Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hello polish fiends!

First thing's first, thanks to Angela of Angelina's Cafe for nominating my little blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Flattered, indeed. Along with this award I think I'm supposed to tell you seven random facts about myself. I'm not sure I can even think of seven, but here goes:

1. I love horses. I used to horseback ride quite often before I went off to college. I grew up around horses because my mom used to teach riding lessons at Rocky River Stables in Cleveland. My mom had a horse for many years, Hummer, and I had one for a while when I was in my late teens, Robinson.
2. I hate feet. I won't let anyone touch my feet if I can help it, I don't get pedicures because it freaks me out, and I don't want to see anyone else's feet. I think it might be a phobia.
3. I have lived in the Midwest my whole life, either in Chicago or northeastern Ohio. I did go to live in Paris for a couple months (avec Angela!), but other than that I'm quite middle-America-ish.
4. [stealing this one from Angela, kinda] I went to the University of Chicago and majored in art history. Useless you say? You would be right. I need to go to grad school to do anything with it, but I love it. My heart is in Chicago. I love Hyde Park, where I lived while I went to school, and my boyfriend lives there now. I need to be back there. Eff Ohio. Srsly.
5. As aforementioned, I'm obsessed with art. I love all kinds from all periods from all over the world. My favorite is American modern (Frank Stella, Jasper Johns), but I also love contemporary art, Italian Renaissance, ancient Chinese...seriously, you name it, I love it.
6. I'm a cat person. I don't really like dogs. I always wanted one when I was younger, but now I'm kind of over that. I have two cats, Raven and Alley. Alley is bad-tempered but adorable, and Raven is scared of everything but sweet.
7. I'm on a no-carb diet and have been for about five months now. A lot of people tell me it's bad for me, and listen, I KNOW my brain runs on carbs, so you don't have to tell me. I do ingest some carbohydrates, but I stay completely away from things like bread, rice, cereal and sugar. It was hard at first, but now it's just the way I eat. As long as I can still have my Diet Coke, I'm fine. The diet has changed my body for the better. I've lost a ton of weight since the middle of July and I just feel a lot better about myself.

And now to tag a few blogz that I heart:

You ladies are fabu :)

I'm going to do something that I never do today and show you pictures of chipped polish. I'm sorry. I painted my nails last night and they got all ruined at work this morning. I was so excited to try this new Sally Hansen, Wet Cement, and it didn't disappoint.

Ew, my cuticles are so dry. I need to go have someone take care of my nails so I don't have to do it. This picture makes the polish look blue-gray, but it's not. It's definitely a true gray that leans toward the lighter side. Like if China Glaze Recycle is one part white, one part black, this one seems like it would be two parts white, one part black.

Ah, here we go. This is what the polish looks like. Pretty, isn't it?

Welcome to my right hand. This one chipped too, on my pointer finger, but it's a little disguised here. Isn't this gorgeous?

And just to prove it's a true gray, here it is compared to Essie Sag Harbor, which really is a blue-gray.

I love this color. The application left something to be desired, though. I guess since it's such a light color I'd have to expect the formula to be a little shitty. It required three coats because it was leaving bald spots. The polish was a little thick, too. Some people have problems with these Sally Hansens because the brushes are so long. They go all the way down to the bottom of the bottle, obviously, and the bottle is kind of long. See?

Seriously, I think I could start a blog called "My Fake Pearls" and have a post every day for a month. Anyway, here's a nice bottle shot with my Flowerbomb refill in the background! I don't have any problems with this brush. I think you just have to make sure that you wipe all the polish off the stem of the brush when you take it out of the bottle, or else the excess polish could drip onto your nail and cause issues.

Overall, I'd say run out and buy these new SH polishes before the displays are empty. You know how that goes, ladies. I haven't seen Wet Cement and its fellows at any drugstores in my area yet, but I got these at Ulta, so have at it. By the way, I love the name. Wet Cement. SH just has a way of getting straight to the point. There's another Xtreme Wear whose name I love called Brick Wall. It was actually in a sale bin at Ulta yesterday!

That's all for today. It's time to cuddle up and watch the snow.


  1. Great polish, wet cement. I have a few grey ones now but this looks very promising, might have to go on the poor old lemming list..

    Just wanted to give you the thumbs up on the no carb diet. I have been eating like that to since february (wow, almost a year now) and I like it. I think Powerlifterchick of the Kronicles of a Konad-er also is a no-carber. The good way of life is spreading :-)
    Happy new year!

  2. Lovely grey. I now want this. Didn't think greys were for me but maybe they are...

  3. Thanks for tagging me! :) I love that grey, what is with all of the grey polish today, it is like the universe is telling me to go buy grey nail polish already!

  4. a.) Frikken awesome nail polish color. Love gray.
    b.) You can find Nfu Oh polishes at
    c.) Thank you for tagging me =) aww I feel so loved!

    p.s. I hate feet too, that might have to be one of my 7 facts! haha.

  5. hehe i love the nailpolish!LOL do you love Poussin art too? Isn't it hilarious that the most boring art history class we took was in Paris and at the Louvre? With that said, I miss his puka shell necklace.

  6. LOVE Wet Cement so much I wore it two days running. I have Brick Wall! It's really cool, I'm sure you're gonna love it too.

  7. PolishPig, thanks! If you're on the same diet then you must know...I get flack from everyone about it. I'm a barista, too, so I'm around pastries and people consuming them all the time. People give me shit for it, but it works for me.

    ja, try a gray! This one is nice, so is China Glaze Recycle...and if you don't think you can handle a true gray, get yourself some $OPI Metro Chic :D

    gildedangel, no problem. Love your blog!

    kelsea, thanks for the Nfu Oh info. I think I'll probably end up ordering some in the future when I have, you And you're welcome for the tag :D

    Angela, Poussin can suck it. Remember when we saw that one painting at the Louvre of the guys carrying like giant grapes? At that moment I knew...I wanted to rip that puka shell off his neck. I miss Paris!

    Nicole, I do love Brick Wall! It's beautiful and right up my alley. I wish I could have worn Wet Cement for longer, but I can't stand chipped polish.

  8. Wet cement is so snazzy! I love me a good grey creme.

    Thanks for tagging me, I should have that up later!


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