Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Call Me Goldilocks

Holy shitballs, you guys. My Rescue Beauty Lounge order arrived about an hour ago. I ran to the door, ripped open my parcel...and behold:


The little blue and brown boxes! So cute!

And here are my new babies, left to right: No More War, Drifter, Starfish-Patrick and Grunge.

First let me say that I am extremely impressed with RBL's customer service. Can you imagine how inundated with orders they must have been? I placed my order on the 15th and I received this package today, the 18th. Now that's speedy service. I am a happy panda.

Of course I had to slap one of these on my nails right away...but which to choose? I wanted to use a creme, because I've read that that's Ji's specialty, so that knocked out Grunge, which has a slight shimmer. I didn't want to use Starfish-Patrick because it would need three or four coats. I chose Drifter for my very first Rescue Beauty experience. The selection process with Drifter was a tough one; I wanted a very "me" color, one that I could wear all the time. As I've said before, my favorite colors are dark, vampy wine shades. The description of Drifter on the site says: "This is a modern, sexy take on a sultry lush plum. For a manicure that's well-groomed, yet not overpowering. " Hm, a sultry lush plum. I decided that that seemed right up my alley (although I was struggling to choose between this one and Atame). After I placed my order, I read a review that said: "This is the deepest purple - almost black but not - I wear it a lot because it goes so fabulously with everything dark!" ...almost black?! Would I have a Lincoln Park After Dark situation on my nails? I was so, so worried that this polish would be too dark. Today when I took it out of its box the first thing I thought was, "oh no. This is way too light." But as soon as I got it on my nails, I knew it was juuuuuust right.

Looks kinda light in the bottle, huh?

By a natural light source, no flash. My pointer finger looks patchy, but it's not. That's just a reflection.

With flash so you can see the base color.

I am in love. IN LOVE I TELL YOU. I am so glad I chose this polish. Ji's reputation is accurate; the polish went on in two luscious, easy coats. I did no clean-up in these pictures. I just...ugh, no more words. Too gorgeous.

Anyway, I got back from my little vacation today. I'll post a couple pictures, but I know a lot of you just come here to look at my swatches so I won't put too many non-polish-related images up. If any of you are Frank Lloyd Wright fans and want to see more pictures, just e-mail me!

Me in front of the house.

The living room.

My boyfriend and I brought a bunch of movies and stuff with us because we knew there would be no internet access. Guys...I actually TURNED OFF my cell phone. We were totally off the grid and we loved it. We didn't end up watching anything...we just read, sat by the fire we built, took a walk, played games. Pretty much we just hung out together. It was fantastic. I feel better than I have in months...


  1. OMg drifter is beautiful!! I'm excited to see Starfruit too. :) and of course the house is incredible!

  2. Omg I'm so jealous! How were they shipped? Was it just regular mail or like FedEx? Cause I haven't got mine yet and I am SO dying for them. That color looks gorgeous on you!

  3. this post made me lol, i say "shit balls" all the time! everyone yells at me for it. this polish looks ammmmmaaazing on you!! congrats on the fast shipping :)

  4. seeing this post made me run for the door to check for packages... and sure enough, a teeny little fedex envelope was winking up at me from the porch!

    glad to hear you had a nice getaway with the boy. :)

  5. Angela: The house was SO beautiful. Wish you could have seen it.

    Ange-Marie: The RBLs were FedExed. I believe I was one of the first people to place my order (I am ridiculous and did so at 11:00 on the dot), so that might be why I've gotten it already. What colors did you get?

  6. Awesome! I think you made great choices, and seriously, you know they had a crap ton of orders, so that is impressive you got it that fast!
    LOVE Drifter on you.
    And that house is beautiful! Seriously stunning.

  7. Lol I think I submitted my order at 12:02 est! I just got mine today (Saturday) and I can't wait to try them. I lined my bottles up for a picture and noticed that Drifter's lid was longer than all the others. Yours looks that way too... Anyways, I love how Drifter looks in the bottle. I hope it isn't too much darker on the nail!
    P.S. The F.L.W. house is lovely!

  8. I'm still loving that color! I should have ordered it. I placed my order at 12:18 (yes, I looked), and I haven't gotten mine yet =[ But I'll just suck it up cause it was an amazing deal. I think I ordered 10 polishes maybe 12? Mismas, Orbis, Teal, Locavore, No more war, Squarepants, Bikini Bottom, the Matte topcoat, and I honestly forget the rest but I know there is more... Did you see that all the blogger ones are gone from the site now, along with Locavore, and the Stars one and Teal are sold out. Crazy!


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