Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Goooood morning. The drive back from Chicago took until about 6pm eastern, so by the time I got home there was no way I could take any decent pictures. I knew I'd have to wait until this morning. My nails were a wreck; I hadn't painted them in five days, and to make matters worse they were breaking. I had three or four jagged-edged nails and I couldn't handle it. As soon as I got home I cut them off and filed them down. I was already dreaming of which color I would choose (ah, sweet deprivation), so I went straight for another Icing polish.

natural light, by window

with flash

I know I wanted to go for a candy theme when naming these nameless polishes, but I couldn't help but name this one Jubilee, after one of my favorite paintings. During the autumn of 2007 I took a class on Jasper Johns. I liked it well enough at the time, but after the class was over I became completely obsessed with the artist. There also happened to be a Johns exhibit at the Art Institute called "GRAY," and I went back again and again. I loved gray so much that I started wearing it. A lot. I read tons of essays about Johns, I wrote papers on him for other classes, I even wanted to write my bachelors thesis on him (which fell through, eventually). I presented a paper on Johns at a conference...basically, I just had him on the brain. Jubilee is one of my favorites.

Jubliee, Jasper Johns, 1959

To me, that is just gorgeous. If you click the name of the painting it'll take you to a nice site about some of his monochromatic (gray) works. I'm not sure when I became a modern art lover, but it hit me hard. If you'll notice, the Penfield House (where I'm going to stay today) and Jubliee were made around the same time. American art from the 50s and 60s is my jam.

Back to the polish: Jubliee is fantastic, which is another reason I gave it that name. It wasn't quite a one-coater, like Everlasting Gobstopper, but it was close. The formula was a little thick, but it didn't give me any problems. As for the's kind of a khaki color. Gray and brown with subtle silver shimmer. It's beautiful, and super on-trend. In fact I thought it might be similar to a color Sephora released this fall.

Icing Jubilee on the bottom and $OPI Under My Trench Coat on the top

$OPI Under My Trench Coat is definitely similar, but these two are not dupes by any means. Jubilee is a lot grayer while the $OPI clearly has a brown base. The shimmer in Jubilee is silver, whereas it's gold in Under My Trench Coat. By the way, I totally recommend this $OPI. I knew I had to have it as soon as it hit my Sephora and it didn't disappoint.

natural light, by a window

Here's a comparison with the little swatch I made on a fake nail. They're definitely similar, but it's easy to see the difference in base color. Both are beautiful.

So the reason we left Chicago so late yesterday? I wanted to stay by a computer until I could place my Rescue Beauty Lounge order. My boyfriend is ridiculously understanding and accommodating. He treats me like a crazy person when I pull stunts like that, but I don't blame him. At 10:15 I built my cart and at 11:01 I took the plunge and made the purchase. I ordered: Starfish-Patrick, No More War, Grunge and Drifter. I am way excited.

Alright, that's all for today. I'll probably be back to postin' on Friday. I'm off to the Penfield House this evening. Have a great day, ladies!


  1. i bet it is a dupe for another $OPI shade, run with it :) here the link to it on my blog. under my trench coat is pretty close to it tho, i have that one too. i love icing polishes tho, if you hadn't have posted this i might've impulse-bought this haha!

  2. ohhh! hehe I love under my trench. It's like metro chic (what i'm currently wearing) but without the purple. I love the icing color too. Overall, gray is such a lovely color on nails.

  3. I want that to be all kinds of on my nails. Like, yesterday.

  4. Oh! Enough not a dupe that I would need that too, it's very pretty!
    Wish I'd snagged a few of the RBLs while they were on sale, but oh well...I think you chose some pretty ones!


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