Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Lip Sync...For Your LIFE

Hello ladies. First thing's first: Painted Lady Fingers is having an awesome giveaway. Check it out here. Celebrating 300+ followers! Wow. That is so something to aspire to.

The polish I have for you today probably has a name, but I don't know it. I searched for it for a while and I found something kind of like it, but it seems wrong. See, the polish is from LA Girl's Flare line. I found an LA Girl polish that looks like it, but it's from the Rockstar line. Could the brand just have repurposed the color for two lines? The Rockstar polish is called Punk and you can see Vampy's swatch of it here. So look at that, and now check out my pictures, which are, of course, not as good as hers. But I tried.

I'm just going to call my polish Maybe Punk. Maybe Punk has TONS of blue/purple duochrome glitter packed into a blue jelly polish.

By the window, natural light. You can just barely see in the bottle here that the glitter is duochrome. It flashes purple at some angles.

In artificial indoor light. Looks cool, doesn't it?

Under a lamp. Looks like it's somehow glowing purple.

And bottle.

This is a really amazing polish and I'd call it a must-have for any blue lover. It went on in two coats and I had no problem with it. I'm not really a blue lover per se, but I can appreciate its splendor. I always feel a little weird wearing blue, a little high school. I do have some favorite blue polishes, and one of them happens to be another LA Girl that I blogged about here and here.

As I just told Betsy earlier this morning RuPaul's Drag Race is starting season 2 on Logo in February. Who else is uber-excited?! Maybe there will be awesome nail polish displayed. Drag queens do go all out, you know. I have to say that I definitely will miss Ongina, and I hope that she'll somehow be on season 2 as a guest judge or something. And of course Ms. Shannel:

Please keep in mind that I am in no way a proponent of these ridiculous nails, BUT YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN? All out. Also, in honor of the maybe name of this polish, here's a picture of Ms. Nina Flowers and her punk look.

So let me ask again: who else is excited?

Sorry for the tangent. Anyway, do you guys have some favorite blues? Does anyone have this LA Girl Flare polish and know its actual name? Spill.

[Shannel image courtesy of her Facebook page. Yes, she has a Facebook page. Win.]


  1. Oooh, I love the slight shimmer and glimmer in your nail polish!


  2. Stephanie! Thank you so much for your kind words! Made my day =)

    That really sucks about your dollar tree! Is there another one you can go to nearby? Mine was pretty limited, Colette had the best haul from there! (if you didn't check it out you should, she runs http://mysimplelittlepleasures.blogspot.com/)

    BTW amazing nail polish color! I know what you mean about blues though, when I was growing up my mom never let me wear blue or black lol.

  3. I AM EXCITED!!! Just once I would love to lip sync...(dramtic pause)for my life!!!

    Oh god i hope season 2 is as good (if not better) than season 1.

    I need to get my tivo ready! I so need to have a Drag Race watch party!!

    BTW - I'm going to be saying Lip sync for your life for the REST of the day, thank you, and I really do mean THANK YOU!!

  4. I'm so excited, I can't even make it to February. I'm going to have to rewatch season 1 on loop until that fateful day. Wait...are they on DVD? Dear Santa... Also, I'm not sure if we get LOGO here in the B-ville, which makes me really sad because we've had some very good times with that channel.

    I leave you with: Face face face I give face Beauty face.

    And don't fuck it up!

  5. BETSY - I have been re-watching season 1 on logo.com for the last two days!

    Don't fuck it up!!! Best tv show phrase - ever!

  6. Mmm...love this polish!

    Ok so I suck because I have not heard about RuPaul's Drag Race. I MUST SEE THIS. Those are my people, yo.

  7. I've never seen the show but it sounds fantastic. Your nails look amazing. Love the flashes of color.


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