Monday, December 14, 2009

Guest Nails: Angela of Angelina's Cafe

Hi guys! Sadly I myself am still deprived of nail polish. I have been wearing this same damn blue color on my nails since last Wednesday afternoon and I'm starting to hate it. I decided that just because I'm deprived doesn't mean you guys have to be (plus I don't want you to forget we exist) so I asked my good friend Angela of Angelina's Cafe to provide guest nails for today.

We both squeed when we saw the Zoya Green Friday thing and when she told me she took the plunge and ordered Paz I knew I had to see it. She has a darker skin tone than I so I knew it would pop on her. And it does. Here are a couple pictures she just sent me.

sans flash

avec flash

Whoa. Retina-searing and awesome. I might have to try this one. I'm not much for neons, but this looks really cool to me. Anyone else have Paz? Love it? Hate it?

So I'm going home to Pleasantville tomorrow (boo) but I'm leaving in the afternoon on Wednesday to go here:

The Penfield House, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1955

If you haven't guessed already, as well as being a ridiculous art history enthusiast I am also a Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast. In fact, I live in a family of Wright enthusiasts. The Penfield House is available for rent (minimum two night stay) and my parents already stayed there in November. My boyfriend GOT THIS FOR ME AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT. Can you believe it? Actually we were supposed to halfsies, but I had really bad stuff happen with my job in the past couple weeks so he's giving the stay to me as a present. Just the two of us. Living in a Wright house. For two days! I'm so excited. Needless to say, I won't be posting during that time either. I'll definitely have something for you tomorrow, though. I need to get this damn blue polish off and replace it with...anything else.

Thanks for putting up with me! Special thanks to Angela of Angelina's Cafe!


  1. Gorgeous polish! I recognized the house as soon as I started scrolling down. How lucky to be able to stay in that house. I don't think I would even want to sleep. I would just be roaming around looking to my hearts content. Enjoy your stay and please take plenty of pictures.

  2. I will definitely take plenty of pictures. Don't you worry!


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