Sunday, December 27, 2009

Favey-Fave: Collection

Hi guys. Still winding down from Christmas? I am. I was thinking last night about doing a post like "2009: A Year in Review," but I decided not to. Instead I think that for the rest of 2009 I'll just randomly tell you guys stuff I liked. Isn't that what a blog is anyway, you ask? The answer is yes. So am I doing anything different than I would be normally? No. Am I ridiculous? Yes.

First up? My favorite collection. This was hard! As I thought about it, I realized that there were some fantabulous collections released this year. Essie gave us the North Fork collection for summer, OPI gave us a fantastic holiday collection and Essie delivered again with their fall offerings, Cuddle With Color. China Glaze wowed most of the blogging community with its Summer Days release and Orly put out that fab Once Upon A Time collection. But my favey-fave this year? China Glaze Kicks.

This was a summer release, too, and it gave me so much joy. That's a little weird, since my favorite polishes are often the vampies, so mostly fall releases. The colors were fantastic: vibrant oranges, pinks, blues and greens. I remember looking at swatches galore and running to Ulta every other day when I decided I just had to have another one. My favorite from the collection, and I don't think I'm alone in this, was Custom Kicks, a teal that leans green and has some divine gold shimmer. Warning: the pictures that follow are so not color accurate. My camera freaked out about this polish.

Natural light. It looks bluer than it is, but at least you can see the shimmer in the bottle! Notice how hard I have loved this polish. Its poor label is almost gone.

With flash, which only made it look bluer...but now you can see the shimmer on the nail.

Probably the best representation of the color. Artificial light, no flash. I'm sorry my hands are so dry. Winter, you know.

Another reason I love Custom Kicks?

It matches some tennies that I've had since the ninth grade...and which are still in pretty good shape!

I just realized when I posted this picture that it's like a microcosm of my life; a letter from The University of Chicago, a bottle of nail polish, fake pearls, a clock from France, a coffee roasting temperature chart, a picture of my old horse, and that little thingy I wore on my graduation hat. Anyway, these shoes are Kangaroos, and I got them at Wet Seal like...shit, almost ten years ago. I got them when I was 14 and I'm 23 now. I still wear them sometimes because, let's face it, they're fierce.

One of my other favorite polishes from this collection was Sneaker Head, which I posted about here. I'm sad that I don't own this whole collection. I regret not buying them up. Oh, and the formula on Custom Kicks is bitchin'. BITCHIN'. It's almost a one-coater for me, but two gives me perfect, even coverage. Thanks China Glaze. I love you hard.

So who loves this collection too? Does anybody else have a favorite release from this year they want to share? Let's hear it, ladies.


  1. I think my fave of the year was the ChG Khromes (so great for Konad) and the fact OPI made a flakie. Oh, who am I kidding I can't pick a favorite...

  2. I loooove Custom Kicks! In fact, looking at your pictures makes me want to wear it :)

  3. Love this shade and also love Paper Chasing. Beautiful on you.

  4. Ange-Marie, you're right. It's hard to pick a favorite. There were too many good releases this year. I'm still in shock that OPI made flakies. I keep Merry Midnight on my nightstand in a place of honor.

    gildedangel, I don't have any of the Romantiques, but I'm not a big fan of metallics...I've seen some swatches of them, though, and they're pretty.

    AllYouDesire, thanks!

    Lucy, I don't have Paper Chasing! That's one of the ones I passed up initially because I read it was kind of sheer. I'm sad I don't have it now.

  5. This is a good favorite collection!! Although I don't even own any of the collection (pathetic, I know) I think my favorite would have to be the OMG collection by China Glaze. I'm a sucker for holos! Did that come out in 2009? Haha, I'm bad at keeping up with these things.

  6. kelsea, I don't have ANY of the OMG Collection. I think it was from early 2009. I wish I had some, but I think I'd have to buy them online...and I hate paying shipping. LOL, L8R G8R and DV8 look amazing.

  7. ha! i still have those shoes too! i think i only worn mine two or three times...


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