. Driving last night and today was like a sport. Everyone freaks the hell out when it snows like this and starts driving 10mph no matter the speed limit. I braved the wind, ice and snow to go to Dillard's with my mom. She needed some new suits, and my best friend's mom gave me a Dillard's gift card for Christmas (which was epically nice of her). As soon as I opened the gift card I knew I would be hitting up Chanel or Dior for some NICE eyeshadow. I would never, never ever spend $30 on eyeshadow if I didn't have what is essentially free money. My mom was with me and I showed her the shadow I wanted. I was balking at spending the money, so we decided to go shop around a little at other stores for a while. While at H&M I decided I needed a Diet Coke. We went to McDonald's and both got drinks to sip on while we headed back to Dillard's.

As we were walking there, I thought, oh no, I'll be holding a McDonald's cup at the Chanel counter. Confession: I am SO SELF-CONSCIOUS. I am also fashion-obsessed. I love Balenciaga probably just a little more than Nicolas Ghesquiere himself and I've watched last season's Chanel show like four times in its entirety. However...I'm poor. Even when I was living in Paris I was too scurred to go into Chanel or Dior because I felt like I looked so jankity, so to me holding a McDonald's cup at even just the Chanel counter is like blasphemy. I was faced with either relinquishing my dear Diet Coke before I was finished with it or taking it to the counter. Guys...I took the fucker to the counter. And here's what I came home with.

The box in terrible indoor lighting

It comes in a pouch! A cute pouch!

And here's the shadow itself, Khaki. Eee! Those little double Cs just make me swoon.

Okay, this is kind of embarrassing, but this is the Bonne Bell quad that I swear by. With shadow primer, it's amazing. The color second from the top is the shade I was looking for in a higher-end shadow. It's kind of an olive-y greeny taupe, and that's how I'd describe Chanel Khaki. By the way, this BB quad is called Urban Safari, and it's amazing. I love all of the BB quads, and I have like six.

Sorry to totally fangirl out on you guys just now, but this is the only Chanel thing I own so I'm pretty excited. And now for some polish. I wanted to post my three favorite polishes from this year. This is my number three, from the OPI South Beach collection released this past March.

Miami Beet, two coats, bad artificial lighting. Sorry, it's perpetual night outside.

With flash. The base color is pretty bright.

Miami Beet is just beautiful. A huge number of berry shades came out this year, but this creme is the one that stole my heart. My camera couldn't really capture the depth of this color, but I think most of you know what it looks like. The formula is great, too. Truth be told, I liked a lot of the colors in the South Beach collection. Miami Beet was by far my favey-fave. How did you guys feel about South Beach? Any favorite shades from that collection? Spill.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Favey-Fave: Collection

Hi guys. Still winding down from Christmas? I am. I was thinking last night about doing a post like "2009: A Year in Review," but I decided not to. Instead I think that for the rest of 2009 I'll just randomly tell you guys stuff I liked. Isn't that what a blog is anyway, you ask? The answer is yes. So am I doing anything different than I would be normally? No. Am I ridiculous? Yes.

First up? My favorite collection. This was hard! As I thought about it, I realized that there were some fantabulous collections released this year. Essie gave us the North Fork collection for summer, OPI gave us a fantastic holiday collection and Essie delivered again with their fall offerings, Cuddle With Color. China Glaze wowed most of the blogging community with its Summer Days release and Orly put out that fab Once Upon A Time collection. But my favey-fave this year? China Glaze Kicks.

This was a summer release, too, and it gave me so much joy. That's a little weird, since my favorite polishes are often the vampies, so mostly fall releases. The colors were fantastic: vibrant oranges, pinks, blues and greens. I remember looking at swatches galore and running to Ulta every other day when I decided I just had to have another one. My favorite from the collection, and I don't think I'm alone in this, was Custom Kicks, a teal that leans green and has some divine gold shimmer. Warning: the pictures that follow are so not color accurate. My camera freaked out about this polish.

Natural light. It looks bluer than it is, but at least you can see the shimmer in the bottle! Notice how hard I have loved this polish. Its poor label is almost gone.

With flash, which only made it look bluer...but now you can see the shimmer on the nail.

Probably the best representation of the color. Artificial light, no flash. I'm sorry my hands are so dry. Winter, you know.

Another reason I love Custom Kicks?

It matches some tennies that I've had since the ninth grade...and which are still in pretty good shape!

I just realized when I posted this picture that it's like a microcosm of my life; a letter from The University of Chicago, a bottle of nail polish, fake pearls, a clock from France, a coffee roasting temperature chart, a picture of my old horse, and that little thingy I wore on my graduation hat. Anyway, these shoes are Kangaroos, and I got them at Wet Seal like...shit, almost ten years ago. I got them when I was 14 and I'm 23 now. I still wear them sometimes because, let's face it, they're fierce.

One of my other favorite polishes from this collection was Sneaker Head, which I posted about here. I'm sad that I don't own this whole collection. I regret not buying them up. Oh, and the formula on Custom Kicks is bitchin'. BITCHIN'. It's almost a one-coater for me, but two gives me perfect, even coverage. Thanks China Glaze. I love you hard.

So who loves this collection too? Does anybody else have a favorite release from this year they want to share? Let's hear it, ladies.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Braving Holiday Shoppers at...Wal-Mart

It's the day after Christmas and I am relieved. Don't get me wrong; I love the entire month of December because of all the Christmas shit going on. But the day itself? Not so much. This year was hard because it was the first Christmas my grandpa wasn't here. He died in April. The day was hectic and unpleasant. We did see Sherlock Holmes, though, and that was awesome. Now it's all over and I can breathe a sigh of relief. And paint my nails.

First I'll show you my nails from yesterday. I used two Sinful Colors, Gogo Girl, a bright retro-red, and the ever-present San Francisco, a green that looks like it was made for the holidays.

Not great pictures or a great manicure, but it was a rush job. And welcome to my Santa sock.

To continue on with the theme, I thought I'd post a picture of our Christmas tree. Boyfriend and I drove out to the middle of nowhere to cut down our own. The farm was on a road called "Nickelplate Diagonal Road" and was in fucking BFE. When we got there all the trees for "cut your own!" were short. I mean, really short. About as tall as I am. We ended up having to buy one off their lot. The old man selling [robbing] me the tree said they cut down all the tall ones to sell in the lot...$60. Ugh. But it's a nice tree.

I even made some popcorn and cranberry strands for it.

Two of our favorite ornaments. You can't go wrong with a booze-laden tree.

Our Peanuts skaters. They all move. It's really cute. I look forward to putting this out every year.

This morning as soon as I woke up I changed my polish. The other day when Boyfriend and I were driving back from his parents' we stopped in an area I've never been before that had a ton of shopping. Where did we end up going? Wal-Mart. I am a Target girl; there's just something about Wal-Mart, to me, that's...ew. And I don't mean to offend any of you Wal-Mart lovers out there. It's just not for me. That having been said, we did get my dad a really nice new teapot. And before we left, I just wanted to take a little walk by the cosmetics to see if they had the new Hard Candy stuff. The Wal-Mart by my house doesn't have it. Lo and behold, there the Hard Candy polishes were. I wanted several of them, but for $5 I decided I would just choose one. And here he is.

Natural light

Blurred a little...lookit that sparkle


Ladies, meet Mr. Wrong. None of these pictures are great; I suspect I'd need sunlight to capture the color at all. The overall effect of this polish on the nail is kind of a glitter fusion. I see gold, gray, maybe a muted purple? I don't know. I think if Opulent Cloud, which I posted on here, was a glitter instead of a shimmer, it would look like this. BY THE BY, once we reach 50 followers, which I'm hoping will be soon, I will be doing a giveaway featuring Opulent Cloud. I know finding Tracy Reese polishes in the drugstore is like finding a unicorn giving birth, so I picked up an extra bottle for my giveaway. Stay tuned.

Anyway, the formula on this guy was horrid. It was thick and left bald spots. As I type this my nails still aren't dry. I love the color, though. My biggest complaint? $5 for a mini. From Wal-Mart. Come ON. That's way too much!

Alright, I hope everyone had a nice holiday and that you all spend today relaxin' and blog-readin'. I know I will be. Oh, and eating Chipotle because I got me a giftcard! Thanks dad!

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Raining Men!

Merry almost Christmas!

Ok guys, this post is going to be obscenely picture laden and often off topic. Just as a warning. But stick with it, I promise it's totes worth it.

Ok first, the actual polish pictures. I'll start with my most recent and move in to most fabulous. First up is Orly Charged Up. I have no idea when this is from because I bought it in a discount bin in Ulta for like 2 bucks. Which was exciting, especially since the usual bargain price polishes in Ulta (or at least the Chicago Ulta) are kind of boring mom colors. I did, however, pick up some Russian OPI that way, and let me tell you, it made my day. Boris & Natasha, welcome to my cheap ass nails! Anywho, you may not believe me because I think I've only shown you a handful of cremes so far, but I LOVES them. In fact, I forgot to squee about this earlier. The new China Glaze Up and Away collection? I NEED THEM ALL. NOW. Even the pink ones that I normally would never buy, I think I might. Because it's a whole collection of cremes. I can't even get over how happy that makes me. And it's a whole collection of nice looking interesting cremes, so all the better. Anyway, if you haven't seen it're weird. It's showing up on a lot of blogs, including Scrangie, who posted gorgeous pictures that made me drool on myself.

Ok, so the Orly. It's a nice purple creme, that is somehow both dusky and vampy, and pops bright. It's some sort of sorcery. It is also absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. This is of course not helped by my being in the midwest right now in that time of year where the sun just sort of...goes to Miami? That's my best guess. Anyway, there's zero sun. Trust me, I work outside. Today there was literally no time between 7 and 5 when I saw the sun. None. So I had to take photos in my horribly dimly lit house. So as a warning, these are not accurate.

As you can see in the pictures without flash, the polish has a bit of grey duskiness to it that I wasn't expecting, but really like. But it's also got this great kind of mod pop to it. Really lovely. It's certainly a blue based purple, but it is nowhere near the blurple/almost full on blue that the pictures with flash imply. Like I said, I tried a hundred ways and could not figure out how to get this color to pop accurately like it does on the nails.

I used three coats of Orly -- two almost did it, but I had a few patches that were iffy so I went ahead with three. Sorry I have a weird chip out of my index finger's polish near the cuticle. That's gross, huh? The polish itself applies okay, but it's a little blotchy in its application. The polish is definitely not a jelly, but it has that weird wet, squishy look from certain angles.

My next polish to put this accurately? FAB. U. LOUS. This polish is the opposite of Charged Up. It is not subtle. It's ridiculous. This is another Sinful Colors -- Frenzy -- which by the way, are still BOGO at Walgreens, which makes them a buck each, which is pretty fantastic. Frenzy would probably be a decent top coat of polish. I don't have a picture of just one coat but it's pretty sparse. But I couldn't handle that, so I basically turned my fingers into disco balls with 4 really thick coats, which I think is like 8 normal coats. But it was totally worth it, and actually the polish dried really fast, even on coat 4.

Frenzy is as far as I can tell a clear base, with fuchsia, light blue (maybe teal?), and medium blue glitter. It's split mostly between the fuchsia and the light blue, and from a far comes off almost light purple. It's ridiculously flashy, but really fun. Also, this may have something to do with how many insane coats I have on, but I wore this polish for a week, through work and all, and I had literally no chipping or tip wear. The only problem with this polish for me is, as you can see in the pictures, the glitter didn't stick very well to my tips. But it's only visible in the photos, or if you stick your hand in front of a light and right to your face. I feel like it should go without saying that you shouldn't do that.

Now on to the fun extra stuff!

As Steff said the other day, Ange-Marie of Scandalously Polished tagged us to do Five Guys I Used to Like. Steff took some really good guys. Adrian Grenier, JTT, and Jesse Bradford are uber delicious. But I'll try to come up with some new guys.

1. Kevin Richardson
Steff picked Brian Litrell, who is actually Kevin's cousin and gorgeous co-member of BSB. But Kevin was always my favey-fave. What can I say? Tall, dark, kind of quiet and brooding. Loving every second of it. Add in musically inclined, and let's just say I was a girl in love. Also, if I remember the Backstreet Boys concert (oh yeah, I went there) correctly, he played piano. So, hot. He's since quit to be in a family or some such crap, and the Boys are moving on without him. But to me, the band ended the day he left.

2. Joshua Jackson/Christopher Gorham

Ok, these two are technically cheating since my love has only grown with time. So I put them together and counted them as one. Is it playing the game wrong? Sure, but whatever. More pictures!

Fringe = love. I keep wanting them to do more with his character, but if I can just stare at him for an hour a week, that's a pretty good deal too. The GFY girls also really love this guy, and I can't blame them every time them mention him when talking about Ms. Krueger, who is über lucky. I didn't even watch Dawson's Creek, but even I knew Pacey was the shit. Plus, Skulls? So bad, and so good all at once.

Hee! He looks so happy to be holding such a giant bottle of vodka. I know the feeling, hon.

I have loved Christopher Goram since Popular, which was one cracked out fantastic show that I worshipped, and I have followed him ever since. My favorite follow was to Harper's Island, which Steff and I both obsessively watched. His smile makes me happy in my heart place.

3. Heath Ledger

Not to be too macabre, but I think we all know why this one is done, and it involves breaking laws. And while he just got cuter and cuter and more and more talented, I will never love him more than in 10 Things I Hate About You. That adorable wavy dark hair, those dimples. Rawr.

4. Josh Hartnett
Man, this kid can not act worth shit. And he seems kind of dumb. But look how pretty! I know he did all that 40 Days crap where he couldn't have sex, and for some reason the (DREADFUL) Shannon Sossymon's character was upset about this. It was stupid. But really, the reason I love him so much is because of The Faculty. It's my favorite cheesy horror flick, and has a ridiculous cast, which makes it even better. Clea Duvall, Elijah Wood, Usher, Bebe Neuwirth, JON STEWART?? It's ridiculous, and I will defend to the death the fact that it is hilarious and fabulous. Hartnett -- or as some teen mag, (YM? I hope it was YM. I LOVED YM.) dubbed him, Hotnett, which HA -- is basically stoned for the whole movie, but again, dimples! Messy 90s hair! Awww.

5. Matthew Perry

I'm an ATM vestuble....with Jill GOODACRE. Put Joey on the phone.

Ahh a vintage Matthew Perry is like a fine wine. If I liked wine. It's more like an ice cold Diet Coke. It's that bite that makes it so lovable. As with the soda, so is the man. Early Matthew Perry -- and let's be honest, I mean Chandler Bing, obviously -- is so frantic and sarcastic, so biting in his wit that were he to look like a foot, I would still have to love him. But lucky for me, he looked like this:
Adorable. I have seen some bad things for this man. Serving Sara....that was dreck. But I watched it. Three to Tango was kind of dumb. And Fools Rush In is one of those awesome/silly romcoms that I watch literally every time it's on tv. I kid you not. I watched it multiple days in a row because it was on one of those stations where they play the same movie all weekend long. Plus it stars my girl crush, Salma Hayek. But mostly, I would just watch Matthew Perry Chandler out all across the screen in basically any situation. He kicked a nasty pill addiction, which caused an awkward bloaty (Gmore Gs!) phase, but bounced back. But he'll still never be cuter than in the first few seasons of Friends. Oh! And how could I forget, The Whole Nine Yards. Still love it.

My current obsessions are pretty varied. I love the standards: Hugh Jackman ranks pretty high; I still love George Clooney. But I have this weird thing for guys that have, as Steff would probably put it, a skull-like face. Very prominent cheekbones, sunk in cheeks. I'm thinking James Marsters and Cillian Murphy. Check it!


This is devolving in to a fan site rather rapidly, isn't it?

Ack! Why so big? Oh Blogger, why won't you let me resize. You say you do, but you lie.

Hope everyone can have a few chuckles over this list. I also hope you actually made it down this far. Sorry, I got kind of carried away. And while I don't know who has or hasn't done this, I encourage the jaunt down memory lane. It's really fun, and a great topic of conversation. Plus, picture fun, yeah?