Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kiss Me!

Good morning polish fiends, and happy Christmas Eve! I was gone again for the first part of this week so my blog has been sadly neglected. I was visiting Boyfriend's family a couple hours south of here so there was no wireless to be had. I kept Grunge on my nails that whole time and it didn't chip at all. In fact, the color only grew on me. I have one more Rescue Beauty Lounge to show you, but it'll have to wait; today I did my Christmas-themed nails. Sort of.

I really wanted to use my other Bath and Body Works Color Drops polish which I mentioned around Halloween. Yeah, I've been waiting that long to use it. First I did two coats of Wet n Wild French White and then two coats of Color Drops Mistletoe. Check it.

By a window, natural light

I didn't realize that Mistletoe would make my nails look green, but I guess it's holo glitter in light green jelly polish. I like it! It's really on-trend for right now, since I put it over white and it looks minty. I guess it kind of looks Christmasy? I haven't broken out this polish since like the late 90s.

And the blurred bottle so you can see the holo glitter

And now please brace yourself for almost unbearable cuteness. Are you guys cat people? I've found that a lot of nail bloggers I read often post pictures of their cats. Boyfriend's mom's cat, Emily, had a litter of two kittens about eleven weeks ago. Unfortunately one of the kittens died as soon as he was born, but one survived and grew into a healthy little kitty. When we got there and I met the kitty he didn't have a name. Unthinkable! I played with him for a while and declared him to be Leonidas, Leo for short. I took a couple pictures, of course.

Holy sweet Jesus, look at that face.

The baby slept constantly, often in my lap. Because I put him there while he was passed out :)

And here's mama and baby

I almost tried to smuggle Leo out with me but thought the better of it. He would probably dominate both of my cats with his tiny needle claws and teeth. He was too sweet, though. I just loved playing with him all week. And that's pretty much all I did, too.

Alright, that's all for today. I hope you guys have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, if you celebrate that stuff. Don't eat too many cookies!


  1.! that is the cutest ball of fluff I have EVER seen. I haven't seen those polishes in forever either! Merry Christmas

  2. That bottle of B&BW polish just took me back in time! I had the same color (or at least something quite similar), and I remember obsessing over the way the glitter sparkled in the sunlight.

    Leo is totally tugging at my heartstrings. What a sweet, adorable little fluffball!

  3. I seriously can not handle how cute that is. I might have to drive to Ohio just to steal little Leo.

  4. Ahaha! He is a cutie patootie. I cannot see how you restrained yourself! He looks a lot like his mama, and boy, is she pretty.
    At any rate - well,this is really a pretty bit - I think it looks very Christmassy!

  5. OMG OMG OMG!!!! SO CUUUUUTE haha. I love cats, if you hadn't noticed! I would totally try to steal him too, but I don't think my current cat Tucker would appreciate a brother!

  6. Merry Christmas DArling! Leo is so sweet. I want one!

  7. You need to tell Leo's mom to make some more adorable kittens so I can have one.

  8. Leo's mom is prime kitten-makin' age. I think she's four. There will probably be more, but it would be hard-pressed to be as cute as Leo. Seriously, if you picked him up and put his face by your face, he would just start licking you. I've never known a cat to do that before. Maybe it's behavior he learned from their dog? I don't know. Too fucking cute.

  9. What a sweetie pie, such sweet innocence... in the first pic he just makes one's heart melt...

    Very interesting layer!! I love it when posts give me inspiring ideas. Something to give a needed boost when life gets u down. All you nail bloggers are so great, thank u!!!


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