Saturday, December 12, 2009

In Which I Miss My Besties

Hello readers. No nails of the day for you today; disappointing, I know. Like I said, though, I didn't bring any nail polish with me to Chicago. I'm regretting that decision because my Everlasting Gobstopper Icing manicure has brutal tipwear and is straight up chipping, which is a pet peeve. Oh well. A couple things.

First, an ode to mine and Betsy's friendship. It may surprise you that we don't actually talk much anymore. We live pretty far away from each other, and (until I quit my job recently...for good reason, I swear. I'm starting a new job in about a week) we're usually both pretty busy. Neither of us is particularly good at picking up the phone. This'll probably sound stupid, but I see stuff or hear stuff that reminds me of her ALL THE TIME. See, up until last June we were together constantly for four years; we were together at the library, we lived together, we ate together, we shopped together, we watched movies together...I spent more time with her than I spent with my live-in boyfriend (a fact of which he recently reminded me). So when I saw these little morsels at the drugstore...I had to snap a picture.

A haiku in honor of these cookies, a favorite of ours:

Deliciously soft
Hardly starts to describe you
Get in my tummy

Being back in Chicago makes me miss Betsy and my other bestest bud. Speaking of my other bestest bud, she has a FABU BLOG. Here's the link to Angelina's Cafe. She's doing a giveaway (!) and you can enter until tomorrow afternoon, so hit that shit up, ladies. She's not a nail blogger, more of a fashion blogger, but she is giving away a $OPI polish along with a couple other cute things.

And now for the really important thing...who has Rescue Beauty Lounge recommendations for me? I got this $50 Visa giftcard thing for my birthday and I'm ready to blow it on expensive polish. Here are my thoughts:

Starfish Patrick
Bikini Bottom
Dead Calm

Does anyone have a favorite RBL that should for suresies be on my list? Mismas is debatable for me, but I've been looking at swatches a lot, so my brain is on polish overload. Halp!


  1. My only 3 RBLs are the blogger collection, I love all 3 but my favorite is actually Orbis non Sufficit. This RBL sale coming up is really tempting for me too =)

  2. i miss you boo! i'm watching Alison's season of ANTM. I miss watching it with you and betsy and eating my subway footlong! hehe, and thanks for the link/blog love!

  3. Grape Pop (the purple in the upcoming China Glaze Up & Away collection) looks A LOT like Mismas:

    You might want to hold off on that one and get the cheaper China Glaze option when it comes out :P

  4. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the new China Glaze. Well played, MoLo. Well played, indeed. Since last night I've been unable to decide which polish will take the place of Mismas on my list: either Chinoise or Recycle, methinks...

  5. Boo, I've said it before, but life isn't the same without you. Was in STL Friday with work friends and we walked by a fro-yo place like 8 times, AND NO ONE WOULD GO IN WITH ME. Like, no one even was interested. Someone even said they had never had fro-yo, which frankly, is just stupid. Really? NEVER??

    Lest our love be reduced to sweet sugary delights, I'm also not going through Angel like we did with Buffy. And it's because you're not here. There was a completely ass ridiculous episode I watched, and I needed you to be like, dude, ass ridiculous.

    Also, I've started watching Doctor Who. My geekery is now profound. Whedon is one level of geekdom, but Doctor Who? Either you have to join me so I can balance it with watching Jersey Shore, OR YOU NEED TO SAVE ME FROM MYSELF. I FEAR THE NEXT STEP IS WATCHING ANIME AND I AM NOT PREPARED FOR THAT.

  6. Oh fro-yo, you make my life. I'm actually planning a me-day today, during which I will 1.) go to H&M and I will not leave until I have something cute 2.) go to Berry Chill and 3.) go see The Princess and the Frog, no matter how many children there are in the theatre.

    You're right; Dr. Who geekery is on a completely different level than Joss geekery. Speaking of the latter, how you been watching Das Puppenhaus? I really liked the one where Victor was Topher (according to TWoP, Vicpher), but I am so sick of the show at this point. Stupid Echo. Stupid Eliza Dushku. But...AWESOME ALPHA. HE TOTALLY EXPLODED A GUY.

    Ugh, I miss you. Let's live together again. Life was so much better then.

  7. I would definitely get Orbis non Sufficit. I also love Bruised. I have to check out what I want to get.


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