Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Raining Men!

Merry almost Christmas!

Ok guys, this post is going to be obscenely picture laden and often off topic. Just as a warning. But stick with it, I promise it's totes worth it.

Ok first, the actual polish pictures. I'll start with my most recent and move in to most fabulous. First up is Orly Charged Up. I have no idea when this is from because I bought it in a discount bin in Ulta for like 2 bucks. Which was exciting, especially since the usual bargain price polishes in Ulta (or at least the Chicago Ulta) are kind of boring mom colors. I did, however, pick up some Russian OPI that way, and let me tell you, it made my day. Boris & Natasha, welcome to my cheap ass nails! Anywho, you may not believe me because I think I've only shown you a handful of cremes so far, but I LOVES them. In fact, I forgot to squee about this earlier. The new China Glaze Up and Away collection? I NEED THEM ALL. NOW. Even the pink ones that I normally would never buy, I think I might. Because it's a whole collection of cremes. I can't even get over how happy that makes me. And it's a whole collection of nice looking interesting cremes, so all the better. Anyway, if you haven't seen it're weird. It's showing up on a lot of blogs, including Scrangie, who posted gorgeous pictures that made me drool on myself.

Ok, so the Orly. It's a nice purple creme, that is somehow both dusky and vampy, and pops bright. It's some sort of sorcery. It is also absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. This is of course not helped by my being in the midwest right now in that time of year where the sun just sort of...goes to Miami? That's my best guess. Anyway, there's zero sun. Trust me, I work outside. Today there was literally no time between 7 and 5 when I saw the sun. None. So I had to take photos in my horribly dimly lit house. So as a warning, these are not accurate.

As you can see in the pictures without flash, the polish has a bit of grey duskiness to it that I wasn't expecting, but really like. But it's also got this great kind of mod pop to it. Really lovely. It's certainly a blue based purple, but it is nowhere near the blurple/almost full on blue that the pictures with flash imply. Like I said, I tried a hundred ways and could not figure out how to get this color to pop accurately like it does on the nails.

I used three coats of Orly -- two almost did it, but I had a few patches that were iffy so I went ahead with three. Sorry I have a weird chip out of my index finger's polish near the cuticle. That's gross, huh? The polish itself applies okay, but it's a little blotchy in its application. The polish is definitely not a jelly, but it has that weird wet, squishy look from certain angles.

My next polish to put this accurately? FAB. U. LOUS. This polish is the opposite of Charged Up. It is not subtle. It's ridiculous. This is another Sinful Colors -- Frenzy -- which by the way, are still BOGO at Walgreens, which makes them a buck each, which is pretty fantastic. Frenzy would probably be a decent top coat of polish. I don't have a picture of just one coat but it's pretty sparse. But I couldn't handle that, so I basically turned my fingers into disco balls with 4 really thick coats, which I think is like 8 normal coats. But it was totally worth it, and actually the polish dried really fast, even on coat 4.

Frenzy is as far as I can tell a clear base, with fuchsia, light blue (maybe teal?), and medium blue glitter. It's split mostly between the fuchsia and the light blue, and from a far comes off almost light purple. It's ridiculously flashy, but really fun. Also, this may have something to do with how many insane coats I have on, but I wore this polish for a week, through work and all, and I had literally no chipping or tip wear. The only problem with this polish for me is, as you can see in the pictures, the glitter didn't stick very well to my tips. But it's only visible in the photos, or if you stick your hand in front of a light and right to your face. I feel like it should go without saying that you shouldn't do that.

Now on to the fun extra stuff!

As Steff said the other day, Ange-Marie of Scandalously Polished tagged us to do Five Guys I Used to Like. Steff took some really good guys. Adrian Grenier, JTT, and Jesse Bradford are uber delicious. But I'll try to come up with some new guys.

1. Kevin Richardson
Steff picked Brian Litrell, who is actually Kevin's cousin and gorgeous co-member of BSB. But Kevin was always my favey-fave. What can I say? Tall, dark, kind of quiet and brooding. Loving every second of it. Add in musically inclined, and let's just say I was a girl in love. Also, if I remember the Backstreet Boys concert (oh yeah, I went there) correctly, he played piano. So, hot. He's since quit to be in a family or some such crap, and the Boys are moving on without him. But to me, the band ended the day he left.

2. Joshua Jackson/Christopher Gorham

Ok, these two are technically cheating since my love has only grown with time. So I put them together and counted them as one. Is it playing the game wrong? Sure, but whatever. More pictures!

Fringe = love. I keep wanting them to do more with his character, but if I can just stare at him for an hour a week, that's a pretty good deal too. The GFY girls also really love this guy, and I can't blame them every time them mention him when talking about Ms. Krueger, who is über lucky. I didn't even watch Dawson's Creek, but even I knew Pacey was the shit. Plus, Skulls? So bad, and so good all at once.

Hee! He looks so happy to be holding such a giant bottle of vodka. I know the feeling, hon.

I have loved Christopher Goram since Popular, which was one cracked out fantastic show that I worshipped, and I have followed him ever since. My favorite follow was to Harper's Island, which Steff and I both obsessively watched. His smile makes me happy in my heart place.

3. Heath Ledger

Not to be too macabre, but I think we all know why this one is done, and it involves breaking laws. And while he just got cuter and cuter and more and more talented, I will never love him more than in 10 Things I Hate About You. That adorable wavy dark hair, those dimples. Rawr.

4. Josh Hartnett
Man, this kid can not act worth shit. And he seems kind of dumb. But look how pretty! I know he did all that 40 Days crap where he couldn't have sex, and for some reason the (DREADFUL) Shannon Sossymon's character was upset about this. It was stupid. But really, the reason I love him so much is because of The Faculty. It's my favorite cheesy horror flick, and has a ridiculous cast, which makes it even better. Clea Duvall, Elijah Wood, Usher, Bebe Neuwirth, JON STEWART?? It's ridiculous, and I will defend to the death the fact that it is hilarious and fabulous. Hartnett -- or as some teen mag, (YM? I hope it was YM. I LOVED YM.) dubbed him, Hotnett, which HA -- is basically stoned for the whole movie, but again, dimples! Messy 90s hair! Awww.

5. Matthew Perry

I'm an ATM vestuble....with Jill GOODACRE. Put Joey on the phone.

Ahh a vintage Matthew Perry is like a fine wine. If I liked wine. It's more like an ice cold Diet Coke. It's that bite that makes it so lovable. As with the soda, so is the man. Early Matthew Perry -- and let's be honest, I mean Chandler Bing, obviously -- is so frantic and sarcastic, so biting in his wit that were he to look like a foot, I would still have to love him. But lucky for me, he looked like this:
Adorable. I have seen some bad things for this man. Serving Sara....that was dreck. But I watched it. Three to Tango was kind of dumb. And Fools Rush In is one of those awesome/silly romcoms that I watch literally every time it's on tv. I kid you not. I watched it multiple days in a row because it was on one of those stations where they play the same movie all weekend long. Plus it stars my girl crush, Salma Hayek. But mostly, I would just watch Matthew Perry Chandler out all across the screen in basically any situation. He kicked a nasty pill addiction, which caused an awkward bloaty (Gmore Gs!) phase, but bounced back. But he'll still never be cuter than in the first few seasons of Friends. Oh! And how could I forget, The Whole Nine Yards. Still love it.

My current obsessions are pretty varied. I love the standards: Hugh Jackman ranks pretty high; I still love George Clooney. But I have this weird thing for guys that have, as Steff would probably put it, a skull-like face. Very prominent cheekbones, sunk in cheeks. I'm thinking James Marsters and Cillian Murphy. Check it!


This is devolving in to a fan site rather rapidly, isn't it?

Ack! Why so big? Oh Blogger, why won't you let me resize. You say you do, but you lie.

Hope everyone can have a few chuckles over this list. I also hope you actually made it down this far. Sorry, I got kind of carried away. And while I don't know who has or hasn't done this, I encourage the jaunt down memory lane. It's really fun, and a great topic of conversation. Plus, picture fun, yeah?


  1. Oooo, I love that second polish; so pretty!

  2. "if you haven't seen it yet, you're weird" hahahaha LOVE IT! I freaking love this blog

  3. And I'm pretty sure we are like triplets seperated at birth or something. I was OBSESSED with the show popular. However, I was in love with Angel from Buffy. Yum. And Pacey was the shiz, I HATED Dawson. He was so whiny. I could never decide between Chandler or Ross on Friends. I loved them both

  4. I heart that first picture of Cillian Murphy. He looks great there. I watched Sunshine recently and it was still fucking awesome. Oh God, get this: my mom PARTIALLY listened to me about what I want for Christmas. She got me Harper's Island, season 1 of Dollhouse...and no Buffy. I've been telling her that the ONLY THING I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is Buffy for the past year. Since you got it, you know. I looked at her sadly and said, "No Buffy?" Her response? "What's Buffy?" ARGH. I have to buy it myself now. I miss you and your Joss collection so much I just might pee myself.

    Happy Christmas! Raven got a feather mouse and promptly batted it into Alley's water. He misses you too.

  5. Please, check your facts. Nothing found in Heath Ledger's system at the time of his death was illegal and he had Rx's for all of them. They were not present in levels that indicate he was trying to commit suicide or get high. Don't add to an ugly and undeserved urban myth.


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